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Gender: Female
Hometown: New York
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I came over here to see if anyone posted that infuriating Barney Frank piece...

So, this pissed me off:


I believe strongly that the most effective thing liberals and progressives can do to advance our public policy goals — on health care, immigration, financial regulation, reducing income inequality, completing the fight against anti-LGBT discrimination, protecting women’s autonomy in choices about reproduction and other critical matters on which the Democratic and Republican candidates for president will be sharply divided — is to help Clinton win our nomination early in the year.

I think we are all sick of this game. We are told again and again, support the establishment Democrat because it's our best strategy to defeat the Republicans. We are told that we are hurting our own causes if we don't do this. And we are told that our characterization of HRC as being poorly positioned to challenge corporate power is baseless and wholly without evidence, because listen to all the things she has said.

The foundation of this argument is that with a strong progressive challenger in the primaries, Clinton will have to spend too much money and align herself with too many ideas, and too many progressive positions. Let's not make her spend money and be clear about who she is. We'll wear her out for the real fight.

I think this is the real fight.

The argument in this opinion raises more serious concerns about the state of national elections than it does about the activists and citizens who are partnering with Bernie Sanders in the political revolution. We are supposed to just accept the reality that tens of millions of dollars are not enough to run an effective campaign, and that position clarity is a detriment. We are not supposed to challenge that. We are supposed to challenge ourselves and our foolish behavior, promoting the candidate who best represents us.

What I want to say most to Barney Frank in response to this piece is simply "Fuck you."

We are coming for entrenched power, and we are starting in the primaries with the Democratic Party. This is a take-over, and we will not be discouraged.
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