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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 61,730

About Me

Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

Journal Archives

WOW, Cha - I LOVE this image!

Our future and past.


Welcome to DU, Oakenshield!

A day to be proud, INDEED! A day to celebrate!!!!!

Dayum, look how those two little girls have grown up.

I didn't see it (West Coast, y'know), and we haven't even turned the TV on yet.

But I knew it would be Associate Justice Sotomayor involved. Which makes ME proud as a woman! I'm not a Latina, but I'm female, and the whole idea is JUST WONDERFUL!!! In that way, I, too, feel like it was me up there.

Only changes I'd make in the Inaugural pageant tomorrow is - I'd have the OTHER "Wallace" than that pompous, sanctimonious ass last time. JIM WALLIS, of Sojourners, would be my choice to do one of the convocations. But the big one, that comes before the Oath-taking, I'd give to Sister Simone Campbell.

I loved how he flat-out LAUGHED AT that little snot-nose punk. Laughed at him.

Laughed in his FACE!!!! In my opinion, we were provided with an expert instructional as to how to treat paul ryan and any cockamamie thing that comes out of his mouth. This is how you treat him, and react to him, and respond to him. THIS is what to do and how it's done. He needs to be thoroughly laughed at.

paul ryan deserves nothing less. EVER. 'Cause I don't see him coming around and seeing the light anytime soon. He probably STILL thinks HE was "right" all along and somehow everybody else just simply misunderstands... Utter snot-nose. Brat-child. Seriously needs to be put in his place. Sent to the back of the class. Sent to bed without his supper. Grounded with his TV and laptop and iPad taken away til he learns his lessons about working with people and considering some other point of view than ayn rand's. Considering what he was SUPPOSED to have learned in Catholic school - where they're supposed to teach you the REAL message of our Savior - about being our brother's keeper and about caring for "the least of these" - and putting them FIRST for a change. How the MEEK were the ones who'd inherit the world and there wasn't anything in the Beatitudes about "blessed are the war-makers" or "blessed are the bullies and the selfish." Somehow, his take-away was that the money-changers Jesus drove OUT of the Temple were actually the ones to be worshipped.

No. I couldn't either. But they do get to be there looking on in the background

watching PRESIDENT OBAMA and VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN take the oath! That will probably make them sick to their stomachs. Fine by me. The rest of us will be celebrating having dodged the biggest and most lethal bullet of all.

Yes. It all started and gained respectability with ronald reagan.

That's why I personally despise him SO intensely. Our collective national mindset went straight up our own asses when he got his grubby paws on the reins of power. And because he was such an effective salesman with such a nice, friendly, folksy schtick that everybody loved and bought and embraced and swallowed whole and found to be utterly harmless and wonderful, the toxins were taken in. Easily, smoothly, and without a fight. Even welcomed. He was the new messiah - that would save us from FDR and the New Deal so we could be selfish and ignorant and hopelessly myopic and PROUD of it! And that horrible, selfish, thoroughly un-Christian "philosophy" he espoused and sold to America was rendered wonderful and respectable and desirable as could be. Because, by then, who cared even to remember WHY FDR was needed and WHY the New Deal was devised and implemented. Nobody gave a damn anymore and he made sure nobody felt like they HAD to.

It was like having an unruly, undisciplined, poorly-socialized child, and telling him or her that it's okay to be selfish and not to share your toys, and if you bullied somebody on the playground or pushed them down or snatched away their toy and stomped on it - that this was somehow okay, because for Pete's sake one doesn't dare do ANYTHING that might stifle them and/or fuck with their self-esteem.

He was poison embodied. Like a heaping tablespoon of sugar and honey with arsenic and depleted uranium concealed within. Sure went down the throat easily, though, and tasted mighty good at the time. ronald reagan was the worst thing that's ever happened to this country and its citizens and its mindset and indeed its very view of right and wrong. ronald reagan was worse for America than Osama bin Laden could ever have dreamed of being, on his "best" day.

I like this first comment I saw on the list when I checked the blog itself:

"Personally, I look forward to the GOP's final, shuddering spasm and dancing on its grave. The party did it to itself. It catered, nay groveled, to the lowest, basest elements in American politics and, lo and behold, it got exactly what it wanted. Every whacked-out racist and bigot in the country flocked to its welcoming banner! This is what they wanted to be. Now they're going to have to suffer the consequences of ingesting deadly poison. As for David Brooks, it's remarkably sweet of him to publish the recipe for the final coups de grace that should put the GOP into its ultimate death throes. I think the President and the Democrats had already figured out what needs to be done, but it's always helpful to have such a nice memory-jogger! Farewell, Goopers! It's been miserable knowing you!"

This post certainly speaks for ME!

I want to see the republi-CON party as we know it shrivel up and die. I truly do. As long as there are knuckledraggers calling the shots and bringing their 6th-Century mindsets into power to impose those Neanderthal views on all the rest of us who recognize that we're all living in the 21st Century, then we will have utterly childish, spoiled-snotnose behavior coming out of them - like a bunch of bratty, ill-behaved five-year-olds who've never been taught to mind or to share or to be socialized in any way. In order to fix the ungodly mess they've created over the last several decades, I think we're gonna have to get them OUT OF THE WAY for awhile. We'll certainly need another couple of Democratic terms in the White House to continue the repairs effectively. The Supreme Court has to be salvaged and modified from its current reactionary majority. MANY laws have to be re-enacted or revised or replaced or reintroduced to correct things - on a national, federal level - so that ALL 50 STATES conform to such things as gun rules and health-care rules - so you can't have self-serving stingey-ness in one state fucking the residents of the next state over, or have people massacred in New York by guns you can get over the back fence in South Carolina or some such place. Or where you can't find a Planned Parenthood clinic FOR ANY REASON, not just family-planning services, without having to cross state lines hundreds of miles from where you live. Stuff like that.

There's a profoundly and frightfully large repair job that has to be undertaken. MUST be undertaken. And it will only be accomplished to the maximum effectiveness if the naysayers and filibusterers and teabaggers and other nut-jobs who resolutely and relentlessly stand in the way - are cleared away first. Only THEN should we encourage what's left of the GOP to start suiting up and getting back in the game. And ONLY the rare few adults in the room.

Remember, the bad guys have been working toward THIS result (whether they realized it or not) for at least 30 years. Ever since ronald reagan started gaining momentum. But that's only counting from the start of his presidency in 1981, although he actually started building upon his reckless, short-sighted wrecking-crew philosophy in the 60s here in California. That's a LONG time to be allowed to do undeterred and unopposed damage, and to allow that damage to sink in and take root. THIS, NOW, is when the fruits of those labors have been manifested and harvested. So we have an UNGODLY clean-up job to do. I want as many of them OUT OF THE WAY AS POSSIBLE while we do it. The ship of state HAS TO BE towed off the sand bar and righted. And OUR definition of "right." NOT THEIRS!!!!!! They've done such a thorough job ruining the nation and the mindsets of too many of its citizens that we even have to rehabilitate the very word "right." They've remade it - so that it doesn't even mean "right" anymore!!!! "Right," in their hands, means utterly and tragically WRONG!

I want them the hell OUT OF THE WAY, defanged and declawed and permanently hobbled. Sent to their rooms and locked in. Solidly and securely SIDE-LINED until we're finished cleaning up the mess they made. And then only the reasonable ones who aren't blinded by their ayn rand ideology should be allowed out. When, and ONLY when they've learned their lesson and are ready to join the 21st Century and play nice. Hell, if we're all LUCKY, it won't be the 22nd Century before they finally see (and own up to) the error of their ways. Otherwise they're gonna be like a bunch of lance armstrongs, still arrogant, still secure in what he sees as his own somehow-moral justification for what he did and how he lied, and having not learned a single thing.

It's also from "Forbidden Planet." Robbie the Robot, caught in a sub-atomic dilemma brought about

by the conflict between his master's direct order and his built-in inability to harm rational beings.

GREAT stuff.

I find myself yelling back at the TV every time somebody says they want a vigorous two-party system. They want two sides there to offer reasonable discourse and debate of issues. They want both sides, vigorous and well-represented, and blah-blah-blah. Well, I DON'T! I've seen too much wreckage and negativity and hatred and acting out, close-mindedness and narrow-mindedness and divisiveness and tyrannical, hostile arrogance and imperiousness. They've messed up too much. They've fucked up too much. They've sown too many bad seeds. For 30 or 40 years they've systematically gone about reprogramming the national mindset so it's completely cockeyed. Completely wrong. Started in earnest with fucking reagan. Like a toxin, or an opportunistic infection, or a cancer, metastasizing throughout the body politick.

We have a LOT of work to do. As Mad-Eye Moody warned Harry Potter: "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!" The enemy never sleeps. So we can't.

Like it!!!! Seems a fitting salute on the eve of President Obama's Second Inauguration!

Great T.R. Quote as well! AND Paul Krugman too! Definitely one for the good guys!!!

Thanks for posting, Historic NY!

Always made sense to me.

Militant extremism. Well-armed militant extremism. Whether they carry a cross or a swastika or that stupid "Don't tread on me" flag, they seem to be of the same general mindset.

For a long time, these people have struck me as little more than domestic terrorists. Attempting to manipulate people by fear, with attacks on random general civilian groups rather than engage in more formalized traditional war-making. Combatants targeting NON-combatants. In order to bully and intimidate larger populations. We've watched this from the targeting of abortion clinics and gynecologists offering full services - for YEARS. We've seen this way back in the days of the KKK and cross-burnings. We've seen it from higher levels of the establishment, with the witch hunts leveled against accused Communist sympathizers during the McCarthy hearings. We've seen this for quite awhile.

Always seems to be leveled against the left by the so-called "right." Who are ANYTHING but.
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