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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Current location: United States, but Canada is looking good
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 10,512

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Good quote from FB:

So you want our kids to die for your guns, our older people to die for your stock market, and you just want us to get back to work. Explain to me again why we have to have capitalism?

Trumpers are confused

I do sympathize; it must be very hard to keep changing your narrative to cover each of trump's lies and reversals.
I post a lot in my local paper's comment section. They are surprisingly liberal, with profanity about the only thing that will bring a post down.

One person I often spar with used one of his/her favorite memes yesterday: That there would be no lockdown and panic if we had a Democrat in the White House, and we would be treating this just like another strain of flu and protecting our economy.
I asked them to specifically address two points.
1- Does this then indicate that the Democrats tricked trump into declaring a national emergency over what was basically a partisan hoax designed to make him look bad?
2- How all-powerful are the Democrats that they got every country in the world to also declare this an emergency, with most of them imposing restrictions at least as strict as ours and in most cases more severe?

Still waiting for an answer.

Funny story re Gov McMaster

There was a thread about him ordering beaches and other places to open soon. He will do whatever trump tells him to.

Reminded me of when Henry ran against Fritz Hollings for his Senate seat. It was late 80s, when cocaine was everywhere, and some idiot GOP Senator said he thought some Dem Senators were doing coke on the Senate floor.
McMaster was trailing badly in the polls and desperately needed an issue, so he asked Hollings if he would take a drug test.
Fritz said, ďTell Henry that Iíll take a drug test and make it public if heíll take an IQ test and publicize the results.Ē
McMaster lost badly.

We need to clone Willie Shakespeare

Maybe he could make sense of of this. Trump would certainly be one of his more insane characters.
Wonder if he would end it with Orange Julius falling to the ground and saying, ďEt tu, Turtle?Ē

Please, Speaker Pelosi, put your foot down

No further discussion of more stimulus funds until trump and the GOP Senate agree to a permanent and real Inspector General to oversee the expenditure of funds. Right now trump can move the current $2.2 trillion around as he sees fit. It may end up helping golf courses and building a wall on the border. We know we do not have a SCOTUS who will step in to stop the abuse.

Tell them this is the essential first step before we trust trump again. His competence and his honesty are no longer in question -- he has proven that neither of those qualities exist in any form.

Guess who?


and, no, you don't get credit for guessing the guy on the right

Dad jokes for today

(all of these stolen from various people more clever than I am)

Trump is renaming the San Andreas fault. It will now be known as Obama's fault.

With all of the bad things happening to America these days, it's almost like we built the country on a sacred Indian burial ground.

Has anybody let the Amish know what has been going on the last few weeks?

Stop the trolls, stop the division and stop the hate, please

It seems there are almost as many posts today bashing Sanders as there are attacking Trump and his allies who are trying to overthrow our constitutional democracy.
Biden has surely won the nomination. Why are so many still in primary attack mode?

I agree with most of Sanders positions, and I love his enthusiasm and very genuine dedication to the plight of average Americans. But I do not think he is electable, and fear that having him and his movement at the forefront of the Democratic Party could lead to more Republican success.
But I donít understand the rage and hate on DU against fellow progressives who are absolutely essential if we are to save this country from the right wing forces now attempting to destroy our society. All that will be accomplished with the constant attacks and bashing of Sanders supporters is to do what Trump and the Russians want - drive a wedge between two natural allies and hurt our chances in November.

Trump claims Biden and swine flu still killing people

I posted Friday during Trumpís Rose Garden farce that Trump had deflected the question about why he dismantled the pandemic team to claim that the swine flu, with Biden heading the task force, had caused 14,000 deaths. At the time, there was a 17 hour old Trump tweet that said Bidenís mismanagement had caused the death of 12,000.
He just put up a tweet this afternoon that says 17,000 died of the swine flu.
How many more will Trumpís time machine kill in the coming days?

btw, swine flu actually killed about 12,400.

Obama and Biden still killing people

Trump just said that the swine flu killed 14,000 people. On his Twitter feed, 17 hours ago, he said it had killed 12,000.

Can we impeach Obama so he will stop the massacre?
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