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Buy one, get one free!

That was one of the lower-profile slogans used by the first Clinton campaign, to point out how - if you elected Bill Clinton, you'd also get his brilliant, creative, dedicated, focused, and hard-working wife.

Love that Chelsea!

The Donald has been sweetly SKEWERED!!!

No kidding. He wanted this stuff.

Jumped in head first.

O. M. G.

On edit (because I couldn't put this in, earlier) - this reminds me of something kkkarl rove is quoted as saying: "Too much education is not necessarily a good thing."

Gee, wonder why, 'eh? The more Dumbfuckistan can expand, the better for the GOP. When you're not well-educated, you're much easier to CON. You're less sophisticated and therefore an easier mark that way.

OMG - that's what my husband calls him!

Richard Painter reminds me of Clutch Cargo, too!

He spoke the "T-word" today. For sure. It's the first time I've heard anybody of any credibility or heft or legitimacy dare to say "TREASON".

Well, if it's any consolation, CNN had Richard Painter on this afternoon for a one-on-one

regarding the NYTimes breaking news about that meeting Donnie Junior, Kushner, and then-campaign manager Manafort held with that Russian lawyer to get dirt she supposedly had on Hillary. It was the first time I've heard the word "treason" uttered, on the air, on the record, from a credible individual who is in a position to know stuff like this. Richard Painter was dubya's chief ethics lawyer. And he seems like a straight-shooter, quite literally concerned about ethics and clean government. And, regarding this story, his bottom line was - "if that is true, it is treason."

Richard Painter had some really great quotes - I felt a need to write them down.

"That's criminal conduct and assisting an adversary in an attack on the United States. And that's treason."

To the matter of Donnie's dad claiming he didn't know about the meeting -
"That's like going to a fence and buying a TV set and then saying you didn't know it was stolen goods."

"This has got to stop. This is no way to protect the United States."

"He needs to be taking this a lot more seriously, and he's not doing it."

And to the utter folly of the idea that there's a "working group" being proposed with Putin on cyber-security, "this is like entrusting our nuclear arsenal to Iran, for the protection of Israel."

I also noticed, btw, that the Russian attorney was a rather fetching young lass. I bet that's part of how the Russians play the game. They have female operatives and I bet they're all lookers. Especially since dollars-to-donuts they know it's an American man they'll be "working with."

But, again, today marks the first time I've heard anybody with any on-the-record credibility and experience and unimpeachable legitimacy invoke the "T-word." Meaning "TREASON." First time I've heard this. I made a note about it. WE here in the inter-webs use that word frequently. But it hasn't openly and decisively been uttered on a mainstream news outlet til today on CNN. Perhaps at the rate we're going with trump/Russia, it will only be the first of many.

That's fascinating! I've never seen one of these.

This whole thread is fascinating! I love birdies. We didn't have a successful hatching this year for the Black Phoebes, unfortunately. We do have hummingbirds though, and respectable-size moths, but I've never seen a hummingbird moth before!

Did you know hummingbird eggs are the size of peas? One takeaway I still remember from a grade school report I did on hummingbirds.

Thanks for posting, yortsed snacilbuper! And I love your screen name!

I am SO happy to see photos like these come out.

But I don't know what I like more - the exposure, or the reality itself! YEAH, Donald. Nobody likes you. 65+million Americans can't be wrong.

65+million Americans WEREN'T wrong.

...but...but...but... where are all the worshippers?

Poland promised me adoring crowds. Sheesh - what's wrong with these people, here???

What's wrong, Donald? Nobody wants to come sit with you and chat you up?

Or are you just too good to hang out and schmooze? Maybe they're just not your equals, your worship? Not worth your time (since they probably don't have big mob money to loan you, your sons, or your son-in-law? So they're a waste of time?

Bigger version of that photo shows groups of other dignitaries all busy, behind him, talking and schmoozing. Yet there His Lordship sits, all alone, waiting for whatever's supposed to happen next. And everybody else is busy chatting and fraternizing.

Whatsa matter, Donald? Nobody likes you? Or did somebody finally take your phone away and you're left, adrift, not knowing what to do with yourself?
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