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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 126,765

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A Rand Paul nomination could be a diaper changer

There will be lots of whining and crying but there will still be a spanking* just like in the last two elections.

*this in no way condones or suggests the use of corporal punishments. Please see the American Academy of Pediatricians advisements.

Last night .... on Fox News

We watch Fox so you don't have to

Love this site.

Dear NRA, Would Officer Wilson fit in the "good guy with a gun" category?

Or does the other guy have to have a gun?
What if the other guy was, literally, just walking down the street?

Hadn't heard from you in a while and wanted to check your background on this.

The rest of us

SENATOR Tim Kaine - got him elected twice


A Friday DU appreciation thread .... for DU

Having been a DU member for quite some time I have found DU to be such a fantastic source for facts and BS detection on specific issues and news items. The two that come immediately to mind were the run up to the war on Iraq and Terry Schiavo (the story that never was according to the media as soon as it went up in smoke on them) where DU members provided background, research, and critical thinking that supplied us with what would soon become the final news in the face of a landslide lies. The right wing hoaxes of the Obama administration do not yet all have a finished scripts but I think we already have the information that will make up those stories.

The last two weeks following the murder of Michael Brown is another great example of what DU delivers.

Thank you DU and all DU members.

McDonnell trial - "chaos", Romney, -- no longer living with his wife

RICHMOND - Bob McDonnell essentially put his marriage on hold while he was in the governor's office, finding himself unable to deal with the first lady's demands as the private side of her office descended into chaos, the former governor testified this morning.

The time pressures of running for governor, then being governor, along with extra duties McDonnell took on as the head of the Republican Governors Associations and one of Mitt Romney's early presidential supporters, took precedent over his personal life in late 2011 and early 2012, he testified. Most of the conversations he had with his wife at this time were simply about logistics, he said.


According to NBC's Rachel DePompa, McDonnell testified that he is no longer living with his wife and has instead been staying with his pastor.


The Ferguson PD's standard footwear must be clown shoe loafers

because I haven't seen one of them yet who looks like they could handle tying a shoelace on a daily basis, let alone two.

Been Dover'ed ... and back

The "Dover Rule" is an offshoot of the Dover Test (see below) for TV - showing the President juxtaposed with military transports flying into Dover AFB with casualties.


A rough history:

George HW Bush is showed by CNN (the only news network at the time) laughing it up in the Press Room while a plane lands at Dover with casualties from the first Gulf War.
--OH THE OUTRAGE from the rightwing punditry "Disrespectful....war hero President...paid the ultimate sacrifice" and so on.
CNN agrees not to do that again.

Since the Dover Rule is in effect there is no footage of the casualties from Mogadishu ("Black Hawk Down"
--OH THE OUTRAGE from the rightwing punditry "Disrespectful....draft dodging President...paid the ultimate sacrifice" and so on.
Dover Rule is reversed by the Clinton White House

Dover Rule goes back into effect, I think, before the wars start.
Military contractor loses her job for sending pictures of flag draped coffins in transport planes from Kuwait
"...now watch my drive"
"Mission Accomplished"
2004 RNC Convention held in NYC - dancing on the graves of 9/11 victims.
No outrage. "With us or against us.... can't let the terr'ists win" and so on.

Picture of him smiling after making a statement on the brutal murder of an American journalist juxtaposed on the NY Daily News with the journalist's parents grieving
--OH THE OUTRAGE from the rightwing and mainstream punditry "Disrespectful....out of touch...disengaged" and so on.

Give me a f'ing break. It doesn't matter if he had spent the day in a dark room - for that they would be saying his is "overburdened" or some other BS - there HAS to be a negative, some useless controversy and drama.

ON EDIT - Obama is even being criticized for trying to save the journalist and others, or at least for letting anyone know about it. He is "disengaged" and "plays too much golf" you know.

The GOP Beat Off Tea Partiers

The GOP Beat Off Tea Partiers — But Can They Win The Senate?

I love TPM but that is one helluva headline


Bob McDonnell Innocent By Reason Of Wife’s Cuckoo Insanity


The defense opened its case in former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s corruption trial Monday, and at least part of the defense strategy seems aimed at a Not Guilty By Reason Of Wife’s Insanity verdict. A staffer for the former state First Lady testified that everyone in the governor’s mansion thought Mrs. McDonnell was “suffering from mental illness,” which presumably will advance the real defense aim of suggesting that she, not the governor, was the one responsible for the couple’s close association with a peddler of diet supplements, and so Bob McDonnell never did a corrupt thing at all. If she’s lost her shit, you must acquit!

“My difficulty in answering the question comes from that I don’t want to just pile on,” she said.

A box of tissues were supplied. “I hope I don’t need these,” she said. And she went on.

“She was very difficult, very demanding, very diva-ish,” Kelly said.

Kelly also said that Mrs. McDonnell’s chief of staff, Mary-Shea Sutherland, often came to her and said that McDonnell had been screaming at staff, but darned if the Washington Post will tell us what she was screaming, or whether it ever involved wire hangers.

About six months into the administration, Kelly said Sutherland came to her saying, “I’m really worried about the first lady. This isn’t normal behavior and I’m concerned – ”

Prosecutors objected, and Kelly initially was not allowed to finish her thought. But she later went on to say, “There were concerns that she was suffering from mental illness.”

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