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Jim Beard

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Member since: 2001
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I know of one that happened in a town I lived in nearby.

It really happened but they caught them and later they escaped from jail and all the sherrifs, highway patrols, and city cops were in on the action in two states. They finally found them hiding in a dumpster.

Yes, these things do happen. I have some property outside of town and lots of machinery outside and I never have any problems until I tell people to meet me there several times. Once they know about it, one will return at night.

How do you feel about foods certified organic by Old Mexico and sold in the US without US inspection

It happens and I know that veggies must be labeled with the country of origin but what about foods that composed of a variety of plants and animals?

I know for a fact that many of the yellow, white and blue organic labeled corn tortilla chips are Mexico certified organic but not labeled as such since it is a processed food. I don't trust Mexico for any kind of honesty. Minsa Corporation is a huge importer of Mexican certified organic corn. Most of this can be verified by checking the organic growers and and the number of certified US acres of corn and those of sold organic corn. There is a huge gap but it is legal. I have much more to say about this but this is my 2nd thread on DU and want to see the response and start a fact finding dialogue of organic consumers attitudes. I don't like what is happening but I don't know the consumers opinion before I pursue this further.

Do you trust organic foods certified by Old Mexico?
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