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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
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P.S. Submitted without comment? I suppose you think you're too good to condescend to speak to the rest of us!!!

"This project...stalled when...an anti-development faction took over..."

Yes, I remember it well: the city of Hoboken refused to allow a tattoo parlor to open, citing "sanitation issues." But the owners had gone to the health department beforehand and found out what standards they would be expected to meet. Armed with that information and the fact that doctors and dentists were being allowed to operate despite their potential "sanitation issues," they filed suit and got a permit.

But why was the tattoo parlor given such a hard time? It soon became apparent: the city had just begun to gentrify, and an establishment that attracted biker and rock star types would certainly not fit in with the decor of their yuppie hell-to-be. But this story has a happy ending: more than twenty-five years later, The parlor is STILL in business!


Doesn't feel very good to finish behind someone who fell down, does it?

For the record, I certainly understand WHY you'd be pissed about it. But you didn't seem to mind getting on the Olympic team ahead of someone though you'd fallen down yourself -- twice! YOU should have been the alternate, and I'm sorry to say that I think you skated like one: while I agree that your score should have been higher, I think the Japanese skater was better even with her fall.

I wouldn't have minded your getting all the media hype and endorsements if you hadn't been such a legend in your own mind. And I wish I could tell you "Better luck next Olympics." But thanks to your profane "ugly American" sore loser reaction, the judges will never give you good scores again.

Now you've made fools of those who inundated you with the hype and endorsements that Gracie Gold was better qualified for. And now you're on record as being unable to out-skate someone who fell down.

You got exactly what you deserved, Miss Tim Tebow On Skates.

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