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Could we stop with the satire for a while?

In the last five minutes I have seen several "Joe the Plumber is Dead" posts and a "Romney wins Ohio Post". Tomorrow is going to be a long day followed by a long night. People are always on edge at these times. Let's respect our fellow DU'er's and resist the temptation of posting misleading and satirical stuff until we can all celebrate on Wednesday. People will be coming to DU get the news tomorrow night especially and the last thing they need is to see a bunch of "gotcha" posts.

Question on the new "Greatest" Page

On the old DU you could go to the "Greatest" page, read a post, then go right back to the "Greatest" page. How do you do that on the new DU? It appears you have to click on "Latest Threads" then go back to "Greatest". This seems inefficient.
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