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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Current location: United States, but Canada is looking good
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 10,392

Journal Archives

Thank you, Arizona !

McCain’s thumbs down on ACA repeal and Flake’s end run around old man Grassely have to be two of Trump’s biggest Fuck You’s since the bastard defiled the White House.
Trump may hate Arizona more than California.

A prediction for tomorrow

I think we move to an FBI investigation.
I think several repubs, mainly Flake, Murkowski, Collin, maybe even Corker, might jointly state that they are not ready to vote Yes until the FBI takes a look.

What Trump might then do about the DOJ would be anybody’s guess, but I think there are at least a half dozen dedicated republicans who are afraid that this process is going to permanently damage their party.

Just throwing that out there. Wouldn’t want to have to bet money on it.

This is better than burning your Nikes to hurt the company's feelings

A SC man set his house - and himself - on fire to get back at his wife.


from the article:
An Inman man tried to burn himself alive in a rental home and setting fire to the house instead, according to a police incident report.
The man was soaking wet and had a nose bleed, according to the report. Officers stopped him and asked him what happened.
The man said he was upset with the mother of his children and “just tired of dealing with her,” according to the report. The man then decided to pour gasoline throughout the house.
He told police he laid down on the bed and started the fire, according to the report. The man then realized “fire was hot” and tried to put himself out.

Who says people can't learn and grow from their mistakes. Once he found out that "fire was hot" he took steps to correct the situation.

"What was Nike thinking?"

That was the text of Trump's oft-maligned tweet this morning.
To give the 'businessman' a non-snarky answer, it was just reported that Nike's online sales jumped 31% after the news broke about the new ad campaign. So, maybe they were thinking about a money-making move that also fought against the climate of racism that is present in this society and endemic in this Administration.

And, while their stock price did drop about 3% when the story hit, it has since recovered much of that drop and is still trading near its two year high.

So, unlike you, maybe they were actually thinking.

3rd most important thing to preserve democracy

Third is the right to free elections, which we have every 2, 4 or 6 years.
More important on a daily basis are an independent, non-political judiciary; and a strong and unrestricted free press to hold the government accountable.

Trump knows that undermining the first two makes it possible to eventually restrict the third.

My All-Star band in college

I wasn't in a band in college (1970-74) but I did take a creative writing course my Junior year.
For a short story, I had a deus ex machina where a guy could bring 3 musicians who had died in the past few years back to life, and could then go 30 years into the future to see how things turned out. (30 years?! I would be in my 50's, no way I could see living that long )
In my story, he brought back Jimi, Janis and Jim Morrison (in reality I would have substituted Duane Allman for one of those, but I did not want him to suffer the consequences of my story.)
Thirty years later Jimi was a TV evangelist, having never recovered from a massive overdose of LSD. Jim Morrison had given up music and partying and was a Mormon far-right US Senator, and Janis was the national spokesperson for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

The moral of the story was, I guess, that things don't always work out like we plan.

Question: advice needed on very old cat

Can't find anywhere this fits, so thought I would post it here.
We have an 18 year old cat, and it is going to devastate my daughter and wife when he goes.
He has had regular vet visits, and we were told some time back that he had an underactive thyroid and failing kidneys. The medicine for his thyroid made him throw up almost daily, where it had been infrequent before, so he came off of that. The vet says all she can do is run a battery of tests which probably won't show us anything new.

We had been giving him 1/3 to 1/2 can of soft food in morning, and 1/3 cup of dried food at night. He has about quit eating the hard food, so we have switched him to all soft. He doesn't seem to throw that up as bad.

Any suggestions for diet that will help? Thanks.

A real simple question

The first time I can remember studying the Great Depression in school, it was probably in 7th or 8th grade history, the simple answer to "What was the trigger that caused the Great Depression" was: An international trade war set off by the Smoot-Hawley (both republicans) Tariff Act.
The world economy is past time for a recession, and Trump's action today on steel and aluminum imports (which has already caused the market to drop over 500 points) could be the spark to set it off. I know a lot of people, especially those on the low end of the income scale, get hurt during recessions, but if the blame on Trump causes him and the GOP to wiped out in the next two election cycles it will be somewhat worth it.

(Most economists agree that buying stock on margin and other problems with the stock exchanges were the underlying cause of the Stock Market crash that led to the Depression, but the tariff bill was what caused the system to come unravelled when it did.)

Let's take Trump/GOP at their word

Two things that have emerged from the debates this week about gun violence from our President and the ruling Party:
1) Gun free zones are a stupid idea that is patently dangerous and makes the location inviting to gun violence, and,
2) The Democrats/Liberals/Elites only use the gun issue for political purposes.

Here is a proposal to remove any hint of hypocrisy and bullshit from their narrative:
Have the NRA and GOP headquarters, as well as any conferences or gatherings of those two groups, post signs at every entrance that say "CONCEALED AND OPEN CARRY OF FIREARMS ENCOURAGED AT THIS LOCATION."

That would clearly make the venues safer, and protect them from armed assaults by the mentally ill, ISIS, liberals or George Soros. And it would show that they, unlike their opponents, have a position of philosophical consistency and not political expediency.

I have brought this up to several gun humpers and the only reply is that I am clearly not being serious. Why, when this is in complete agreement with their stated views, would they not prove it and quit hiding behind a "No Guns Allowed" policy like a scared elementary school student?

plastic bags and Trump's GOP

This is really distressing. I saw a headline a few days ago about the South Carolina House considering a bill on banning the use of one-time plastic bags. Today I saw the bill has passed and been sent on to the Senate, but (sigh) the bill is to BAN local governments from regulating or banning the use of the bags, an action which several coastal cities and counties are considering because of the horrible impact this trash has when it gets into our water systems.
Of course this was a GOP-inspired move. The GOP, you know those guys right? The ones who are always telling you that the Federal Government is an over-reaching totalitarian force and that government that is closer to the people is always the more prudent and democratic? Why won't they just admit that their core political philosophy is now: "Who will pay me now or hire me later?"
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