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Speaks for me!

More like misleader of the free world.

And it's a damn shame so many have bought into this shit.

Welcome to DU, LBM20!


Sorry to shout, but I don't know how else to make it clear that this is our biggest problem! MESSAGING!!! As superficial as it seems and feels, we've got to do that better.

And make damn sure we vote, and we make sure everybody we know votes. There are MORE of us than there are of that other tribe. We can turn this around in 2018 if only we all get out there and vote!


Hmmm... didn't work very well in Nebraska recently. His endorsement is not always golden. At least when the available fan base isn't big enough to overcome the enemy troops who use him as a rallying cry for their side.


Bernie Sanders may be the most popular political figure in the United States, but his involvement in this week’s mayoral race in Omaha was termed “a colossal mistake” by a former Democratic mayoral staffer and political scientist. Even though the Vermont senator spoke at a rally for Heath Mello, the Democratic candidate was beaten by close to seven points by Republican incumbent Jean Stothert, in what was officially a nonpartisan race.


According to University of Nebraska professor Paul Landow, Sanders’s attempts to give the Democrats one of their first significant wins of the Donald Trump presidency were spectacularly ill-conceived.

“Why do you bring an ultraliberal into a moderate city to campaign for a moderate candidate for mayor?” Landow was quoted as saying by the Omaha World Herald Thursday. “Bernie Sanders is not going to do anything to expand your base.”

If you're working in a DEEP RED district, sometimes you have to go a little slower. Those DEEP RED voters will likely not be swayed by someone like Bernie. May even give them more motivation to get out there and vote against his candidate.

If we're going to use Bernie Sanders, and he definitely can be an asset in some places, we have to use him judiciously. I don't think it's very wise to send him in where Dems don't have a realistic chance to win - like a DEEP RED area. Seems to me it would be FAR BETTER to work on the wobblers - use him all over the place in purple states. Use him all over the place where trump won by maybe a single point, or where there's a CON representing a blue district or state, or an area where Hillary won.

DO NOT squander him. Send him where it's realistically flippable and maybe he's exactly the one who can push it over into the blue column.

Too bad there's only one like him.

Sometimes I think he simply doesn't belong in that tribe across the aisle. He always seems to be the first to wake up and break away, but all too often there's nobody coming with him or following in his footsteps.

I imagine, at the rate the Toxic Tangerine is going, he'll stink up the joint so badly that Walter Jones may eventually find himself with some more company. But so far, he seems to be the ONLY republi-CON (or maybe in his case, I should say Republican) who shakes himself awake and acknowledges what the reality is rather than what they all want it to be in their Pox Noise-produced bubble world.

Well, you both have shorelines and beaches in common, but...

There's nothing like Hawaii!

Hot warm tropical air sometimes floral-scented. Beautiful long leisurely blond beaches. Still clean and pristine, I hope. It's been awhile since I've been there. Yummy! The palm trees, the delicious fruit, the tropical jungles, the pale turquoise of the water that in some spots seems to stretch for miles, Mauna Loa, the black lava beaches, the great surf spots, the relaxed casual vibe, the gorgeous velvety deep caramel-colored skin of the locals of Polynesian extraction. Yum yum yum! And yeah, there's civilization galore, but the natural beauties are never far from view. You're still in another world, no matter how many resorts and hotels and clubs and tourist traps there are. At least that's how I remember it.


Pun-making can be painful!

God bless Walter Jones.

He was the one guy from that tribe who saw the truth about the Iraq War and said so. And if I recall correctly, he actually backed away from that utterly ridiculous "Freedom Fries" thing in the Congressional lunch room. The CONS had demanded the menu be changed from "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries," because of the "dreaded" French, who didn't want to join what bush/cheney called "the Coalition of the Willing" - other island nations and scattered countries that joined in on the Iraq War. I used to call it the Coalition of the Wilting." That's the same time some of those jerks and their followers on that side of the aisle came up with such cuties as "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."

But again, he was ONE guy. There's only one GOPer out there right now with a conscience and sense of country-over-party duty. Offhand at this particular moment, I can't come up with another name.

I like that guy a lot.

I've seen Brian Schatz being interviewed many times by now. He's pretty terrific if you ask me.

And lucky YOU, Cha! Hawaii, 'eh?

I also like the "Orange Sphincter" label.

I think it's his lower lip - which you don't see in this particular photo, but it's in every other photo of him as he's speaking - because that mouth is always a moving target. But the word "sphincter" keeps popping up in my mind every time I see that. Alec Baldwin illustrates it best whenever he impersonates the Orange Sphincter-in-Chief.
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