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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 126,758

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Seen on Facebook --- Voting Republican

V.C.U. !!!!!!!!!!

3 In 10 Republicans Want Limbaugh Fired

Thirty percent of Republicans think that Rush Limbaugh should be off the air following his sexist attack on Sandra Fluke, according to a new Bloomberg poll. Just yesterday, ThinkProgress reported that only 29 percent of likely voters believe Limbaugh’s apology was sincere. According to today’s poll, “men are split over whether the radio host should be let go from his job — 49 percent say so, while 47 percent disagree. Fifty-six percent of women support the move compared with 39 percent who don’t.” Since Limbaugh’s tirade just two weeks ago, 140 companies pulled their ads from Limbaugh’s show.


CBO lowers "Obamacare" costs - Right wing media says it DOUBLED

The estimated gross cost of providing coverage to uninsured people will be a little higher than the CBO predicted a year ago but the net cost will be a little lower than in the CBO’s previous estimate.

One reason why: in its economic forecast the CBO now assumes that “the unemployment rate is higher throughout the projection period than it was in last year’s forecast.”


Rush Limbaugh lead this talking point on his show today.....and all of the chorus followed - as usual
The fact that the cost of Obamacare has doubled should come as no surprise, Limbaugh said, insisting that liberal, social programs “always cost far more than what we are told when the legislation is signed.”

CBO: Healthcare Reform Will Cost Nearly Double Initial Projections

Obamacare's Gross Costs Double to $1.76 Trillion, CBO Projects

CBO Report - Obamacare to cost only twice as much as promised
Catholic Online

*HEADLINES* get your Santorum headlines here!!!

Political Hotsheet Santorum sweeps Miss., Ala. primaries 5 of 9
CBS News

Southern sweep: Rick Santorum takes Mississippi and Alabama
Orlando Sentinel

Primary wrap: Big night for Santorum - Must read: How much do voters know ...

Mitt Romney muddles on

Santorum Sweeps Alabama, Mississippi Primaries

Santorum's Southern sweep yet one more twist to race
Bend Bulletin

Rick Santorum's Deep South dominance: What it means
The Week Magazine

Santorum Surges in the South, Romney Holds on Doggedly

Two upsets to watch for in your NCAA brackets

Montana over Wisconsin
Ohio over Michigan


St. Louis over Memphis

Best site for airfare???

we are going to Disneyworld in April. I would like to know from any savy DU'ers what site gives them the best deals on air tickets.

Thanks in advance.

CNN Presents US Army guinea pigs


Looking for non-ethanol gas?


"b-i-itchy " Rush Limbaugh said today

I heard this going to lunch and my jaw actually dropped.

BTW- he lead the show pretending to be reading an offer for a *NEW* video sponsorship - as if he didn't have time to read it before the show started.

His own transcripts doesn't really illustrate how cleverly he thought he could use this word and get away with it. He said "B.I. - itchy". Of course the intent was clear.

Transcript - I am posting the link simply to show authenticity.

Now, the people that run Ashley Madison are out saying they're willing to advertise on our program. There are stories and advertising blogs about this, but we have not accepted it. Right here in the Washington Post. Ms. Petri, I don't know who feeds you your information -- I have a pretty good guess -- but you might want to double-check here because you've written something that's patently false, it's an out-and-out lie complete with your b-i-itchy opinion in it, and it is untrue. We are not running commercials. We wouldn't accept commercials. We have rejected their offers from outfits that do this kind of thing, provide a way for you to cheat on your spouse. We have never knowingly had this company in our program.
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