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Dishonesty and the chair.. a demotivational poster.

Posted by progressivebydesign | Fri Aug 31, 2012, 06:13 PM (2 replies)

They have been brainwashed, literally, in a fashion we haven't seen since the 1930s in Europe.

Not hyperbole in the least. Never has there been a time when a large sector of the media engaged in full on psych ops brainwashing, as they have been since the inception of Rush and Fox News, et al. Most of the folks who believe every word they hear from Glenn Beck or Fox News, grew up in a time when the media was trusted -- when we had systems in place to ensure that there was some honesty in reporting. Those are gone.

Fox News has graphics now that say the ONLY fair and balanced news source. The "only" is bolded and underlined. They are neither fair nor balanced, they are the antithesis of that. And these viewers truly DO believe that what they hear on the "news" is actually true.. otherwise, why would it be on the news? And they accuse CNN of being liberal and biased, because they're being told this.

It's not that people have suddenly become stupid at that age. They have been curated, and groomed, and well.. brainwashed, by experts. I'm sure it's common knowledge to us that Fox employs psych ops people, and others trained in managing behaviors in others. And the NewsCorp has been exposed for tapping phone lines, spying, and other egregious non "news" crimes, and yet there seems to be no backlash among their viewers.

I know people who absolutely believe every lie their hear on Fox, etc. And if they're directed to the truth, they become upset and say that a "liberal" has manipulated that to make their guy look bad. They are simply being brainwashed into being unable to discern truth from fiction. And it's truly no different than the propagandists of our darkest hours in the World's history.

Until someone starts breaking up the media monopolies, until they bring back the Fairness Doctrine, and takes on the corporate media behemoth, the truth tellers will be outnumbered as people will continue to believe lies over truth, and vote for the very people that will harm them.. again and again.
Posted by progressivebydesign | Thu Aug 30, 2012, 07:16 PM (1 replies)

Romney's past opponents say that he is RUTHLESS with his lies... scorched Earth campaign.

His own campaign people said the other day that 'fact checkers' are NOT going to drive the campaign. In other words, we are going to lie, and we have hundreds of millions of dollars from the sacks of shit like Koch Brothers, to repeat that lie over and over again, like the "Big Lie" tactic. They simply don't give a fuck, and no one has been calling them on it.

And now they're starting to call them on it. Like the bullshit "you didn't build that" which was a Cut and Paste job from a speech. Wasn't even a fucking gaffe. It was edited into a LIE. The Media may be getting fed up with their shit. But the Romney camp remains undeterred in their bald faced lies. They just don't care about the truth.

And today with Ann Romney talking about how "hispanics need to get over their biases" and vote for Romney... it's like they have this bizarro universe and they figure that they have enough money to win, even if it means lying and being disingenuous assholes to do it. The MSM is the only hope of stopping them. We simply will never have enough money or air time to counter their lies, and the Fox news PR arm of the RNC.
Posted by progressivebydesign | Wed Aug 29, 2012, 04:37 PM (3 replies)
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