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Hometown: San Diego, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 12,207

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Dang it, I've gotten addicted to Weee.com

Another $35 order of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese snacks.
Laz keeps saying "this is my favorite, I can eat this forever".

King Crab chips, Lay's Black Pepper Prime Rib Pringles type chips, Spicy Masala crisps, weird noodle cups and dim sum..

And lots of odd candies and cookies for the girls.
I think this is a way that international distribution warehouses get rid of their overstock that isn't being bought by Asian or Mexican bodegas. The boxes tend to come next day.
It's better than the international section of most grocery stores.

The reviews section for the products can be hilarious.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Pediatric COVID shots at Rady's Children's Hospital apparently come with

Stickers and Lego mini kits. This is in San Diego, BTW.
As one Reddit poster said "Damn, where was my Lego when I got my shot? Thanks a lot, Newsom..."

We will go out for ice cream after the granddaughter's shots next week.

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