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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 61,702

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Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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Wish I could recommend this ONE MILLION TIMES!!!!!

This is the birthplace of the enemy - hate radio.

And yes, unfortunately, I've been driven to concluding republi-CONS are indeed the enemy. To think of them as anything less is to weaken before them. I'm so sick of Democratic naivete. We've seen it on display all week in the reaction to the way the Supreme Court clearly seems to be leaning. "They thought the ACA would sell itself..." "They thought the people would see..." "They thought the benefits of the health care reform would simply speak for themselves and that people would see how it benefited them."


HOW many times are our people in DC gonna stand there still, smiling, and presenting all their nice teeth for the bad guys to kick in, on the presumption that finally, at long last, some among them are gonna play nice? What are they smoking????? These bastards ARE the enemy. They ARE the bad guys. They've been planning, strategizing, engineering, and waging, a very effective propaganda battle against us for at least three decades, and we've done NOTHING to respond or counter-sell. I dunno - maybe our side thinks that the salesmanship part of this is beneath us somehow, and/or that somehow the enemy is really not all that bad or evil or pernicious. But the GOP assholes DO believe in bad things for our country because what they want only benefits the top 1% of the 1%, which is proven NOT to be of any help or any good or any benefit to anyone not part of the 1% corporate elites, and they've been VERY effective at selling their message.

On the other hand, we SUCK at it. Nobody realizes they should have hired George Lakoff years ago to help them understand messaging better, and PR better, and salesmanship better. Our side is fucking naive. Infuriatingly naive! You know there are ravenous sharks in the water but you figure they won't bite you so you jump in anyway - because you just KNOW they'd rather eat fish than humans. Yeah... sure. And I've got some nice ocean-front property in Topeka KS I'll sell you real cheap. You just trust that the scorpion that begged for help getting across that deep, wide river on your back will not sting you because he PROMISED so sincerely that he wouldn't! And then, EVERY TIME, one of yours gets halfway across and the scorpion does what scorpions do - stings. And then you're screwed. Doesn't even matter that the scorpion winds up drowning along with you. Didn't stop him from stinging you anyway because that's who he is and that's what he does. And to assume anything else is simply kidding yourselves.

The GOP are scorpions. That's just what they ARE. And they need to be treated as such, and reacted to as such. They must NEVER be trusted. EVER. They must ALWAYS be watched. ALWAYS. Because they are ALWAYS on the offensive and looking to tear down ANY progress the rest of us has made. If there are ANY among you here on DU who still blindly think they can be reached, met halfway, dealt with as reasonable adults, that they'll deal honestly and with no subterfuge and won't lie or deceive or distort or double-cross you as soon as eric cantor or paul ryan or grover norquist tells them to, or come around to our point of view, You. Are. Wasting. Your. Time.

My experiences and observations force me to conclude that they are lost souls who've been so co-opted by the fairy tale they keep pushing: "just keep voting for us and YOU'LL be rich TOO!!!" How else would so many unfortunate, hapless human sheep be convinced to continue voting against their own interests. They're being sold pie-in-the-sky and they've been so inundated with adverse but well-packaged and ubiquitous propaganda that they don't even think anymore. And then when they lose their homes and their insurance and their teabagger Congressman has nothing more for them than "gee, guess it sucks to be you," they're further inundated with more propaganda that it's really the Democrats'/liberals' fault.

When deregulation happened, and the richest of the bad guys started buying radio stations, what did our side do? Roll over and go back to sleep! NOTHING! Because they figured that - well, the GOP will play fair. They will! And there MUST be a pony under all that horse shit! No. Wake up and smell the coffee - and the horse shit. There IS no pony. There's only IGMFU. As in "I Got Mine, F-U."

And the saddest part, the part that breaks my heart and drives me freakin' NUTS, is that in many ways it actually IS the Dems'/liberals' collective fault. Because TOO MANY on our side were so naive, and figured their opponents are reasonable human beings, with hearts and consciences, who are there, honestly and genuinely, with good hearts trying to help people. AND THEY'RE NOT!!!! And our side keeps falling for it. Just grinds my guts!!!

They ARE the enemy. They ARE the bad guys. And if we don't start treating them as such, and dealing with them as such, we'll just keep getting rolled over and over and over and over. And I don't understand, after all the evidence to support this, WHY our side still doesn't get it. And I do not accept the argument that "oh, no, we can't do that - it makes us just like them!" BULLSHIT. Their ruthlessness keeps winning. And we keep getting rolled. HOW FAR are we willing to keep "making nice" while they monopolize the airwaves, take over the statehouses, jam voter-ID laws down our throats and metal probes up our vaginas? HOW LONG will this be allowed to go on before we start fighting back with the same cold-blooded ruthlessness that is now needed in EVERY political battle, no matter how small or local or seemingly insignificant? Have we not had at least 30 years of templates and examples to study about how the takeover is accomplished? Okay, have our guy at the top being the moral and ethical guy, but underneath and behind him we need our own ruthless take-no-prisoners warriors.

I think we have to readjust our thinking. EXPECT them to do bad things and DAMMIT, BE READY FOR IT AHEAD OF TIME!!! Maybe it takes hiring a few operatives who think like the enemy does, so we can out-think, outwit, and outflank them. Sounds like an old "Survivor" TV show, doesn't it? Well, take a lesson!!!

Remember what Mad-Eye Moody always warned Harry Potter: "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!"

Signed with great pleasure!

I added this:

I am sick and tired of that crap and hate-mongering being spewed all over Los Angeles! I refuse to listen, but many more here do. And they can be adversely influenced if they listen long enough. It's not enough to boycott his sponsors. His reign of hatred needs to come to an END, assuming of course that KFI recognizes its responsibility to serve the public interest, on the public airwaves. How is broadcasting three hours a day of hatred, derision, and division, serving the public interest, here - or ANYWHERE, for that matter? This needs to END. This toxic hatemonger needs to be TAKEN OFF THE AIR PERMANENTLY.

Hot Diggity-Dog! They're finally calling it what it IS: Absolute Rape.

Forcible entry into a woman's vagina against her will - IS exactly that. It's rape. And worst of all, THIS particular rape is state-sanctioned. Government-mandated. By the same 12th-Century mindset that loudly clangs about the need for less intrusive government! When they talk about how they simply MUST have smaller government, now we know what size they actually have in mind.

This makes me SO MAD. I'm angry that I've been forced also to become a "one-issue voter." I have a litmus test that I need to exercise with every vote on every candidate and ballot measure for my consideration. But it's THAT important to me as a woman, and as the mother of a daughter of child-bearing age. That fucker limbaugh as much as called MY daughter a "slut" and a "prostitute" because she too was prescribed contraceptives for MEDICAL reasons, not for anything having to do with sex! Her legitimate and serious need for that prescription arose LONG before she was ever sexually active.

I'm glad to see this. I hope other physicians stand up, too. This has gone WAY too far!!! I hope doctors from coast-to-coast vow to keep politics (and all its accompanying bedroom busybodies as well) OUT of the examining room where it DOES NOT belong. If for no other reason, they should object to politicians endeavoring to practice medicine without a license.

Yep, I think you're correct, freshwest. Certainly applies to yours truly.

I used to go to Mass every Sunday, especially while the kids were young. Setting an example and all that. But then the good folks running things there started politicking from the pulpit, slipping little one-liners baldly calling for prayer for the sanctity of life and blah-blah-blah, broadly "hinting around" about who'd be the best pick for president during several presidential election seasons (not my preferred candidate during any of those times). And in one case, they actually invited some aging nun to come in and expound about marital love and the sanctity of life and how Jesus somehow had that kind of intimate love relationship with the Church. And as she - um - enlarged upon that particular point, I was shoved over from genuine outrage to almost explosive hilarity. I could NOT stop laughing! And while I wanted to walk out - to show a physical demonstration of protest during her sermon, I also wanted to stay because I couldn't believe what I was hearing and really didn't want to miss whatever kind of big finish toward which she was building. I later wrote a column about it that got some nice reaction.

Finally the kids grew up and I had no example to set for anybody anymore so the increasingly pointed politicking in church drove me away from weekly visits. Besides, by then, you'd hear a near-constant dribble of mumbled comments under one's breath from various moms whose kids went to the church school. You'd hear them quietly hiss in disgust that they were NOT dropping another nickel into the collection plate because they couldn't be sure that money wasn't going to some settlement the Archdiocese had to pay out to some family whose son had been molested by a priest when he was an altar server. Point VERY well taken. I've stopped donating, too. Yeah, all you cardinals and bishops and monsignors. We've noticed. You bet your asses we've noticed.

I reached a point where I'd try at least to make Christmas and Easter Mass, the bare minimums, to keep my conscience from complaining. But it just got worse, with the whole staunch insistence that marriage be only between a man and a woman. And they pray for vocations while at the same time complaining about the scarcity of priests, while they continue turning their backs completely on the idea of legions of worthy and capable women joining those ranks.

I finally threw up my hands when a recent copy of "The Tidings" arrived with the front page story and photo - "Celebrating Discipleship!" And the screaming headline was accompanied by a large photo of the congregation at a Mass at the big-ass cathedral downtown (we called it the "Taj Mahony" when it was being built), the congregation being comprised of all aging nuns. Oh isn't that cute! THAT is the bone they throw to us women to try to make us think that church operations and policies are just so damn inclusive!!! Oh woopie. "Discipleship." Wow - really goin' for broke out there, aren't they? We'll give all the ladies some ridiculous, meaningless title concept like "discipleship" alright, but forget ever attaining the full level of equality: the priesthood. They give our presence a new label and that's that. That takes care of it for all those "little gals" out there. Once again relegated to a familiar and frustrating position: forced to be satisfied with more stray crumbs falling on the floor from the men's banquet table, second-class "citizens" as we're so regarded.

That and the whole oppressive religionist, Christianist, force-it-down-your-throat-and-up-your-vagina regressiveness of the political climate now, especially as extremist religious views now encroach on public policy, have just alienated me completely, and driven me away.

And I resent the freakin' shriekin' HELL out of that! I can't even share in the gatherings of my own church anymore! The one I was baptized into when I was reportedly two weeks old! I'm pushed so totally away. It's like it hardly represents me anymore! And sadly, it's becoming clear that they deep-down really don't want people like me, anyway. My ideas are no more welcome, any longer, than I am, myself. Certainly my growing list of undesirable questions is lumped in there, too. Where is the nonstop focus on the poor - that subject the Bible repeatedly describes Jesus as talking about with almost every breath He took? What was the statistic I heard once - the number of references to homosexuality or abortion in either Testament of the Bible is something like three or four, while the number of references to the poor is quite literally in the THOUSANDS? That's what I learned in Catholic school where I spent the first 18 years of my life, especially during religion class.

It's such a deep wound. This hurts. A lot. It's an absolute outrage, growing worse by the HOUR! And it makes me VERY angry.

But isn't this the guy who told women all over his state - "you can keep your eyes closed"?

DAMN. This is amazing in its awfulness. They'll do ANYTHING to tilt the playing field so they can win. ANYTHING to get one of their thumbs on the scale! Makes it just that much more critical that WE win this fall. That our side prevails, even though we will be out-spent, out-messaged, and out-advertised.

Yeah, that's what gets me too. The THINGS. The THINGS got put inside the car with the wife and kids.

The inanimate objects - the luggage and supplies. THOSE are what should have been strapped to the roof of the car for that long a drive. TWELVE HOURS??!?!?!??! Yeah. Their stuff goes inside and the poor dog gets tied to the damn roof of the damn car. I read that Seamus ran away when they finally arrived at their destination. No wonder.

When I think how quietly Goldie rides in the car, curled up into a fraction of her full size, and she'd stay like that for hours - it just a freakin' OUTRAGE!!! I couldn't bear to put her in a cage on top of the car! Worse still, SHE couldn't bear it either! Who would have the heart to do that, other than some cold-hearted schmuck who clearly has no heart? WHAT THE FUCK was that smug, cold-hearted, thoughtless, myopic, detached, unfeeling bastard thinking???? What a heartless bastard!!! As my mother used to say - "heart like a BB." Small and cold and hard.

Hey santorum - THIS is what makes a caring and compassionate member of the human race want to throw up. Shit like this (aside from you, which is a rant for another time and another thread than this one). It tells me everything I need to know about how mitt romney views anything outside his cozy little circle of privilege - it's SO elite that even his own family dog isn't allowed to take part.

Agreed. I am NO fan of the Tundra Tart. But this is revolting.

And inexcusable. And the use of Obama's face and clear-and-pointed references to key Obama buzz words - is - um - time to alert the Secret Service and the FBI. And to threaten, or seem to threaten the Commander-in-Chief during wartime - isn't that treason???

Damn, hamsterjill! You just nailed it. sarah palin IS kind of like Kate Gosselin.

She's the Kate Gosselin of the political world. She's so over, and yes forgotten by many, yet still whining and trying to do ANYTHING to get back in the spotlight. She's still trying to be relevant, and for most of America her 15 minutes were up a long time ago. Clinging to her looks and telegenic charm, as time marches on, and she gets older, and her looks start fading, and the voice becomes more shrill and piercing. And as her one brief shining moment during Campaign 2008 recedes farther and farther into the past, we're liable to see more of her on the front pages of the Enquirer than on the news/talk shows - even Pox Noise.

Sounds like bait and switch to me. And if it's such a hands-down acclaimed and lovingly embraced

crusade, why resort to stealth tactics to push the message forward? It should be so wholeheartedly accepted and supported that absolutely no chicanery is necessary. Just sayin'...

Found a good resource, and an extensive one.

Here might be a good starting place - at least for this one set of rants and insults and outrages, on the heels of the original "sluts" and "prostitutes" excrement, dated March first, referring to the day before, including the offending passage quoted in full:


And outright SLANDER, too:

Slander Definition
Libel vs Slander. As we outlined above, slander deals with spoken defamation. Libel, on the other hand, deals with written defamation.

The first link at the top here is from Page 4 of a directory of limbaugh's verbal vomit - against Sandra Fluke and, for that matter, everybody else he's trashed along the way, before and since. You kinda have to sort through. But if you start here and work your way forward through Pages 3, 2, and 1, you can select any number of the ones that apply directly to this particular outrage.


We HAVE to take this pig off the air. He is damaging the national psyche and giving cover and validation to racists, sexists, haters-of-all-kinds, and bullies everywhere.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for other research material that will help. Meantime, if it were me, I'd start here.

THANK YOU for your activism and for giving a damn about bringing this outrage to an END!!!!
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