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Profile Information

Name: Jerry E. Johnson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 216

Journal Archives

Giving shit back to trumsters on FB - re: dear leader's Syria bombing:

If you have some friends or relatives who are crowing about what a strong president we have after the Syria bombing, please ask them if they and trump were wrong then when they demanded that Obama ask for congressional approval to bomb Syria back on 2013.
And when you get no response from them, also remind them that no more chemical attacks happened, since 2013, until trump and crew announced that they were not going after Assad. And you can post this great link from The Blaze. Hee Hee! Still waiting for a response.


It's been fun this morning!

Conservative provocateur targets CNN with secret recordings

Source: CNN

O'Keefe said in a telephone interview with CNN on Wednesday that he has "a few hundred hours" of "secretly recorded material" from inside the network. "We're calling it CNN Leaks," he said, drawing inspiration from WikiLeaks' document dumps.

He said "part one" would be published Thursday at about 10 a.m. ET. "This is all legally recorded information," he said, declining to be more specific.
O'Keefe, who uses undercover stings to trap his targets, has a reputation for shady tactics and exaggerated statements.

Read more: http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/22/media/james-okeefe-cnn/

So what edited crap will he have to offer tomorrow?

Eagles Of Death Metal say FU to the terrorists:

Awesome! Singing Patti Smith's classic "People Have The Power" with U2 in Paris:


Eagles of Death Metal interview about the attack at the Bataclan:

I just couldn't imagine going through this. Really scary stuff.


Fan Footage from the Eagles of Death Metal show:

I just caught this on FB. I've been to so many rock shows - I would have never thought I'd have to worry about terrorists. And if someone in the audience had a gun, how the hell would you be able to aim at anybody in the dark?? Jesus Christ

FYI - nothing graphic except for knowing what was happening after the video stops.


Jeb Bush Whines Because President Obama Uses Big Words He Can’t Understand

Really Jeb?
from Addicting Info:

For years, George W. Bush embarrassed America constantly by demonstrating his lack of intelligence on the world stage and Jeb is poised to be just like his big brother.

During his interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader, Jeb whined about how smart President Obama is and claimed that his intellect “creates chaos” in the world.

“You don’t have to be the world’s policeman, but we have to be the world’s leader—and there’s a huge difference. This guy, this president and Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry, when someone disagrees with their nuanced approach—where it’s all kind of so sophisticated it makes no sense, you know what I’m saying? Big-syllable words and lots of fancy conferences and meetings—but we’re not leading, that creates chaos, it creates a more dangerous world.”

In other words, Bush appears to be claiming that stupid people make better leaders and that’s why America should elect him as the next president.

Read More:

Iranian Foreign Minister: 'We have never been closer' to nuclear deal

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)—Days before the deadline for a nuclear deal, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif delivered a hopeful yet circumspect message in an English-language video message posted online.

"At this 11th hour, despite some differences that remain, we have never been closer to a lasting outcome," he said Friday. "But there is no guarantee."

Officials on both sides of the negotiating table have said they are hopeful they will be able to broker a final deal on Iran's nuclear program but have emphasized in recent days that gaps remain over items that could make or break the deal.

Zarif indicated in the YouTube video that a deal could be in sight, but only if both sides are willing to strive for a "balanced deal."

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/03/politics/iranian-foreign-minister-zarif-nuclear-negotiations/index.html

It would really be great if this actually works out. Here's to hope!!

Ecuador Family Wins Favors After Donations to Obama Campaign

Source: New York Times

MIAMI — The Obama administration overturned a ban preventing a wealthy, politically connected Ecuadorean woman from entering the United States after her family gave tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic campaigns, according to finance records and government officials.

The woman, Estefanía Isaías, had been barred from coming to the United States after being caught fraudulently obtaining visas for her maids. But the ban was lifted at the request of the State Department under former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton so that Ms. Isaías could work for an Obama fund-raiser with close ties to the administration.

It was one of several favorable decisions the Obama administration made in recent years involving the Isaías family, which the government of Ecuador accuses of buying protection from Washington and living comfortably in Miami off the profits of a looted bank in Ecuador.

Read more: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ecuador-family-wins-favors-after-donations-to-obama-campaign/ar-BBgTqtp

So, is this the start of the 2016 presidential campaign? I have a feeling a lot of this may be bullshit.

Chris Hayes' clip from July regarding the 4 SC dissenters from the 1st Obamacare case.

I thought this was very interesting. Do you think the 4 dissenters from the first Obamacare SC case are totally going to go opposite of what they stated in their earlier dissenting opinion? I wouldn't think they would be that brazen to do a 180 - but who the hell knows??


Yeah, the GOP is evil and will win, but the midterms are meaningless - Salon Article:

I thought this was an interesting take on the midterms. I don't think they are meaningless at all (so excited to vote for all the great MN candidates !! My faves - Senator Franken, Congressman Ellison, Governor Dayton and so on......), but it is only 2 years, Obama has the veto pen and it will be good to show the public how crazy the Repubs really are. Once we see the shit hit the fan in Texas when so many people will not be able to vote, the Repub senate getting rid of the filibuster, sending crazy bills to be signed, impeaching Obama, it will only get better. Whether you are a Hillary fan or not, we will have the presidency and the senate in 2016.

A few weeks ago in this space, I brought up an apparent contradiction at the heart of American government, in current theory and practice. Barack Obama occupies the White House in an era of extreme and perhaps unprecedented executive power, a species of elected king who can spy on anyone in the world, order the killing of American citizens without due process and wage secret wars by remote control. Yet in terms of conventional Washington politics, he “can’t get anything done.” The legislative branch has been paralyzed since the middle of his first term, and political discourse has grown ever more toxic. His own party has no clear mission or agenda beyond being less pathological than the opposition party, whose appeal rests largely on racial panic, xenophobia and anti-government paranoia, and whose only visible agenda is obstructionism.

It should be obvious to everyone who isn’t a profoundly deluded partisan loyalist that nothing that could possibly happen in the 2014 midterm elections will change any of that.

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