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Okay so Ron Paul is like Nirvana and Rand is like Pearl Jam


Ex-MTV VJ Kennedy: Current GOP Figures Are A Lot Like '90s Rock Bands

Kennedy, the one-name wonder who now serves as the semi-youthful libertarian voice at the Fox News empire, believes that a trio of Republican politicians are — surprise, surprise — just like three bands that peaked when she was an MTV VJ in the 1990s.

From the New York Times:

“Let’s say Ron Paul is Nirvana,” said Kennedy, the television personality and former MTV host, by way of explaining the sort of politician who excites libertarians like herself. “Like, the coolest, most amazing thing to come along in years, and the songs are nebulous but somehow meaningful, and the lead singer kills himself to preserve the band’s legacy.
“Then Rand Paul — he’s Pearl Jam. Comes from the same place, the songs are really catchy, can really pack the stadiums, though it’s not quite Nirvana.

“Ted Cruz? He’s Stone Temple Pilots. Tries really hard to sound like Pearl Jam, never gonna sound like Nirvana. Really good voice, great staying power — but the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts.”

Hannity's show last night

I just happened to flip by his show last night. He is "reporting" from Israel all week. All IDF spokespeople and ambassador.

The funny part was Hannity's clothes. He is in this political and military hotspot and he has a brand new golf shirt and a baseball cap. He looked like he was on a weekend golf trip to Myrtle Beach. THEN he had an "exclusive" interview with the mother if one of the teens who were kidnapped and killed. Solemn sad moment right? Sean is in another golf shirt, same baseball cap, AND wrap around mirror sunglasses. It was odd.

The guest lineup and the interview with the mother are here:

Did you know that "the Democrats impeached George W. Bush"?

I just heard it on Rush Limbaugh's show.

"The Democrats impeached George W. Bush. They did. Dennis Kucinich filed articles of impeachment"

See, that's impeachment.

Actual info here:

Walgreens folds to inversion pressure (staying US Co. ) check out their language


Walgreen said that it extensively evaluated doing an inversion, including the financial benefits and the public reaction, given the company’s “unique role as an iconic American consumer retail company with a major portion of its revenues derived from government-funded reimbursement programs.”

“The company concluded it was not in the best long-term interest of our shareholders to attempt to re-domicile outside the U.S,” Gregory D. Wasson, Walgreen’s president and chief executive, said in a news release.

But he said that the full takeover of Alliance Boots “was in the best interest of our shareholders, and with this decision, we are now moving forward on an accelerated basis to create the global leader in pharmacy-led health and well-being.”

Why did Rand Paul run away from DREAMer Erika Andiola?

Netanyahu : the beatings will continue until morale improves

Netanyahu: Gaza Campaign Continues Until Calm Restored

Questioned submitted by underpants

Why does the time on the post linked below from this morning say 1PM?


The NFL - Ray Rice and Terrelle Pryor

The NFL yesterday suspended Ray Rice for two games for assaulting a woman.

Terrelle Pryor was involved in a scandal IN COLLEGE while at Ohio State University* involving trading football gear for tattoos.

*full disclosure I am a born in Ohio - full fledged Buckeye fan. This is not in anyway meant to defend Pryor or THE Ohio State University in anyway about that matter.

How many games did the NFL suspend Terrelle Pryor for his non-violent actions while IN COLLEGE BEFORE HAVING ENTERED THE LEAGUE or even being ELIGIBLE TO BE DRAFTED?

Better portmanteau of "Wingnut" and "Dingbat"?

Obama motorcade reportedly prevents woman in labor from crossing street (Fox News)

The Blaze (Glenn Beck's loony world) to Faux News


A woman in labor reportedly was blocked from crossing the street to get to a Los Angeles hospital Wednesday because of President Obama's motorcade.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman was trying to get to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was stopped by authorities because Obama's motorcade was going to come through the area.

Cedars-Sinai medical staff reportedly came to help the woman while she sat on a bus bench waiting to get to the hospital, witnesses told the Times.

The story was first reported by The Blaze. Witness Carrie Clifford told the website that the woman had to wait at least 30 minutes to walk just a few hundred feet to the hospital.
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