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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 61,265

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

Yep. Show up. EVERY time. ALWAYS. Without Fail.

Because THATíS how we win, every time. For one simple reason:

There are MORE OF US than there are of them.

Unfortunately yes.

We actually have honorable people coming into power.

Itíll be hard to get used to.

Actual honesty and nobility and nobody in it strictly for themselves and for lining their pockets.

I'm DONE with you, Di.

You just reached my TOO-MUCH level. That and your smoochy-smoochy with Lindsey Graham - ENOUGH. Time for you to RETIRE.

DONE with you, woman.

Under New Management!!!

This was SOOOOO touching, I got choked up watching it.

I LOVE these people! SOOOOOO looking forward to their leadership! What a WONDERFUL new administration we're getting! One with real heart, and truth, compassion, and empathy.

We need it.

We've BEEN needing it for four miserable, frustrating, outraging, WAY-TOO-LONG years.

BYE don.

I just lost it.

Watching on CNN as a distraught woman described losing her husband AFTER having just lost her mother - both to COVID-19.

And as she tearfully described the almost unspeakable ordeal keeping a vigil as her husband approached the end, I wept. First time it's hit me THAT hard, THAT personally.

And all I could think of was "this DID NOT have to happen! ANY of this! NONE of ALL OF THIS!

DAMN YOU, donald.

Go to Hell.

Go DIRECTLY to Hell.

DO NOT pass "Go."

And DEFINITELY DO NOT try to collect ANY money, OR White House/Oval Office "souvenirs", or ANYTHING ELSE!!!

Hey, it is what it is.

Yep! Count me in on that, too! "Consequence Culture."

Bring it ON!

And LOCK 'em UP!

Max Boot no less.

A conservative voice speaking a BIG truth for once.

DAYUM! Couldn't agree more enthusiastically, loudly, or vehemently!

Visions of a new Indivisible "ask" dancing in my head...

Throw the fuckin' BOOK at him.

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