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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 12,768

Journal Archives

She already knew he was a bad man

now she's afraid that he will take her away from her parents.

I'm not talking about immigrants. I am referring to my 5 year old grand daughter. This President has succeeded in making himself the stuff of nightmares for all children.

The ultimate sacrifice....

cancelling the Congressional Picnic.

My 5 year old grandaughter: "Trump is just like Yertle the Turtle"

Out of the mouths of babes...

Yertle the Turtle”

The eponymous story revolves around Yertle the Turtle, the king of the pond. Dissatisfied with the stone that serves as his throne, he commands the other turtles to stack themselves beneath him so that he can see farther and expand his kingdom. However, the stacked turtles are in excruciating pain and Mack, the turtle at the very bottom of the pile, is suffering to the point of death. Mack asks Yertle for a respite, but Yertle just tells him to be quiet. Then Yertle decides to expand his kingdom and commands more and more turtles to add to his throne. Mack makes a second request for a respite because the increased weight is now causing extreme pain to the turtles at the bottom of the pile, as well as hunger. Again, Yertle yells at Mack to be quiet. Then Yertle notices the moon rising above him as the night approaches. However, before he can give the command, Mack decides he has had enough. He burps, which takes away Yertle's throne and tosses the turtle king off the turtle stack and into the water, leaving him "King of the Mud" and freeing the others.[1]

The flaw in the "leave the kids at home" argument...

If I'm going to flee my country, it's a pretty good bet that I'm worried about the welfare and safety of my kids. Why would I leave them behind?

Where are the girls and the babies?

Say it over and over again until we get the answer.
Where are the girls and the babies?Where are the girls and the babies?Where are the girls and the babies?Where are the girls and the babies?Where are the girls and the babies?Where are the girls and the babies?Where are the girls and the babies?Where are the girls and the babies?

If they can take their children, they can take your children.

This is what we are seeing right now. We are now halfway down the slippery slope. People are saying "it's their children, ours are safe." No they are not. The process of dehumanizing all of us has begun with our government taking children...anybody's children. And just look who is abetting this...Walmart. Walmart, the company that has had real problems with empty stores. Perfect solution for them...warehouse children. I will bet my life on the fact that good old Walmart is getting paid for this. What in the name of God or anything that is good or decent can we do about this? And not a word from this President, this administration, this Congress (save a few lonely voices). A baby pulled from a mother's breast...think of that...kids living in Walmart stores...think of that. What can we do? We have to do something about this or I fear we are really lost.

I wonder how much $$$ the US spent on putting lipstick on two murderous pigs. n/t

If I were Kim Jong-un

I'd wait until Trump is in the air and halfway to the Summit and then I would cancel citing the lack of respect shown by Rudy G. and Trump's failure to repudiate his statements.

The President's Pardon of Kim Jong-un

That's effectively what it is. No one, not even Trump's most rabid supporters, will argue that Kim Jong-un is anything but a two-bit despot who starves, brutalizes and murders his own people and would love to do the same to us. Yet our President has praised him, elevated him and is about to put him up in a $6,000 a night hotel suite , all expenses paid by the taxpayers of the very country that Kim Jong-un would most like to annihilate. And, to add insult to injury, he welcomes into the Oval Office North Korea's spy-in-chief and poses with a cartoonish letter like he's just won a high school raffle.

Human wreckage...

I know Melania signed on for this ride as well as Trump's adult kids. But Barron didn't. I think the damage to this young boy will be immeasurable.
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