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Were they calling phone chat hotlines?

I'm not saying Clash is innocent. Nor am I saying he is guilty. We do not have all the facts.

Gingrich! Sanford! Ensign! Wide Stance!

Just for starters.

I finally found this; thank you.

I was the one who asked (begged) you to make this a seperate thread. Again, thank you. This post and the responses have lightened this hardened heart. A little, at least.

Oh, Please...

Please; please, please let me not be dreaming. Texas, please make this happen.

Poster, please post this as a new thread.

+1 for journalistic disgust!

I believe that this is the same woman from the "Speak English?" video; other than a little bit of unpreparedness--not having the person-on-the-street interview ready before-hand--that piece was not offensive.
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