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Republicans call everything they don't like 'socialism' -- #1

A new recurring series. 'Recurring' as in every day, because it needs to be said. Every day.
Don't let them call the tune, don't let their framing stand.

Republicans call everything they don’t like ‘socialism’

Weekend TOONs Bonus - The Boondocks, 2019


On Tuesday, Aaron McGruder shared a bunch of new The Boondocks comics. Posted by radio host Charlamagne tha God, they're the first new strip-style cartoons from McGruder since the cartoon's newspaper run ended in 2006. The Boondocks was subsequently adapted into a series at Cartoon Network, where it ran for four seasons.

In a message posted by Charlamagne, McGruder said the new strips were completed "for fun (and to see I still could." The comics were co-created with Seung Kim, an animator on The Boondocks TV series, and McGruder promises more comics are on the way, though "exactly how much more is tough to say." McGruder also thanks Charlamagne "for putting these out for me while I get my Instagram act together.”

The Boondocks

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

You know what I'm talking about.

Is he going to wrap this up in time for his bedtime story from Sean?

It's gonna be a hot time in the ol'Adderal warehouse tonight.

The income tax had a top marginal rate at or over 70% for 50 years...

...out of its 107 year existence.

Keep that in mind when they bandy about the term "socialism".

Alternative video of Trump speaking

Toles: The elites have led the way: Permission granted to be irresponsible

The elites have led the way: Permission granted to be irresponsible
By Tom Toles
Editorial cartoonist
February 1 at 9:23 AM

It is more than a little ironic to see progressive ideas being subjected to the test of whether they are responsible. Where does the idea come from that responsibility is a standard anymore?

Elites — and I define those as the wealthy, the leaders of corporations, government, think tanks, universities and the media — enjoy their positions and privileges to set the ethical standards for a society and to guide the direction a society moves in. So how have they been doing?
Last I saw, the federal government gave stupendously MORE in tax cuts to the rich. How was this funded? It wasn’t! It was written entirely in red ink! Oh, yeah, the deficit. Which has been another area of endless empty lecturing from the elites. And yet there is always room for more tax cuts for the rich.

But suddenly, it’s: Is Medicare-for-all RESPONSIBLE? Are higher marginal tax rates RISKY? Is a Green New Deal properly DETAILED? Mightn’t there be costs or TRADE-OFFS? And — again, for progressives only — what about the DEFICIT? These progressive proposals aren’t irresponsible. They are aimed at undoing prior irresponsibility. If we are going to use responsibility as a standard, let’s let the current swath of leaders back things up, reduce the vast inequality they have allowed and institute their own program of carbon reduction, and then we’ll resume the discussion about responsibility.

Toles: Why is anyone astonished by the resurgence of the left?

Why is anyone astonished by the resurgence of the left?
By Tom Toles
January 31, 2019 at 10:08 AM

We are at the end of the conservative revolution because the accumulated wealth disparity they never promised, but surely delivered, is now so pronounced that everybody sees it. And the new ultra-rich simply cannot bring themselves to help correct the imbalance. They are so besotted with their personal net worth and wealth-ranking that they are paralyzed in their death grip on their money. The death grip that is the death knell of their appeal.

Regular Americans, whether they are moderately well-off or really struggling, are working their heads off to just stay afloat and no longer see any realistic prospect that the “EVERYBODY gets rich!” implied promise of laissez-faire capitalism is ever going to deliver for them.

In addition to the shared-prosperity fail of the conservative project comes another market fail of even more monstrous proportions: the unwillingness of energy producers or users to take responsibility for their externalities of carbon pollution. The market purists have been content to decree that loading carbon dioxide into the atmosphere should be booked as “free.” Nobody had to pay, except future citizens. And no cost piled onto them, including death by fire or drowning, was considered an excessively high price for them to pay. Like the mountains of plastic garbage clogging the oceans, the costs of produce-and-dump-onto-somebody-else is an economic system that people are eventually going to become fed up with.

The way the conservative movement chose to deal with the mounting contradictions between promise and outcome has not been to moderate their ambitions or agenda. It has been to lie and discredit facts and science. Their most recent policy “triumph” has been to cut taxes on the rich AGAIN, with the same promises that everybody now KNOWS are fictitious. The result has been MORE money for the rich, LARGER deficits and no accountability. Never accountability. The other way they have managed to hold their dishonesty-riddled movement together is by doubling down on racial and ethnic animosity. Great plan. Thanks.

Video of Trump conceding to Pelosi about SOTU

Started long before the teabaggers...

Conservatives, including every "NeverTrumper" who made a career of Republican messaging or conservative media, have spent some 40 years building that base, the one that's so hypervigilant for "betrayal" and primed to punish any backsliders.

They scare-mongered and scandal-mongered and played to all the bigotries and pet peeves, and called it "playing hardball". They wanted to get conservative Republicans elected, and there was no part of that job that involved "dialing it back." They painted Democrats as supervillains: utterly-corrupt, moral degenerates out to destroy the nation and all that's good and holy to get their voters all hot-blooded and into the voting booth.

But the drawback is: When you paint the story that way, it's supposed to end with you bringing the bad guys to justice. They rot in jail, or better yet get hanged or fried. Blow up the Death Star. Drop the Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. The Enemy surrenders unconditionally and their symbols get blown up.

Your audience wants this:

But they never get it.

When you tell that story for decades, continually amping it up despite its blatant falsehood, you create an expectation that you can never really deliver on. You can justify decades of investigations and re-investigations and re-re-re-re-re-re-re-investigations, but that's not going to hold up in court. So you put yourself into the position of portraying the other side as unbearably evil and an active threat, and then don't do anything about it. The base still has their hot buttons pushed, still believes every word of it, they just start thinking you're ineffectual at best, or more likely are part of the problem.

Conservatives have purposely whipped up this extremist frenzy to give them the margin of victory. They've been punishing any Republican who didn't fall in line since the 70s when they started ousting Rockefeller Republicans.

Just because the foam is whipped up to new levels of frothiness doesn't mean we should lose sight of the fact that they've been whipping it up for so long that what counts as "whipped up" keeps getting redefined.
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