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Hometown: San Diego, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
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One Bad Apple spoils the whole bunch is the saying.

Forget the Micheal Jackson song. I'm tired of organizations saying "well, it's just one bad Apple".

No, the saying indicates if you find one bad apple, you have to inspect the lot and quickly get rid of all the bad apples. Not excuse the obvious one and say all the rest are good.

The saying goes back to the Middle Ages, and basically compares the endeavour of either putting apples up for winter and/or making Apple Cider with any group effort - a wormy or rotting apple only takes a day or so to affect all the apples around it, and that infection expands like a zombie apocalypse.

If you have one bad actor in a group of people, s/he quickly taints the rest of the group and what they trying to accomplish along with any respect that group may be trying to gain.

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