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Rocknation's Journal
Rocknation's Journal
August 21, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge Video Update

It's the Bon Jovi ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video 4-Pack -- singer Jon Bon Jovi, keyboardist Dave Bryan, drummer Tico Torres, and guitarist Richie Sambora all in one video for your convenience! (Also available as a MP3).

August 19, 2014

An absolute moral outrage -- HOW DARE THEY

charge $16.99!

But seriously, folks, here's the backstory:

The NFL Buffalo Bills football team is for sale. Rock star Jon Bon Jovi has always wanted to own an NFL team -- he owned the Philadelphia Soul arena football team for a while. Amid rumors that he's ready to retire from making music, he has partnered with Larry Tanenbaum, owner of the Tornoto Maple Leafs hockey team, and Edward Rogers III of the Toronto-based Rogers media conglomerate.

The key word there being "Toronto."

Buffalo New York and Toronto Ontario are 100 miles apart around the western rim of Lake Ontario, and Buffalo Bills fans are VERY nervous about the team being moved if Bon Jovi and his Toronto-based partners succeed in buying it. They're so nervous, in fact, they've organized a Buffalo Fans Alliance and gotten the band's music banned from local venues and radio stations. Why? Because they rightfully suspect that Jon would be running the team in name only: While Jon's net worth is estimated at 350 million dollars, Tanenbaum's is at $1.78 billion and Rogers' at $7.6 billion: their AVERAGE net worth exceeds Jon's a dozen times over.

It's obvious why Tanenbaum needs Rogers: he doesn't have the additional operating capital that would be needed. It's obvious why Rogers needs Tanenbaum: he doesn't have Tanenbaum's experience in running a major league sports franchise. It's obvious why Jon needs Rogers and Tanenbaum: As a "mere" millionaire, he won't have ANY operating capital to contribute once he puts up his share of the franchise fee (the current bid is alleged to be $1.2 billion) which would require converting every cent of his net worth into to cash and paying off all his debts. But why do Tanenbaum and Rogers need Jon? As far as the Bills fans are concerned, Jon is to be the American crowbar with which his partners will pry the Bills out of Buffalo, since he wouldn't have the money or the power to stop them.

There's a lease deal where the Bills would have to stay through the 2020 season. But it would be easy to run the team into the ground by then: All the "Toronto Brothers" would have to do is cut Jon off financially. Between that and his "inexperience" as an NFL team owner, his partners would be left with no recourse but to "replace" him and restore the franchise's financial viability by moving the team to Toronto!

Thus, the T-shirt. While Jon may be too starry-eyed to see what his partners have the potential to do to him (ironic much?), I think it makes him more like a innocent babe in the woods than a genocidal dictatorial despot. And since his entire band are public figures, I think a visit from the FBI is in order: a $16.99 price tag is a crime indeed!


August 10, 2014

If the late Mister Macho McBadAss had utilized a little anger management

by staying in his car, he and Stewart might have been able to settle things over a beer.

Better quality video:

August 8, 2014

Singer sued for being too mediocre and unattractive for Pink cover band

New York Post:...Collette McLafferty, a 40-year-old singer, has been slapped with a $10?million lawsuit by Charles Bonfante, who whines that her lack of sex appeal and talent ruined his big plan to start Long Island’s first Pink cover act.

Bonfante — a lawyer who brags...about drumming on tour for Michael Bolton and...'80s glam-metal band Saraya — says...that McLafferty and the other band members are “subpar” musicians...McLafferty was "a mediocre vocalist at best..." And as for her look, he claimed: “She didn’t look the part, or at least contribute to the overall aesthetics of the band.”

...He told his collaborator, Rik Nevone, he did not want (them) in the act. But when Nevone went ahead with her at a small gig on Long Island under the name Funhouse — after Pink’s fifth album — Bonfante filed the suit against the members of the act for allegedly ruining his Pink band scheme...

McLafferty — who...fronts a band called edibleRed — says she never heard of Bonfante before the suit...(She)...was paid only $75 for the gig...“The really insulting part is he said I would harm the public because I can’t sing and I’m too unattractive to front this kind of a band,” she told The Post..."I get to fight this for the next two years, according to my lawyer...I’m going to be broke, and he’s going to have a hobby.” She has filed a countersuit, seeking to have Bonfante’s claim quashed and recoup damages...

If Bonfante is of the opinion that Nevone ran off with and permanently ruined his idea, that's one thing. But his filing against the rest of the cover band (but not the drummer who replaced him!) borders on judicial malpractice -- you'd think a lawyer would realize that his opinion of the band is completely irrelevant.

Even worse, I think Collette is being exploited in another way.

She's not the only one being sued -- indeed, it's Rik Nevone who should be the "star" of this drama. But I suppose it makes for a "better" story to make Colette's "ugliness" the primary focus. From her crowdfunding page:

Unfortunately, despite the serious allegations, the press focused on the fact that the lawsuit stated I was "too unattractive" to front this type of band. The NY Post reported I was being sued for being "too old and too ugly" for the band. That is the story that made the news. One headline referred to me as a "bad, ugly singer". Sued for being too old and too ugly for P!NK tribute band!

Although my age was never mentioned in the lawsuit, the press decided to make an issue out of it. I make it a point to mention I am 40 years old in interviews because I LOVE BEING 40 and I hope more performers will embrace their age instead of hiding behind a "showbiz age" like I once did for years.

From XoJane.com:

...I received an offer to sing in the P!NK tribute band by Rik (Nevone), a bass player...After an initial offer, I was told that Chuck (Befonte), the drummer of said band, wanted to “keep looking"...Months later, I was informed Chuck had left the band. I was once again offered the job. At this point I was quite busy, so I accepted a position on a temporary basis. Each Tuesday, I’d show up for rehearsal and sing the various hits from P!NK’s 6 studio albums...Although I couldn’t commit to the project permanently, it was a great job.

I agreed to perform one show at Napper Tandy’s in Milford, NY on April 26th. At our final rehearsal, there was a potential understudy/replacement observing the show. She looked exactly like P!NK. I was excited to help bring this band to the next level and possibly transition to a new singer...

As if on cue, a man entered the room with 3 very large stacks of paper. One for me, one for Rik and one for Jon, the guitarist...

But to her credit, Collette's making the most of being misogynized -- right down to selling "Justice For Collette" T-shirts!



August 2, 2014

MTV got to be too much about television and too little about music

Because it was music you saw, you started seeing too many good videos of less-than-good songs. Looks became more important than talent, forcing MTV to subsist on constantly reinventing itself visually -- why do you think Madonna became its patron saint? The beginning of the end was when the VJs, most of whom had actual backgrounds in music, were replaced with "personalities," which culminated in the Village Voice describing the MTV News host (a veteran Rolling Stone reporter) as being "the only person MTV hired because he had a brain." So it was doomed right out of the gate.


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