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Profile Information

Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 12,801

Journal Archives

Trump reminds me of the guy in the Police Blotter in the newspaper...

he's picked up for speeding and driving with an expired license and they find drugs in his car and he has two outstanding warrants for felonies and he's violated his parole.

And there's a mug shot of the guy and he's smirking.

My take on the Hunter Biden matter...

If, in the process of deciding whether or not to run for President, Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukraine were not fully vetted by Joe Biden and his campaign advisors; and if there was something irregular about those dealings known to Biden and his campaign, then Joe Biden and his campaign have let us all down. They knew who they were running against and they knew how critical this election is.

Thanking the gods tonight for the free press. n/t

BBC - The Inquiry

Nothing I already didn't know but jarring nonetheless:


One more life ruined in the Trump Administration...

I don't feel one bit sorry for this latest stupid person but I can't understand why she took that job in the first place. I wonder if Trump puts notches in his very large belt.

The sand is flying fast and furiously....

buy Greenland
diss Greenland
I am God
I am the chosen one
and on and on...

What about the "corrected" job numbers?
What about the deficit?
What about the steel plants slowing down?
What about the bottom falling out if the RV industry?
Where are the coal miners' jobs?

If we're going to beat this guy, we need to stick to the main tent and avoid the sideshows.

I think Trump must believe he's losing his base.

I would think that, at this stage of the election season, Trump would be pretty sure of his base and would be moderating his behavior slightly to attract other voters. Instead, he is getting worse, I wonder if he's getting information from the field that his base is slowly, quietly eroding and that his "people", instead of voting for a Dem, might not vote at all.

Sleeping Dogs...

So, I have 2 Labradoodles. The puppy, Tinky, is 3 and the older dog, Shelta, is 14, Shelta is slowing down (like I am , getting gray and napping a lot but she still manages to keep up with the puppy and she has a great appetite.

My usual morning ritual is to let the dogs out, get my coffee and go read my newspapers on line. When both dogs come in, they always get a piece of cheese before their breakfast. Shelta always comes in first, finds me on the computer in my study, and lays down on the floor beside me until the puppy arrives.

This morning was no different. Tinky comes in from outside and I get up to go to the kitchen leaving Shelta asleep on the floor in the study. I get the cheese out and call out to Shelta. No answer. I call out again, no answer. That's unusual, I think. I go back into my study and Shelta is where I left her, still sleeping, or so I thought. I now yell at her. No response. I move closer and yell some more...no response and I can't discern any breathing. I poke one of her paws, no response, no nothing.

I stand there, just looking down at her. She's dead I say to myself. She must have passed in her sleep, on the floor next to me where she always goes in the morning, waiting for the puppy to come in so she can have her cheese. I also think, what a wonderful way for this wonderful dog to leave this world.

I back out of the study with tears in my eyes and a lump the size of the planet in my throat. What do I do now at this early hour. Who do I call...the Vet's not open yet.

I have to go back into the study because the phone is in there. I don't want to. I go in and very gingerly reach for the phone on my desk. There is a rustle and BAM, Shelta is up, bright eyed and wagging her tail.

I very quietly call her every name in the book and a few more that I made up on the spot and then she gets her cheese.

I'm back at my computer (obviously) and Shelta is back on the floor next to me...sleeping.

The lump in my throat won't go away.

Does Jeffrey Epstein have a family?

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