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Profile Information

Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,159

Journal Archives

Where was Adam Kinsinger yesterday? He didn't walk out on Cheney, did he?

I am going to post this link at my peril. I hope readers will

comment on the merits of this essay rather than the author.


Second shot, DONE! New Hampshire has

done a fabulous job with this. My shot giver was "Dr. Nancy" who told my granddaughter knock knock jokes while she shot me up. No side effects so far and if I didn't have the little band aid, I wouldn't know I'd had a shot. The world is looking a little different and I'm feeling lighter.

I think the Defense lost on its opening statement.

That was a lazy opening statement compared to the Prosecution's. Maybe they know that the deck is stacked.

I'm not looking for medical advice, I just would like to know

if anyone has had the experience of their Gabapentin stopping working.

Trump could never have pulled this off.

I got a call today from the vaccination people asking me if I wanted to take an open slot this afternoon and get my first shot. I jumped at the chance since my appointment wasn't until April 9th. My son drove me and they had a slot for him too. We got there and were greeted by the National Guard who ushered us into a parking lot where we parked and waited. At the exact time the appointment was scheduled, a lady came up to the car, asked a few questions and gave us both our shots. They were painless. We then sat in the car with the hazard blinkers on for 15 minutes and then were on our way with an appointment car for the second shot in 2 weeks. Nothing to it.

The State of New Hampshire deserves some credit too but we would never be where we are with this if it were not for Joe Biden.

I took my pups out 6 weeks ago and

slipped on black ice. It was 7 am on New years eve and I broke my hip. I lay there telling myself that it was only a bruised bone and that I just had to lay still until the pain subsided but it didn't and I realized that I was sticking to the ice. I dragged myself across my driveway, through the garage and into the house. About 2 hours later, I found the phone and called 911. They operated that night and put a rod and a bunch of pins in the leg.

I'm doing pretty well, I think, but I'm not allowed to put any real weight on the leg until after I see the doc on Friday.

One hell of a way to ring in 2021!

Well, this is lovely. Next week is going to be hell on wheels.


How will the goverment verify that a person is in a risk category? Will they require

access to medical records? A doctor's note? How much privacy will we lose in this process? What about people who are not in the health car system? Now that the vaccine is out there, I have a lot of questions about how the vaccination process is going to be administered.

Forgive me for being catty for a moment, I just can't resist. Melania

is a bomb waiting to go off. The Trump marriage will not last 6 months. She's already had the papers drawn up and she's going to get out with his money before he gets indicted. I suspect that the bloom was off the rose after about 6 months of being First Lady and she's been a prisoner in the White House ever since. She'll walk and take Barron, her wardrobe and a bucket of cash with her. He'll be dating 18 year olds a week later.
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