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You won't be missed, little partisan putz.

He's done that before.

Remember that sad photo of him hustling up the steps of the White House to greet the Obamas on the morning of January 20th? The photo showed Melania just getting out of the car, carrying her gift for Barack and Michelle, and watching as her husband hustled up the stairs ahead of her. Didn't even wait for her to get out of the car.

Then I remember a photo of how the Obamas - together - approached the Bushes who were waiting at the top of those same steps, eight years earlier. Barack made sure to escort his wife from the car, and they stepped forward and upward together.

This jerk? Well, she's just a decorative accessory, methinks. That's certainly how she's treated.

I've said it before - I kinda worry about Melania. She's in her late 40s now. Wonder how soon he decides it's time to get a new younger/prettier, because Wife #3 has gone past her sell-by date?

HAH! You do make a good point there!

Welcome to DU, California_Republic!

Indeed, we are DU. I'd guess there might be people here who do have contacts within the Sanders campaign, maybe DUers from Vermont as well?


His continuing to remind everyone that he's not a Democrat is something I find tremendously off-putting.

I sent several donations to Ossoff.

I gave some pretty substantial ones (at least for me), especially when the campaign was a quadruple match. That made them REALLY substantial.


And if this thread is any indication, he continues to be a tremendously divisive figure at a time when we Dems should all be coalescing together as one mighty united front.

It doesn't alter my perception at all. Merely enhances, enlarges, and underscores it.

He had NO good reasons for not helping.

But Andy Borowitz takes a pretty good crack at it.

I'm with you, my friend.

I badly wanted her to be President. For what it would say about America - that we were willing to do away with that last ridiculous glass ceiling. What it would say to our daughters, and to women everywhere. We NEEDED that triumph over the vulgar asshole who grabbed about groping. We needed that for what IT would say about America; what it would say to all such sexual predators. We already know what the message is, through the future, for candidates releasing their tax returns. That precedent has now been set. (What if a Democrat had done that?!?!?!?)

I also badly wanted those brains in the Oval Office. You would NOT be seeing any of the slip-ups and stupid avoidable mistakes that seem to rain down on us week by week from this bunch, and in particular, this jerk! I hate wasting valuable resources.
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