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haele's Journal
haele's Journal
March 18, 2022

Bugzooka! Fun for the ten year old, takes care of the house files.

We had the annual spring indoor infestation (kids leaving the door open like they grew up in a barn). We have to keep anything we do to get rid of the safe for household pets, kids, immunocompromised, etc.
Drain fly goo only works on the drain flys, Bug traps don't work well indoors. What does work (slowly) are fly tapes, which are unsanitary, gross, and risk getting caught in hair when putting them up or taking them down. Electronic swatters waste batteries.

But the bugzooka - the ten year old is strutting around the house with it on her hip, pumping the vacuum bellows every time after snagging flies in mid-air like she was using a shotgun in a spaghetti western. She's spent the last two hours searching out bugs.

Never fear - one can take the bug trapper unit on the end of the wand, go halfway down the street, then release any bugs that weren't smooshed during the catching.

Fun for the kids, and safe to use indoors.


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