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Ok who needs a bit of a chuckle at Fox News's expense?

Greta Van Susteren Makes Obama’s Ferguson Comments About Benghazi

As I wrote in my last post, in which Fox host Laura Ingraham used the wrongful arrest of two reporters to attack Obama, it’s a testament to how praiseworthy Obama’s statement was that Fox needs to scrape the bottom of the credibility barrel to find reasons to attack him over it.

But you have to give Van Susteren an E for effort. She blogged about Obama’s statement in a post titled, “President Obama is right but he needs to “practice what he preaches” (I wish he felt this way about the Benghazi investigation!)”

Van Susteren wrote:

President Obama is right — we need “open and transparent” but I don’t think he thinks “open and transparent” applies to him and to his administration. Getting information out of the Obama Administration about Benghazi (and other investigations) has been like pulling teeth.

Pulling teeth? In May, Politico reported there have been 13 hearings, 25,000 pages of documents and 50 briefings.

Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/greta_van_susteren_makes_obama_s_ferguson_comments_about_benghazi_08152014#oDETUr14oRkeKEmo.99

See! W *did* win the war!!

It's the same military equipment it's just in a different country than we emptied the Treasury to buy it for. Specifically the Missouri part.

On a related note - what was the plot line of "Red Dawn" again?

RW media seems to be toning down Ferguson pro-police coverage

I tuned into the local RW radio station here in Richmond on the way home last night to hear the typical DO AS YOU ARE TOLD and exaggeration of the looting and non-peaceful protests. This morning, totally different tone. The morning guy still referred to "the unrest" by he was actually critical of the Ferguson police chief- " it was just too much" "didn't learn his lesson from the first nights" and even question the heavy military equipment presence.

Look at the top Fox News article below. Yes "Protests turn peaceful" is BS but the article's content is vastly different than the RW storyline of the last few days. Just an observation.

ON EDIT- even the Morning Joe crew was beside themselves over the picture of the cop "He is pointing his gun at unarmed protestors!!!" on top of the vehicle from a few days ago. Mike Barnackle actually did bring up the "militarizing of police forces" yesterday but was quickly talked over to stick with the standard RW - blame the protestors - theme.

Ferguson shooting: Protests turn peaceful as Highway Patrol takes over security

The latest protests had a light, almost jubilant atmosphere among the racially mixed crowd, more akin to a parade or block party. The streets were filled with music, free food and even laughter. When darkness fell --the point at which previous protests have grown tense -- no uniformed officers were in sight outside the burned-out QuikTrip convenience store that had become a flashpoint for standoffs between police and protesters.

"You can feel it. You can see it," protester Cleo Willis said of the change. "Now it's up to us to ride that feeling."

"All they did was look at us and shoot tear gas," said Pedro Smith, 41, who has participated in the nightly protests. "This is totally different. Now we're being treated with respect."

The standardized test results are in

for my daughter
Virginia's S.O.L.'s (Standards of Learning) - name was created during the Gilmore administration, I think.

3rd grade. First official SOL's.
4 tests - History & Social Science, Reading, Math, Science

40 questions per test. Max score is 600 per test.

My daughter got 155 of the 160 total questions correct.
My daughter got 2,301 points out 2,400 possible points.

I still don't like the endless testing and prepping for the testing. The kid doesn't study. We did review a bit but we don't have to grill her like we know some of our friends do.

I would mostly credit my wife going full foodie- healthy food-organic as soon as we found out we are pregnant. My daughter had the best natural food as soon as she started eating real food. Until the local farm was closed down by the regulations (Big Agra) my wife and her went every Saturday to get the grass fed meat that we would eat the next week. Garden grown veggies including corn. She still eats well (loves beets) even when we go out to dinner.

Can't post in on Facebook because I don't want to sound like I am bragging.... but DU affords me anonymity. Very proud but really not surprised. I have a great kid with a big heart who also loves art --> that probably played a part too.

"When the cops give you an order, it's like your drill sergeant giving you an order.

Full context so it's not, you know, "taken out of context"

When the cops give you an order, it's like your drill sergeant giving you an order. "Right now" doesn't mean in 30 seconds. We've got tense circumstances, heightened awareness on the part of everybody and everything, and the cops know the journalists are not on their side. The cops know the journalists are looking to make them look bad. So you talk about trying to keep everything in perspective, there's that aspect of this as well.

Limbaugh: Comments On Robin Williams Taken 'Out Of Context'

During his show on Tuesday, Limbaugh said that the narrative behind Williams death "fits a certain picture, or a certain image that the left has."

He then clarified his comments during his show on Wednesday, criticizing the media for constantly misquoting him and taking him out of context.

"The upshot is that all of these media people think I am just a reprobate, a cold, heartless guy because I accused Robin Williams of committing suicide because he was a liberal," Limbaugh said. "And I did no such thing. I don't know why he committed suicide."

"What I did yesterday was express some real concern over the fact that the way they are glorifying this -- and I made this clear that I'm not comfortable with the glorification of suicide," he continued. "And I was worried about this, the coverage of all this leading to copycats, people wanting to get the same kind of treatment in the media, in the pop culture media."


"The soap opera"

Here in Richmond all you have to mention is "the soap opera" and everyone knows what you are talking about. Bob and Maureen's trial.

Maureen has been run over by the bus repeatedly - loveless marriage, lusting after Johnnie Williams, a "nutbag" according her Chief of Staff, and possibly hoarding gifts in nooks and crannies in the Exec Mansion- everyday is "What happened today!?!"

I literally hear it in the grocery store and between random strangers talking at the gas station. You hear "The soap opera" everywhere. There is more interest in this than when "Lincoln" was filming here.

"Fisher King" 1991 - Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges

If you have never seen this movie THIS is Robin Williams at his best.

Directed by Terry Gilliam.


The BS forecast - Conservatives suddenly very concerned about the middle class

Visiting my Fox News impaired folks yesterday my step-father and I were sitting next to his copy of "Death by Liberalism" by J. R. Dunn and an O'Reilly book when he just blurted out, "The middle class is almost ruined and there doesn't appear to be anything that can be done about it". I sat there and actually chuckled a bit. I have heard this recently on RW talk radio (local and national) and now realized that this will be a new line of re-education and re-writing of history in the RW bubble .... and it will be dutifully picked up by the rest if the media.

We don't talk politics my step-father and I because we both know it is a waste of time on each other - but he added, "Someone has to be the President of the bank and someone has to sweep the floor." I responded, "The President if the bank doesn't need to make 300 times what the janitor does and that example completely skips over the middle class anyway". He doesn't hear well so he either didn't hear me or he decided to drop the subject.

So getting ready for this onslaught (mid term elections) of BS I thought:
1. The worshipers of the rich ("makers" suddenly care about the middle class?
2. Let's review our recent history. The demise of the middle class was most directly created by weakening of unions and shipping jobs overseas. Also the dogma of deregulation down graded the value of homes and helped to create/protect virtual monopolies in telecommunications and food - both of which have ballooned in price and as percentages of our household expenses.

Care to offer any other points of interest?

US map showing where the 30,336 children who have been placed are by state

If you are wondering I totaled the numbers on a spreadsheet - feel free to check my math.

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