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Panic in the US - COVID stress, social distrust, and crowd hysteria.

So - this afternoon, Laz, the older granddaughter, a neighbor and I went to see the latest Spiderman movie at a local mall. Lately, I've had to use a wheelchair when going out for any distance, so I typically stash it in an alcove near the steps and pull myself up the aisles to better seats we normally get.

As usual, we sit through all the credits. Everyone is in a great mood. Suddenly, as the lights come up, a couple guys start yelling "so we're all going to die?" And a parent comes running in yelling for their kid. Obviously some sort of chaos is going on. As I'm getting into my wheelie, the strobe lights come along with a canned evacuation alert. Out of the theater, a few people are running, the smell of burning popcorn and a light smoke is filling the air.

Apparently, this happened -

Now, both Laz and I are former military so we're taking things slow and careful so we could move safely. Other than the panic and popcorn burning, we don't see or hear anything out of place. Our main concern is keeping granddaughter calm. Our neighbor is totally confused, but stuck with us because we were alert but calm. Security was around, but they were doing a sweep rather than crowd control, as they should in a situation like this.
But the hysteria of the mindless crowd... Far more frightening than an actual situation reacting on pure emotion..Getting in their own way as well as in the way of first responders.
Three people were injured besides the original smash and grab criminal who started this whole sorry situation.


UCSD is offering a "Certificate in Cannabis"


Primarily focusing on Cannabis Healthcare policy and Cannabis Law. From reading the article, it's focused on the business side of Cannabis rather than actual uses or for Natural paths and prescribers.


Oddest thing just came from Amazon...

We just received two huge boxes from the Amazon fulfillment center addressed to our granddaughters who live with us.
Inside each box were two identical Baby Yodas. No paperwork, no receipt, no return info, no idea who sent it.

So we have four large identical toys that probably cost around $40/$50, we don't know who sent to our two grandkids, and they don't watch Star Wars, so it's not a family member - we think.

Could this be related to yesterday's AWS breakdown? These would have been ordered Monday at the latest.
Ah well, once we find out who sent these, Toys for Tots is going to get three Baby Yodas.

Or it could be a Chinese plot. Who knows?

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