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Mothers Day - not just breakfast but ICE CREAM breakfast in bed

Tlhis was my daupghter's idea

Mint with Oreos, cookie dough, fudge brownie, Americone Dream - Josie, I Could DIVE into this.

Picnic dinner at Agecroft Hall (house moved rom England) listening to the Richmond Concert Band .

The cover of TIME Magazine this week


The Man Who Remade Motherhood


"poorly constructed, poorly reviewed, poorly executed, and poorly monitored."

JPMorgan discloses $2B in losses in 'flawed' hedging strategy

We saw this movie 4 years ago

The WHY in President Obama's pro-gay marriage statement

Rightwing radio and TV (all TV basically) is in the process to planting in everyone's mind that it was the result of pressure from his contributors. A cold political move...like Republican debates weren't just a checklist of Fox News talking points.

I think (my two cents) it is the result of two other cold political realities.

1.Biden didn't say he "had no problem with it" by accident. Yeah Joe slips up from time to time but a more plausible explanation than the rightwing spin is that Obama and Axelrod polled on this and found that is *DING* *DING* *DING* scores with voters, especially the middle. Only the RIGHT and the LEFT are set on this - the middle is indifferent or leaning toward "Hey why not?"

2. Romney and the Republicans counterattack makes them look mean and cold. This scares off the middle. Obama gave them a bigger shovel.

It could very well be some mix of all three explanations but either way we all know it is the right (correct) thing to do. Ignore the North Carolina vote, that was done simply for division and is a sad illustration of how the masses can be coerced to actually vote against rights for their fellow countrymen.

Gay marriage will win in court either on the argument supported by the equal protection clause or, more likely, the due process clause.

The Constitution establishes that religion should have no place in governance and the argument that marriage is a religous institution only supports that the government should pay no attention to what churches say on this issue. Or any other.

Gay marriage: After Obama speaks out, so does nation (LA Times) -- good comments

Ted Olson, the lawyer who helped lead the court challenge to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriages, Proposition 8, called Wednesday “a proud day for all Americans.”

“The bedrock American principles of freedom and human dignity are central to the political and legal convictions of Republicans, Democrats, liberals, and conservatives alike,” said Olson -- who served as U.S. solicitor general under President George W. Bush -- in a statement released by the group that backed the court case, American Foundation for Equal Rights. “President Obama’s words remind us that marriage and equality are universal values that unite us all. They remind us that we are all — as a people and a nation — striving to form a more perfect union.”

“Obama: Marriage? Gay is okay!” (Glee's Jane) Lynch tweeted. “Pretty darn happy today. Thanks Mr President, for supporting the dignity of my family and so many others!”

"Even though he did it a little late under political pressure - very happy to hear the President come out in support of gay marriage,” (Megan) McCain tweeted. "Unfortunately the issue of gay marriage is still a state to state issue that continues to lose at the ballot box..."

We have been invited to a Father/Daughter Barbecue - but I am not sure about it

I mean if I choose the Father it could be a little tough and eating barbecued children is just...well.. at bit unseemly for my tastes.

Your thoughts?

talk about not filling the seats......oh are we supposed to remember staged political events?

"Obama visits Richmond" -coverage from the Richmond paper of record (Times-Dispatch)

President Obama speaks at a campaign rally in the Siegel Center

That's it.

The people have actually spoken (France and Greece) - the market no likey

Markets could stumble after France, Greece votes

By DANIEL WAGNER, AP Business Writer – 12 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Financial markets will likely stumble this week after elections in Greece and France cast a pall of uncertainty over Europe's efforts to solve its debt crisis.

Greek voters on Sunday voted mostly for two parties that want to change the nation's international bailout terms or even overturn the rescue deal, according to early projections of the election results. Greece won't have a government until parties with divergent worldviews can form a governing coalition.

Greek voters are reacting against spending cuts imposed on the recession-weary nation by the international lenders whose bailouts are keeping it afloat.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy lost in a runoff election to Socialist candidate Francois Hollande. Hollande has criticized France's austerity program and wants to encourage growth by boosting government spending.


How the Battle of Puebla (Cinco de Mayo) changed the American Civil War

I had never heard this element of the story

Consequences to the United States

Some historians have argued that France's real goal was to help break up the American Union, at the time in the midst of a civil war, by helping the southern Confederacy:[25] "The Mexicans had won a great victory that kept Napoleon III from supplying the confederate rebels for another year, allowing the United States to build a powerful army. This grand army smashed the Confederates at Gettysburg just 14 months after the battle of Puebla, essentially ending the Civil War." The consequence of Cinco de Mayo to the United States has been thus recognized: "The defeat of the French army had consequences for America as well...the French defeat denied Napoleon III the opportunity to resupply the Confederate rebels for another year."[26]

Donald W. Miles adds, "At the time, there were fears in the United States that the French would use Mexico as a base to back the Confederacy, so President Lincoln and his Secretary of State went out of their way to appear 'neutral' in the Mexican situation. They did not want to take on the French and the Confederates at the same time".[27] Dr. Miles goes on to explain that "Napoleon III had hesitated to take on the United States directly, but now the news of the Civil War changed everything". It meant that the Americans would be occupied with their conflict between North and South for some time. Upon hearing the Spaniards and the British had sailed off to grab the customs house in Veracruz to start collecting their duties, Napoleon decided he would not only send the French navy, but would also start looking for someone to place as emperor in Mexico. He would then use Mexico as a base to help the Confederates win their war against the United States. Napoleon saw this as an opportunity not to be missed.[28] Dr. Miles then concludes, "The Emperor of France ordered his generals to spend a few months taking on Mexico and then - using Mexico as a 'base' - help the Confederates win their war against the United States. What if they had succeeded? The United States would never become the significant world power it is today...the Mexicans not only took their nation back, but influenced the outcome of the U.S. Civil War."[29]

Historian Justo Sierra has written in his Political Evolution of the Mexican People, that had Mexico not defeated the French in Puebla on May 5, 1862, France would have gone to the aid of the South in the U.S. Civil War and the United States' destiny could have been very different.[30][31]
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