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California COVID test lab issues?

Apparently there is a backlog at one of the labs according to the county; it's going on day 5 with the grandkids and we still haven't heard anything back.
This can be dangerous if what they have is COVID instead of a bad sinus cold. We are already 5 days behind if so, and Grandy has a compromised immune system.


Texas is going to lose OB/GYNs and nurses.

This "bounty" on abortions goes back 4 years. That means that even should SB8 be used to coerce doctors and clinics/hospitals not to perform abortions now, but any yahoo grifter who wants to collect money will go after those doctors, nurses, midwives, and PAs who even "facilitated" or consoled a woman who later had an abortion procedure or spontaneous abortion in the past.
These medical professionals are not going to stick around to be hit with a civil lawsuit every month just because they got into women's health and were performing legitimate medical procedures for legitimate medical purposes.

Texas's maternal and pre-natal mortality rate is going to skyrocket. Because women's health procedures apparently figures less in the eyes of Texas legislators than common regulated animal health and fertility procedures.

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