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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 44,110

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And he had a better, more facile command of the language in the past than he demonstrates now.

VERY limited language skills and almost ZERO in the vocabulary department.

Welcome to DU, flotsam!

I've been seeing speculation that Chaffetz and "kompromat" - that could either be financial, or some affair that wouldn't look very good on a nice "respectable" young Mormon husband and father to all those nice folks back home.

Welcome to DU, Vesper!

You've mentioned another "woman I love."

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Great Lady Maxine. She's been a thorn in the bad guys' sides for a long time. She sure speaks for me - even more now than ever before.

Yeah, when Thom was on here in L.A., I caught his show often.

And the Friday Brunch with Bernie.

What's that saying? "When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail to you".

Welcome to DU, burnbaby!

It certainly does make one wonder!

Anybody see the new hashtag trending on Twitter?

#JasonInTheBigHouse !!!

That. Is. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

Somebody in that police department has a SMOKIN' sense of humor!!!

This is hilarious!!!

Your kitty gifs are wonderful, too!!!

Yeah, I remember that, too.

She did look rather punched-in-the-gut, didn't she.

I haven't seen that face on her since she announced the murders of George Moscone and Harvey Milk on THAT awful night in San Francisco. Absolutely punched-in-the-gut. And trying like hell to maintain her composure.

One of MANY things we're fighting.

Frustrating, isn't it?

I'm always amused whenever Supreme Court discussions come up - where someone argues that such-and-such is "settled law," the implication being that "no, no need to go back and revisit it or change it or anything..." This has certainly been said about marriage equality and many other issues in which litigation has come up. So, following that logic, isn't it true that Roe v Wade is also "settled law"? "Settled law" is, after all, "SETTLED law," is it not? And yet we have about 40 years of extremists constantly trying to fuck with it.
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