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the election will determine who will read to ya, scripts according to the media.

their determined disdain for figures and facts.
their obsequious obsession with character attacks.

their total tolerance of lies.
their focused fixation on sighs.

so little attention is paid to the fact that the person elected could quite literally change the world, in ways big and small, in reach near and far.

and yet instead of insisting on coherent plans the candidates would take to the white house, the media dwells on sweaters and sighs, smirks and quirks, who looks silly in a tank and whose poll numbers sank.

no, we're not to care about what they do, only how they sound, how they look.
a strong-sounding leader is what's important, not whether or not he's a crook.

disastrous policy advanced by a powerful presence cannot fail,
but a panacea from a shrill voice is run out of town on a rail.

i can no longer give them a free pass.
liberal media my ass.
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