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Member since: 2001
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To better understand "Tyranny of the Majority"...

Consider religion: Some people view abortion as a sin in their religion. If a majority of the population wished to outlaw abortion, then the minority would be forced to abide by that law if it is simply majority rule.

The filibuster needs to be amended/restored to having to physically and actually appear in the public forum and show your face to impede the legislature, not this anonymous, no-consequences waste of time that the republicans are pulling now.

Tax cuts for the 2% are things we don't need.

This isn't "fun", this is harassment.

Some might find it funny, but how would those "people" feel if someone came to their workplace and had some fun where their own livlihood was put at risk.

Mind you, I do not put the woman's suicide on the DJs, I just hate this particular antic.

Were they calling phone chat hotlines?

I'm not saying Clash is innocent. Nor am I saying he is guilty. We do not have all the facts.

Gingrich! Sanford! Ensign! Wide Stance!

Just for starters.

I finally found this; thank you.

I was the one who asked (begged) you to make this a seperate thread. Again, thank you. This post and the responses have lightened this hardened heart. A little, at least.

Oh, Please...

Please; please, please let me not be dreaming. Texas, please make this happen.

Poster, please post this as a new thread.

+1 for journalistic disgust!

I believe that this is the same woman from the "Speak English?" video; other than a little bit of unpreparedness--not having the person-on-the-street interview ready before-hand--that piece was not offensive.

IANAD, but steroid prescriptions...

I have a few nephews and, when they go to the doctor with a cough, they come home with a prescription for steroids.

Mitt Romney: My Entire Life Spent 'Helping Women Through The Glass Ceiling

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