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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Current location: United States, but Canada is looking good
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 10,404

Journal Archives

request for Maine info

Sometime around the end of June I am going to take my 18 year old daughter on a high school graduation trip before she heads off to college. I told her we could fly anywhere in the continental US and stay 3-4 days. She chose Maine. I'm not sure why, but she said she has always been interested in the state and the fact that, unlike SC where she has lived her whole life, they have 'rocky beaches.'
Any suggestions on where we should fly into: Portland or Bangor seem like the most likely spots. I would also like to book a 1/2 day or overnight cruise to see some of the islands and coasts. I'll also be renting a car.
I book my own business and personal trips, but haven't hit anything that has inspired me on the web. I do have the AAA trip book on Maine.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My son quoted in local paper re Obamacare

He waited till the last minute, but my 29 year old son stood in line for hours at the Columbia SC library to finish his enrollment.
In a front page story they mention several people who were there and signing up. His is the last paragraph. To paraphrase:

(name), 29, said he had been without health insurance for 4 years since he cut his work hours to go back to college."I haven't been sick in that time, but it sure feels good to know I can see a Doctor now if I need to."

He's paying $189/month, $10 generic scrips even though he takes nothing now, and he will go to the dentist for the first time in years.

Republicans: please, please run against Obamacare in the next election.

bumper sticker

I posted this in the Lounge and no one noticed; guess you have to be from SC (and it helps to be a Gamecock fan) to get it.
Saw a bumper sticker on the back of a pickup:

Obama and Spurrier
Pissing off Rednecks
Since 2009

Gotta love it.

Great bumper sticker

First, you need to be in South Carolina, be a Democrat, and a Gamecock fan so you love what Steve Spurrier has done with football here (ended last season at #4 and have beaten our country cousins at Clemson 5 straight times). This was on the back of a pick up truck:

Obama and Spurrier
Pissing off Rednecks
Since 2009
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