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The Rape of a Nation

What inspired this 'rant' was this: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10023749863

Endless propaganda and rhetoric from the extremist wing of the GOP (The "Tea Party"; the same phrases and emotion-hooking memes formulated by psychologists in PR firms to bypass the brain and reasoning processes and go straight to the emotions to instill fear and hatred instead, are not new. The damned "Tea Party" isn't new. And no, I'm not referring to the actual one, the first one, from 1773. I'm referring to what used to be called "The John Birch Society" and which is now called (ironically, if you know the purpose of the one in 1773), the "Tea Party". The modern "Tea Party" purpose is the exact opposite of the original one, turning the entire historical context upside down to suit the Ayn Randian greed and self-servitude of the wealthy bastards behind the more recent one.

Yes, it's all the old "communist, socialist" rhetoric from the damn John Birchers, who USED to be considered a radical fringe and in fact still ARE a radical fringe. After the first time America rejected their bullshit, they managed to go underground, rally their wealthy allies and founders (Kochs, Adelsons, Petersons, Murdochs and others, along with big corprats and Wall St.) and BUY a lot of government and media control for themselves and get laws written in way that allow them to bombard the public day & night with their "specially formulated" propaganda using the media they control and to do so without any limitations at all. (thanks to some of their friends on the US Supreme Court - right, Mr. Thomas?).

So now they've returned with this new apparatus calling themselves the "Tea Party" and they're running the show even though they're hardly a majority, ramming their dangerous extremism up the ass and down the throats of every American (and in the case of women, up their vaginas) whether they like it or not. Especially the elderly, poor, students, and women.

It's the rape of our Democracy.

JBS was soundly rejected by the American public before. And America needs to reject them and their dangerous, ignorant extremism and its attendant rhetoric again now, too. Ronnie RayGun was one of their first tools. The more recent ones are even more clownish and ignorant (Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, (p)Rick Perry, Art Pope, Todd Akin et al).

This nation needs to ram something up the "Tea Party"'s collective ass: A BIG BLUE phallis that says "NO!" once again to their dangerous, ignorant, hateful, greed-driven agenda being foisted on all of us by this frankly evil minority, which is hellbent on destroying the United States and the world if need be, in order to garner all the money and power for its dangerous, deluded self. Because you know that is NOT a Democracy. It's thievery and yes - the rape of a nation.

And after that, our nation needs to regain control of its government, its media, and its election system - put our collective boots on the necks of the teabag contingent and keep them there. It's OUR country. Not theirs. WE. ARE. THE. MAJORITY.

Sorry if the "rape" analogy is upsetting to some. If the moniker fits (and it does), then I'mma use it. As the minority, they are FORCING themselves and their twisted, ignorant ideologies onto everyone else this country. No other word for it.

I'm sure the post will be hidden or whatever is deemed necessary or requested by other members and that's fine.

I don't care what they want to call it...

...bombing Syria as a "punishment" as if the US is some goddamned worldwide moral compass everyone else has to synchronize to or as if the US is some kind of goddamned worldwide policeman or babysitter is just as offensive.

SURE what happened in Syria was bad. But GODDAMN we've done as bad or worse to our own people HERE! Instead of gassing them, we STARVE them to death. We take away their jobs, refuse to pay them livable wages when they do have jobs, take away their unemployment when they can't find any more jobs and we withhold or deny them needed healthcare. We have income inequality that is WORSE THAN IT'S EVER BEEN IN HISTORY. Our social and economic condition is a tinderbox and is UNSUSTAINABLE as it stands and cannot continue.

We stood by while Saddam "gassed his own people" and we fucking HELPED him do it! And we went behind him and gassed MORE of his people ourselves. And this government is SERIOUSLY considering bombing another country for "gassing" people? SERIOUSLY? OH. MY. GOD. the HYPOCRISY of this is just STUNNING.


WHAT. MORAL. COMPASS. does the United States have right now in light of all this to bomb Syria? What good is that going to do? How are we going to pay for it? And WHY should we?

If we fucking can't afford Social Security and Medicare, if we fucking let war criminals off scot-free and act like war criminals ourselves, if we fucking cannot manage to put gambling banksters who brought the world's economy TO. ITS. KNEES. just 5 years ago from which we STILL have not recovered, if we fucking give unfettered license to the likes of Wall St., the Koch Brothers and ALEC to BUY our government, suppress our votes, refuse to pay taxes, control our media and DESTROY our economy and our natural environment -- then we CANNOT. AFFORD. TO. BOMB. SYRIA.



Just a few months ago, an asshole with an assault weapon went into an elementary school and MURDERED 20 little kids and what did our country DO about that? NOTHING. NOT. A. THING. Did we change or strengthen gun laws? NO. Did we outlaw assault weapons or high-capacity magazines? NO. WE. DID. NOTHING. Because the goddamned NRA controls our Congress. NINETY PERCENT or more of Americans wanted tougher gun laws. What did we GET? NOTHING. Because we have a pantywaist ninny Congress which is OWNED and CONTROLLED by gangsters.

Fuck Syria.

We have ISSUES of our own at home we need to deal with FIRST before we have ANY business "punishing" any other international "criminals" -- when the hell are we going to punish our own national ones? If we can't do that, we have no business sticking our noses into what any others do anywhere else.

This is BULLSHIT. The United States is NOT any kind of Moral International Church Lady that has ANY MORAL standing to do any of this. Not one iota!

GOD DAMN this fucking arrogant, hypocritical, criminal, immoral country! THIS ONE. RIGHT HERE. Not Syria. Not Iraq. THIS ONE.

The American Taliban has stirred up a HORNET'S NEST of Democracy in These United States

TX Tealiban Leader Dewhurst blamed the loss in passing SB5 on: “an unruly mob using Occupy Wall Street tactics"

( http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/27/us/politics/texas-abortion-bill-appears-to-win-final-approval.html?_r=1& )

I have a message for Mr. Dewhurst:

That was not "Occupy Wall Street" tactics.


And you better get used to it because you all American Taliban have stirred up a HORNET'S NEST of Democracy in this country and you're going to be seeing a lot more of it. THE PEOPLE who make up this nation are not going to stand idly by while you do the bidding of moneyed interests and religious extremists - while you attempt to suppress their vote, shove ALEC model bills that they did not have any voice in crafting down their throats, while you ignore their voices in favor of the Koch Brothers and their rich corporate friends on Wall St., while you protect big business interests and profits at the expense of the middle-class and the poor -- and MOST OF ALL -- while you continue to OPPRESS women in this country and deny them their rights to health care!

Nope. That LEGISLATIVE building all you pampered politicians work in BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE. Their hard-earned tax dollars and labor BUILT that building - all of the legislative buildings in this country. They have EVERY RIGHT to assemble there at any time to TELL YOU in any peaceful way that YOU are not doing your job -- when YOU are not representing them.

And ya know what else, Dewhurst and all you other American Taliban leaders? --- No matter what rich white man or corprat interest bought your way into that office you enjoy -- WE THE PEOPLE PAY YOUR SALARIES.

Let me repeat that: No matter what rich white man bought you or what corporation paid your way into office with unlimited spending on attack ads on your behalf -- YOU. WORK. FOR. US. WE pay your salaries. And YOU are occupying OUR house.

And if you aren't doing your job, you ARE going to hear about it. In NO uncertain terms.

THAT is what Democracy looks like.

In these United States, people have DIED for Democracy.

They have rioted. They have sat on buses. They have marched. And they have DIED for it. And been murdered for it. They had DREAMS about it. And they FOUGHT to the death for that dream.

And they'll do it again.

So Mr. American Taliban leader, you had just better get used to these "Occupy Wall St tactics", as you call them, because that's WHAT. DEMOCRACY. LOOKS. LIKE.


When WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP and REFUSE to let you take our rights and our voices away, WE. WIN. and the thieves LOSE.


Get used to it, Bucko. You Goddamned, LYING, CHEATING bastards.


Open letter to Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court

Open letter to the United States Congress, the United States Senate and the United States Supreme Court in regards to yesterday's Senate vote against expanding background checks for gun purchases.

You cannot justify this vote. There is no moral justification for it. You cannot defend the indefensible. It is clear now who you work for. It is clear that you do not work for the American People, none of you. Even when they are senselessly murdered in cold blood you will not defend them when a moneyed interest doesn't want to lose profits.

Tell me: What in God's name is worth more than money in this country?

Anything? I guess not.

You can stop with your little charade pretending like you represent justice or "we the people" or "life". You do not. You work for the very wealthy. You work for the military-industrial complex, big insurance, big tobacco, big pharma, big insurance, big gun manufacturers, the prison industrial complex, Wall St and big banks, big oil, etc. They moneyed and the corporate. No one else. No matter what.

You have turned our government into what is called "inverted totalitarianism". It's not a Democracy or a Republic or anything that can be called 'representative' government. It is a dictatorial regime with a government that is no more than a group of puppets controlled by big corporations and their lobbyists and their money. And you just proved it. AGAIN.

You can google that term "inverted totalitarianism". Everyone should become familiar with it. Because this is the form of government the United States has now.
You're not fooling anyone anymore in Washington, none of you - Democrat or Republican. So stop trying. We've seen who you're there for and we know it's not US (we the people), so just stop with the pretense. It's transparent and the pretense has become contrived and ridiculous-looking to both the American people and to the world.

Senator Harry Reid CAN and SHOULD fix the Senate rules so that majority votes get legislation PASSED. And so that a person wanting to filibuster must do that job and MUST be present and TALKING for the full duration of said filibuster.

That vote was as morally bankrupt as anything could be. But Senator Reid doesn't want to fix the Senate. Because Democratic Senators need something to hide behind as they do the exclusive bidding of gun manufacturers, NRA and other big corporate interests - instead of the people.

How convenient.

I want the lot of you to know that we all see right through your ruse. We know who you are up there for. And we know it's NOT US. There is no doubt about that anymore. There is only one word that can describe you now:


Good Day.

© 2013 Seven Bowie

LINK: http://www.sevenbowie.com/2013/04/open-letter-to-congress-the-senate-and-the-supreme-court/

Social Security belongs to the American people. It is not Obama's to bargain with.

I voted for Barack Obama twice, however I can no longer defend him since he is advocating unfair and unnecessary cuts to Social Security.

President Obama OWES the American people a clear explanation:

• WHY he is choosing to advocate for cutting SS after repeatedly promising not to?

• WHY he is buying into the debt/deficit propaganda and the austerity bullshit when it's clear that austerity has not worked anywhere else in the world and when virtually EVERY economist says it's JOBS that ought be priority #1 for fixing the economy, NOT cuts!

• WHY he is insisting in coupling the need to "do something" about SS with talks about the deficit, when SS has not added ONE CENT to the deficit. Talks about any "fixes" to SS ought to be separated from debt talks and any fixes to SS can wait since the program is fully solvent for at least another 20 years. Why now?

• WHY he insists on CUTTING SS when other options that most Americans support and which are MUCH less damaging are available - such as raising or removing the FICA cap, or raising FICA tax rates - yet these options are NEVER mentioned or discussed by his admin. Why is that?

Social Security IS OUR MONEY. It is not an "entitlement". It is an EARNED BENEFIT and we have every right to an explanation as to WHY this president is CHOOSING to "bargain" it away in some unnecessary, immoral, unfair, and ill-conceived plan which we know has its roots in a group of very wealthy men who have sought to destroy the program since it was created. WHY is he helping them do it?

President Obama needs to be cornered with these questions. Preferably by some very angry voters who supported his (re)election - however I doubt he has the guts to face them after what he's done on this issue - which he surely knows is wrong, unfair, and grossly immoral.

It is unconscionable to force our nation's elderly, sick, disabled vets, and our poor to suffer even more to pay down a debt which THEY didn't create and which Social Security hasn't added one cent to.

I KNOW this president knows better than this. The American people certainly do. But he likely won't face them on this issue. I wonder how he can even face himself.

He's lost my support. If I wanted policies like this, I'd have voted Republican. I don't want them. I didn't vote for them. And I never will.

In the clip above, Barack Obama said:

"John McCain's campaign has suggested that the best answer for the growing pressures on Social Security might be to cut cost of living adjustments or raise the retirement age. Let me be clear: I will not do either."

In regards to this, a friend commented thusly: "I find him scary, because his image/words/speeches do not match his deeds."

This comment says a lot. I've had people in my life like this: Jekyll-Hyde types. They were two-faced, not trustworthy. You don't want them in your life and you don't want them in power. President Obama's Jekyll-Hyde problem in regards to Social Security is one example of why.

We expect Republicans to conscienceless and diabolical. Not Democrats. And that's what this proposal to cut Social Security is: conscienceless and diabolical. Particularly so since it was Democrats who created and have consistently protected this program. And mark my words, Republicans will use Obama's willingness to cut it as part of their 2014 campaign against Democrats. They've already started.

I wrote previously about Pete Peterson and his "Fix the Debt" lobbying apparatus, and about how Obama's two appointments to the "catfood commission" are its top leaders - Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles. You can see my post about that and other issues here.

Though he made these appointments, perhaps many people thought that they were just some sort of window dressing and that surely a Democratic President would not seriously advocate cutting Social Security. No Democrat has ever done that. They were wrong about him. I was wrong about him.

This issue is a defining one for Barack Obama and his betrayal is worse than just betrayal. It's a Chicago gangster-style knife in back of the majority of Americans for no reason other than achieving a "grand bargain" with obstinate Republicans who've been hellbent on destroying Obama, Social Security and this country practically since their existence.

I can assure President Obama that Americans do not appreciate his presumptuously bargaining away their retirement savings needlessly and unfairly as part of a package to appease the most extreme, greedy, dangerous, unethical, hostage-taking, uncompromising contingent of our government and business sectors who want their hands on our money, and have for decades.

These money-hoarding, greed-driven factions don't care if any middle-class or poor Americans live or die from one day to the next. But most Americans rightly expect an allegedly Democratic President to care. It turns out he doesn't. Some goddamned "grand bargain" with the most greed-driven, impossible and unproductive contingent that has ever existed in Congress is more important to him.

And there's no other reason for this. None. Well, except this one, very nicely pointed out by TheNation magazine:

In fact, there is an even bigger lie concealed by the fiscal scolds and ignored by witless media, too. Again and again, self-righteous critics have portrayed Social Security as the profligate monster borrowing from the Treasury and sucking the life out of federal government. Guess what? It's the other way around. The federal government borrows from Social Security. The Treasury has been borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund for 30 years, and the debt to Social Security beneficiaries now totals nearly $3 trillion. The day is approaching when that money will be needed for its original purpose: paying Social Security benefits to the working people who contributed to the fund.

That is the real crisis that makes the financial barons and their media collaborators so anxious to cut Social Security benefits. They would like to get out of repaying the debt—that is, giving the money back to the people who earned it. The only way to do this is cut the benefits—over and over again. Count on it. If the president and Congress succeed in this malicious scheme, they will come back again and again to cut more and more. If the politicians join this sordid conspiracy, voters should come after them with pitchforks and torches.

You can read the entire article here: http://www.thenation.com/blog/173771/will-voters-forgive-obama-cutting-social-security

And as for the question of whether voters will forgive Obama for cutting Social Security - the answer is a resounding: "HELL NO!"

Social Security belongs to the American people. It's OURS. It does not belong to President Obama or Wall St. It is not HIS or THEIRS to bargain with.

How dare you Mr. President.

© 2013 Seven Bowie

SOURCE: http://www.sevenbowie.com/2013/04/social-security-belongs-to-the-american-people-it-is-not-obamas-to-bargain-with-how-dare-you-mr-president/

(I am the author)

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