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VERY sweet indeed.

I saw that, too.

Louise Mensch has been right quite frequently. I enjoy reading her Twitter page.

Welcome to DU, Mesee.

Thank you for the testament.

This older, Jewish boutique owner where my mom shopped all the time was from the "old country," and was the only survivor of her entire family. Her WHOLE FAMILY was killed in one of the concentration camps.

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain. I bet you think about your great grandmother all the time. I bet she'd like that. In one way, she still lives.

Welcome to DU, spike jones!

THIS LINE ALONE is worth never forgetting:

“The Holocaust resulted neither from a confluence of circumstances beyond human control nor from history’s inexorable march. It happened because ordinary people failed to stop it.”

"...because ordinary people failed to stop it."

Take a lesson, everybody. That statement is still relevant, and still applies.

NEVER forget.

The guy has too big an ego. He'll find someplace else.

Maybe like the pathetic Larry King did - on RT. Just couldn't bear NOT having his mug out there on TV every evening.


We got two scalps today. Don't forget our friend Jason Chaffetz! Won't have him to kick around anymore, as of the end of this Congressional term. At least as far as this job of his now. I wouldn't expect him to lay low for too long, though. I think he took a liking to getting all that coverage - at least when he was in the chairman's seat in committee hearings. Probably that dose of a different kind of coverage from his rather startling town hall was what pushed him over and made his decision for him. From the "Gee, this was supposed to be all-fun! I GIVE the rough time. I'm not supposed to GET the rough time." I suspect this was his "waaaaaaaahmbulance." Taking his ball and going home like the partisan spoiled-sport pissant he is. Besides, no Hillary to persecute nowadays, so he probably felt the fun had gone out of it. He carried on quite a lot about how many more investigations he was going to launch against her after she won.

So typical of some bullies. They sure can dish it out. But they can't take it. Didn't like the heat, so decided to leave the kitchen.

My pleasure. It's possible to forgive. But no one should forget.


Yeah, unfortunately so am I.

And I hate that. Wish it didn't still bother me. But it does. She got such a raw deal. SO persecuted.

I hate to see valuable resources wasted - like those brains. I wanted (and still want) THOSE brains in the Oval Office.

I guess trying to break that last, biggest glass ceiling will leave you mighty cut-up.
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