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Welcome to DU, luvtheGWN!

Another DJ makes good!

I remember at the beginning of my career, trying to decide between being a rock jock and the "news chick". My heart said go for the deejay opportunities (which were few and VERY far between), but my head said to think long-term: "meh - seems like it might be easier to be a 53-year-old newsperson than a 53-year-old disc jockey."

Head over heart, every time (at least that's what's always worked out best for me).

Now THERE'S something I praise the Fox guy for.

The whole damn room should get up and walk out next time.

For whatever it's worth, Megyn Kelly continues on her downward slide.

Lowest ratings since her NBC show's June 4th debut. Down to half the numbers she got back then. Still being beaten by reruns. OUCH.

MEGYN KELLY’S NBC SHOW IS STUCK IN A BAD PATTERN - Viewership has declined every week since it premiered.

NBC host Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night news magazine has lost viewers every week since its June debut, and last weekend’s episode was no exception.
The July 16 episode of “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly,” a spotlight on sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, raked in 3.1 million viewers, according to Nielsen data, marking the show’s lowest viewer turnout since its June debut. This past Sunday’s episode, the sixth to air, earned a 0.4 rating in the sought-after 18-49 age demographic, which means that a mere 0.4 percent of those in that age group participating in Nielsen’s rating service watched the show.
The ratings are the latest in a disappointing pattern for the show: Viewership has dropped with each episode since its debut. The show’s premiere episode, an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, debuted to 6.1 million viewers, though even that lagged behind the “60 Minutes” episode airing that night.
Speculation into why Kelly hasn’t triumphed at NBC largely hinges on her past as a Fox News host.
That past may be costing her the loyalty of NBC’s more left-leaning audience.
Kelly’s second NBC show, a morning show to be taped in front of a live studio audience, will begin airing Sept. 25.

Hmmm... can't wait for that one, 'eh? They may have to check the audience for tomatoes and cream pies.

Agreed. It is WAY beyond past time to stop picking on her.

Welcome to DU, nietzschean!

I'd lean toward Biden or Harris - depending on how Kamala grows and builds. So far, so good. Biden is beloved, warts 'n' all.

But it's WAY too soon. WAY too soon! Cory Booker's interesting, but he's had a way-too-close-to-Wall-Street problem. NO to Warren and Sanders for my own personal reasons.

But it's a LONG time til 2020. A lot can happen and a lot can change between now and then.

Yeah, those brave 'n' bold and in-yer-face CONS will risk sticking their necks out - NOW.

Now that enough of the others have torpedoed it and it's safe to come out of their foxholes!

Spines like cooked spaghetti.

That's Terrific!

Congratulations! Such great news - thanks for sharing it with everybody! We sure can use some good news from time to time.

THAT'S a helluva rewrite!

The MASSIVELY cool thing about this is the length.

You break that OP down by sentence, and you get this looooooooooooooonnnnnggg list of shit.

Just almost an embarrassingly long list of shit.

Heck, even if you don't stop to read every line, just the look of the very length of this list. You can't even get it onto a single screen. You have to scroll down. Just the overall visual is a slam-dunk.

To the trump-lovers, political AND civilian: "Aaaaannnnnd you're okay with this?"

I love how Chris Matthews seems to have taken it upon himself as kind of a quest - to push the meme: "what if this were Hillary? What if Chelsea had gone to that meeting with Russian government operatives, because she was looking for dirt on her mom's opponent, with her husband (Hillary's son-in-law) who's a principal in the Hillary Clinton White House?" As Matthews complained: Ask that 29 percent that the polls all characterize as solid-for-trump-no-matter-what, if they'd be okay "if the shoe were on the other political foot", as he put it. Chris Matthews seems to have taken a shine to this subject. "The Chelsea Clinton Test," I think is what he called it.

I'm a little bit amazed that Matthews would do that. But I'm freakin' THRILLED that he is! I think EVERY reporter or anchor should wonder aloud about that question. That specific messaging ought to start flowing out of the mouths of EVERYONE with more than half a brain.


Welcome to DU, SethH!

MAN, that old cliche - "the more things change, the more they remain the same" - is confirmed yet again.

There's nothing new about "Whataboutism" except that it now has a semi-official name. And "everybody else is doing it" is a moldy-oldie for ALL of us from 2nd grade, if not earlier.
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