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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Dakota
Home country: US of A
Current location: Kansas City MO
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 25,592

About Me

It does not matter where in the political spectrum one adheres. The same rules of right and wrong, good and evil applies to everyone. Our greatest danger of extinction comes from those that think the rules do not apply to them. www.timws.com

Journal Archives

What you do not understand is that WE, US, created most of these terrorists by our meddling in the

internal affairs of other countries for many, many decades. 9/11 itself was blow-back from this. Our irresponsible response to 9/11 just generated more terrorists.
9/11 didn't start anything. It was in response to our terrorism on other countries.
Our drone war is making even more terrorists as the excuse to continue our war on terror. To win the war on terror, we need to stop making more terrorist we "need to fight".

"Men can be taught not to rape."??? What!

As if that is the normal mind-set of men, to rape women? No, it is not!

We do not have to be taught anything except respect for other people. Other people being both Women AND men. And since it is usually women that raise the boys to manhood, shouldn't at least some of the blame be assigned to the mothers/women that raised these men who rape? In the real world, one would think anyway.

Respect goes both ways and I don't see any respect for men in general, in that statement.
What a narrow one way view you posted as point #2.
Men are not the enemy, any more than women are the enemy. Only some people are. Those that lack respect for others, of whatever gender.

That pretty much covers it.

[center]"GOP motto: If it ain't broke, fix it till it is."

"The Republicans have proven beyond a doubt, they don't want to improve government.
They want it to be inefficient and corrupt so they can justify butchering the Hell out of it.
And that is why they do such a bang up job of making government fail whenever they are elected."[/center]

No I don't.

Who starts and engages in the pile-ons, because someone had the audacity or the obliviousness to use some commonly used word. A word from the real world, usually taken out of context, or even mis-defined. A word that happens to be on someone's elses personal, unpublished no-no list.
Who starts the acrimonious OP's guaranteed to to be derisive of any who disagree? It is always the same people. Always.

These are the people that hide behind the misnomer of Political Correct as somehow being Liberal. Actually it is not. Its roots are dictatorial. 1984 Group Think covers it. The strategy is more along the lines of the rigid talking points the Republicans use for their agendas. Black/white thinking, us/them, enforced by bullying, quite often by arrogant, intolerant people, that have, need and use enemies. An enemy they think needs to be vanquished.
It is the "in your face" adversarial front presented, that turns others off. Being PC is actually destructive to advancements in dealing with sexism, racism and acceptance of LGBT as normal human beings. While the words on their PC lists may not be used as often, the underlying bigoted mind-set is still there and other words and phrases will take the place of the censored words.
You can't win people over to your cause, by being antagonistic toward them. The saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar", has more than a grain of truth. You really can win people to your side more easily by gentle persuasion and flattery than by hostile confrontation.

I was in the archives of DU2 yesterday. What a difference between the discussions there and here. There the participants were much more civil toward each other. Here, not so much anymore.

You are telling me that banning words will rid DU of sexism, homophobia and racism?

Really? Since when? That should be so easy. How does banning words change anyone's mind-set in regards to their own bigotry?
The best you can hope for is to hide the bigotry a bit better. It is still there, only now it is easier to ignore. The problem is not solved. It is made worse, because now more people will not see it for what it is, when it actually does exist.
It is the mind-set, not the words used, that is the problem. And then there is the little problem of context. Any one word can mean a lot of things, depending on how it is used and the subject matter being discussed.

You do realize most DU members have to deal with the real world also? You know in the real world it is much harder to alert on anyone? And when you are wrong the consequences can be expensive? Worst case, libel suits and restraining orders are a possibility.
Anyway, what besides banning words, are you doing to to eliminate sexism, homophobia and racism, out in the real world? Or is your focus just on DU?
Trying to just ban words, to fix a far deeper problem, is nothing more than spinning your wheels in the mud in an effort to set a land speed record. And just as effective.

There are groups of people here, with secret lists of words, that when one of those words are seen

by them, it cause an involuntary, unthinking, knee jerk type reaction, causing them to hit "Alert". The words on their lists seem to vary between the various individuals carrying them. They have been known to exchange, add and drop words without notice.
The usual excuse for not using whatever word, is because someone somewhere, someone that does not even read DU, will be offended and hurt by said word. Never mind the context. Never mind the subject matter. Quite often, never mind the true meaning of the word! It is the word itself, in their mind, that is somehow always injurious when used. Myself, I see it as bullying.
Exact synonyms for said word are quite often just fine. Makes no sense to me either. In your example, if you had used the word "moran" instead, you would have been fine.

Too bad the guilty don't get a clue.

What makes you think the two "Leaved it" Jurors shirked their duty?

This place is full of Blue Dogs, DINO's, 3rd Way and other Right of center caricatures of humanity.

We are all around you.

But many women do not see us as we are. Or even prefer to not see us as we really are. Most of us are kind and loving.
It IS because we tend more to act our feelings and less to speak our feelings, the opposite of women, that we are marginalized and emotionally kicked to the curb by the more vocal, who, quite often. would prefer to play the roll of victim anyway.

We try to do good, but because the Valentine card is not gooey enough, or because we take out the trash without being ask, or told... or we wash/gas-up YOUR car/truck on a whim, or any of thousands of little thing we do to say 'We love and appreciate you"... You do not see our actions as expressions of Love. You really do not. It takes its emotional toll on us after a while.
Many men have trouble saying those words. Not because we don't mean them, not because we don't love you, but because our speech centers are not as well connected to our emotions as women's are. Men as a whole really do have a problem saying the words that you want to hear, need to hear. So we express our love for each other differently. We all need to recognize our gender differences, that reflect the way we view and do things.

You need words, but we supply deeds in place of our words, so you do not understand what we are saying to you.

What bullshit...

1%? How about a more realistic 3% to 5%? That 1% won't even cover their yearly increase in their health insurance.
This pay raise that actually isn't, is part of the reason the 'recovery' isn't going very well. This is the same faulty thinking that is being applied to Social Security. And with the same effect, a stagnate economy on main street.
While out an about last night, we noticed a hardware store, closed and vacant. They were open last week. More people sucked down the drain, to swell the unemployment numbers.

So what?

The question should be; "As a rule, are the facts MadHound posts, correct?" Reading down through this thread alone, I would have to say, "Why yes they are."
Why? Because their are no real refuting of what he posts. But there is a lot of attacking the messenger type replies.

It should not matter if most of his post are critical of the Obama Administration, or not. What should matter is, Are what he posts factual, truthful?
That is not your real problem with him anyway. MadHound is pointing out, correctly in my view, International war crimes, for using our military for killing non-combatants in countries we are not at war with, under the guise of "Fighting Terrorism".
As is repeatedly pointed out around here, and just as often ignored, if a Republican President were to be doing the exact same thing as Obama is doing, most of us would be up in noisy arms!
Your problem and your like minded buddies problem seems to be too much blind admiration and not enough critical thinking about why we as a country are actuality doing in the Middle East in the first place!
In other words, too much "Rah, rah, rah, USA, USA, USA!" and not enough !
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