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Just curious--did you grow up in a house full of various books

and magazines and newspapers? I did, mostly because my mother was a high school and middle school English teacher so there were books her class was reading at the time. Plus, she just plain loved to read so there were always books and magazines about. Not cluttered, but plenty of things to read always. She even had several boxes of books in the attic from her high school and college days and she always let me go up there and see if I found any of those books interesting. I would bring those down to read (Great Expectations, Gone With the Wind, Robinson Crusoe, etc.) and I saw her handwriting and the notes she made to herself in her literature classes as a student. And we went to the library regularly too since as far back as i can remember as a child. I was very lucky in this way.

It still always seems weird to walk into someone's home and see no books on the shelves whatsoever. No magazines folded over where someone is in the middle of reading an article. So unlike how I grew up, or my own home now.

Louise Penny is my new favorite author (link)

I think I posted about her on the old DU, but I've now read all her books in her series and they just kept getting better, so I wanted to recommend them here, in case anyone was looking for a great new series of books to dive into. Here's a link to see what I mean (and if her books are your cup of tea): http://www.louisepenny.com/reviews.htm

Here are the books in order:
Still Life (2005)
A Fatal Grace (2007)
The Cruelest Month (2008)
A Rule Against Murder (2009)
The Brutal Telling (2009)
Bury Your Dead (2010)
A Trick of the Light (2011)


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