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Me, too.

They shouldn't consider even considering him for a time slot on MSNBC. He's straight Pox Noise if anybody is.

As I said in a letter I wrote to Phil Griffin recently - "Do you just have a thing for a bad fit? Do you buy your suits that way?"

OMG - Kenneth Blackwell's on the Kobach voter suppression commission!?!?!?

Just saw a clip of an interview with him from earlier on MSNBC. Kenneth Blackwell???? The very same guy who, as Ohio's secretary of state (AND head of bush/cheney's state reelection committee, too, at the same time - conflict of interest much?) helped cook the books for bush/cheney in 2004??? As many believe - myself included. Yep. It was him.

I'm both shocked and not shocked at the same time.

I suppose Katherine Harris is on that same panel, too, now? She was Florida's secretary of state AND head of bush/cheney's state reelection committee, too, at the same time) who cooked the books for bush/cheney in 2000. As many believe - myself included.

That Election "Integrity" commission looks fishier and fishier. It's a freakin' big-mouth grouper by now.

Welcome to DU, charliea!

Whenever I look at that photo you describe, I keep thinking I'm seeing horns protruding from the back of his head.

He is utterly demonic. He speaks with a forked tongue.

WHAT? You mean he's concerned about how it looks?

Most interesting. And it could also be that those who suspect he's aware that trump might want to corner him in a one-on-one are probably spot-on.

As we say here in SoCal, FLIP THE 48TH!!!!!

Code Blue and other "sister districts" are ON this. I just shared this on an Indivisible page.


Welcome to DU, BHDem53!

I almost feel bad referring to him as a turtle. What did all the poor little turtles do to deserve that?

McConnell yes.

Some helpless little four-legged critter, no.

McConnell, as we know painfully well, is NOT helpless.

I'm sorry, but that's just sadistic.

Only a schmuck would do that to a lesser life form - like a little turtle. YEAH I would want to help the poor stupid bastard get down. Some sadistic shithead put him up there for "fun."

Now, if it were McConnell, I'd drive right on by.

Like spoiled five-year-olds who didn't get their way, they are.

Welcome to DU, luvtheGWN!

Another DJ makes good!

I remember at the beginning of my career, trying to decide between being a rock jock and the "news chick". My heart said go for the deejay opportunities (which were few and VERY far between), but my head said to think long-term: "meh - seems like it might be easier to be a 53-year-old newsperson than a 53-year-old disc jockey."

Head over heart, every time (at least that's what's always worked out best for me).
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