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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 45,737

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Welcome to DU, Spy Car.

Why yes, the poor dear has indeed worn himself out on the links.

Btw - the sky was weird and striped brown all afternoon. Blowing west from Covina and thereabouts. Very creepy. Be safe, everybody.

Central Casting.

Ive read that trump wanted people around him who LOOKED the part, and the description was theyd look like they were straight out of Central Casting. I cant help but suspect that he took one look at Mike Pence and noticed that the whitest-looking white guy in America was standing before him.




Just look at Pox Noise.

I noticed that NBC has been trying to redo Megyn Kelly's look, having her wear a few more demure things, less peek-a-boo or "come-hither".

Please see Post 43.

"It's not like she's naked"? Well, all the camera has to do is zoom in a little, and...

"Modest" is HARDLY the word for it.


I guess you have to click on the link. imgur.com changed. Now I can't find the link for posting in discussion groups.

The patronizing can stop. RIGHT NOW. Thank you very much.

Me, too, gordianot.

A mere few minutes ago, I said to my husband, "shit, can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Bob Corker."

Much love to you, hamsterjill, and many hugs.

Thank you for sharing this personal agony - we need to hear these stories because you're absolutely right - we need to fight for decent affordable healthcare! For EVERYONE!

We ALL MUST make sure that your sister did NOT die in vain. And that your sorrow will NOT go unheard and ignored.

This is one for that jerk Raul Labrador, R-ID, who had the gall to declare at a town hall meeting awhile back that "no one dies if they don't have healthcare." Oh yeah? Hey, Raul, why don't you ask hamsterjill about that sometime?
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