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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 24,754

Journal Archives

Professional Left Podcast, with Driftglass and Blue Gal - Ep 441: Apologize!

Those who are wrong about Democrats, healthcare and Truth. Guess Which Party?! We talk about Rudy Guiliani, at least one person who is "tired of winning," and a number of people who've discovered all of a sudden that Truth is important, like Rex Tillerson and Matthew Dowd. A surprising sincere apology in the wrong place, the "Democrats in Disarray" lie never dies, and a wake up call for conservatives on Medicaid and nursing homes. More at http://ProLeftPod.com

And the podcast's wonderful hosts:


New Rule: Trump Is Above the Law Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Weekend TOONs 2 - The Rest

Make the Briny Deep Great Again

Oh, yeah, this little box does more than just tweet

Orange is the new green

..too slow!

Plans to reboot the “Saw” franchise still in development

Oh, you poor, deluded fools!

What are the odds? No, really! Check them out.

Weekend TOONs 1 - Lower the flag and update the sign

Almost as much as Betsy McBang-Bang


Friday TOONs: Timing is Everything Edition

By day, M.O.A.E. …

…but then the beddie-bye story

Always trying to get someone else to pay for it

Remarkable set of … transactions

Didn’t get an invite

How does one spell the sound of a disgusted sigh?


Also: Favorite pastry? Bear Claws

C’mon, Pete, timing is everything

Thursday TOONs - Playing the Fool Edition

Fool’s Game

Indecent Accomodations

Flood Ensurance

Wanna Bet?

Wednesday Toons: Dear God, will no one think of the photo op?

Dear God, will no one think of the photo op?


Unwanted Visitors

Untruth in Labeling

Absent, but remembered

Tuesday TOONs

Can You Spot the Mistakes?

Maximum Undercut

30 Pieces of Silver

Play the Swamp

Monday Toons: In Before the Wire Edition

Heck, on the + side of Greenwich Mean time, it's not even Monday anymore!

Dude, Where’s My Embassy?

Phase One complete (we wish)

Republican pat on the back

Some are more equal than others

Making the Middle Kingdom Great Again

NC: Know Your Thug

Meanwhile, back at the dove coop…

Professional Left Podcast, with Driftglass and Blue Gal - Ep 440: Its Always 2003

Notice how torture, Dick Cheney, and claiming Democrats are terrorists is back? It’s the Republican pay-to-play book! Along with Race Bait and Switch with their own voters. Michael Cohen’s very bad week, and hey, Rudy Giuliani was only gonna be gone from his law firm for a week or two, then... more at http://ProLeftPod.com
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