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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 45,597

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Speak for us, Jimmy!

Preach it. Teach it.

You might even sink this in with some of the Deplorables.

A friend of mine said the same thing. She wasn't thrilled about him either, but

she, too hoped for the best. "I'm just going to be hopeful..." she'd say.

I'm sorry. I'm TRYING to be understanding of these people, but to me that just shrieks out "FUCKING NAIVE!!!" I'm sorry. I know I'm supposed to be sympathetic and understanding and not judge them for their FUCKING STUPID GULLIBLE NAIVE IDIOCY!!!" I find inner myself roaring at statements and statement-makers like this - "you mean you haven't seen enough of this weasel by now to know EXACTLY what he is - a world-class CON-man who's been around spreading that schtick in public for decades by now? Who only views the Presidency as a way to make more money? You haven't seen enough of this slicky-boy by now to know his reputation, his constant lying, his behavior patterns, his vulgarity and narcissism, his corner-cutting and flat-out cheating, his bullshitting, his racism and predatory sexism? His crassness, cowardice, smoke-blowing, and general juvenile jerkitude?"

I'm sorry. Those "hoped for the best" chumps are just that: CHUMPS. That "sucker born every minute" line was written for and about THEM. The ones who've been ROYALLY HAD. At the end of a freakin' fork. At the moment, I confess I have no patience, understanding, or sympathy for them. I'm sorry. I hope I can eventually reach a place of forgiveness. My better angels tell me I need to, but they're pretty pissed off these days, too.

Just another in a continuing series of republican-CON "MENSA" members.

Welcome to DU, William the Drunkard!

Gee, livin' it up on the American taxpayer, eh, Price? Appropriate last name this asshole has, isn't it.

Hah! No kidding!

They're the "Sucks to be you" party. We also refer to them as the "IGMFU Party." Which is an acronym for I Got Mine, F-U.

My favorite story about this song is one of my own.

When I was in college radio, I did a request show because I actually had a few listeners to my little night-time show.

Some guy called in one night and said "play 'Aero-plane'." I had to think fast, because this wasn't at all clear. Did he mean "Leaving on a Jet Plane"? The Jefferson Airplane? I wasn't sure what he was requesting, and he repeated, insistently, "play 'Aero-plane'." I still had no idea what song he was talking about, so I started asking questions - "do you mean 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'? Or a song by the Airplane?" I could NOT figure it out. And he finally said: "No! Aero-plane! You know, gimme a ticket for an Aero-plane"!

I swear, I've cracked people up with that story since 1972!

Welcome to DU, Promee!

Around our house, most of these things wind up being referred to as "the Sucks-to-be-You" plan.

Congratulations, Victor_c3!


And sincere thanks for both your service and your sacrifice.

OF COURSE they aren't going to do doodley squat about this.

As long as it helped them steal the White House, they're not gonna touch it. They're the fucking beneficiaries of it. It helped them "win". I'd bet they're hoping for another round or two - or 15.

I freakin' LOVE this!!!

Uptighty Whitey!

I've said it before: I think the main, deep-down visceral reason that trump picked Mike Pence was because he's the whitest-looking white guy anybody's ever seen, outside any member of the albino community, that is. NOBODY looks as much like a slice of conventional garden-variety white bread as Mike Pence does.
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