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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,924

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Hmm ... Just days before an indictment, sTrumpets start a push to putsch Mueller out...

...and the Top Tovarisch is strangely silent about leaks lately.

Just Putin it out there.

Y'know, for people so incensed about stuff "rammed down their throat"...

...they both swallow, and lose, certain substances with amazing alacrity.

Exactly. Headline should read "...crushed by management financial games"

I'd love to see a study about how much job and wage loss that is written off as due to automation and offshoring has actually been due to (or triggered by) financial games by the people in control of the companies.

When this sort of thing comes up it's always instructive to break out the 1991 Philadelphia Inquirer series by Bartlett and Steele:

How game was rigged against middle class

After three decades, American worker loses out to Mexico
Who - and how many - in America's middle class

The lucrative business of bankruptcy

Big business hits the jackpot with billions in tax breaks

Why the world is closing in on the U.S. economy

The high cost of deregulation: Joblessness, bankruptcy, debt

For millions in U.S., a harsh reality: It's not safe to get sick

How death came to a once-prosperous discount-store chain

Raiders work their wizardry on an all-American company

When you retire, will there be a pension waiting?

Workers saving for their retirement lose on junk bonds

How special-interest groups have their way with Congress

America's two-class tax system

Oh, sweet Hay-seuss, what a pathetic lump (2014 tweet on Schneiderman)...

Itís Thursday. Which brand of eyeliner is the nationís worst AG @AGSchneiderman wearing today?

ON EDIT: updated subject line to clarify this was a 2014 tweet. Some early commenters may have thought it was from today.

More footage from Trump cabinet meetings and rallies

Consider when it began, in the 1970s...

Inflation was high, foreign competition was on the rise, computerization was beginning to have real impact on traditional trades (e.g., typesetting), etc. The New Deal framework had become creaky in places and clearly needed updating. The framework needed some modernizing, and to portions of the Democratic establishment, some degree of deregulation and privatization seemed like a more flexible structure.

Add to that the fact that relations with unions had become strained, over the Vietnam War and other things, and they were a major source of resistance about changing things.

There was also a geopolitical aspect: the economy of most ex-colony nations was resource extraction, in which most of he population was poor peasants ripe for revolutions the Soviets were happy to encourage. If they had some form of industry and a middle class dependent on it, there would be more internal stability and less volatility. Or at least, so the thinking went.

Then also consider the Democratic Party's internal structure and how it was evolving at the time. Coming off the blow-out of McGovern by Nixon, dealing with the New Left who attacked the Democratic establishment for its role in supporting the war in Vietnam, demographic shifts away from traditional centers of Democratic power, changes to the primary system to get away from the "men in a smoke-filled room" method of selecting candidates (or perception thereof), the rise of television advertising, etc.

Heap on top of that changes to what was allowed in terms of campaign financing, both from new laws and court decisions.

Those began a shift toward a more open method of choosing candidates than had been the case, with TV advertising and exposure rising in importance. Politics has always been a money game, but TV ads added rocket boosters to it, and that means more backing from wealthier donors, most of whom are ok with neoliberal changes that improve returns on their portfolio.

Enter 1980, when fifteen years of conservative efforts to pry apart the Democratic coalition come into full flower with the "Reagan Democrats" who give Reagan a blow-out win.

To avoid droning on even further, suffice to say that the intellectual climate, political math, incentives, and disincentives for charting a more "pro-business" neoliberal path outweighed the comparable factors arguing not to do so.

Check-in for members of the "I'm indifferent about Louise Mensch" Club...

Can't tell if we're growing or not without a headcount.

I've seen too many breathless tidbits that surely herald the implosion of various Republicans over the decades to get all excited about what her Twitter feed and website say. There's no percentage in "I knew it first!" Without frogmarches it's vaporware.

There's also people going above and beyond "cool your jets", sometimes with comically inept attempts to discredit her (e.g., the "discrediting" can be debunked within two minutes) that I find curious too.

She's a self-described conservative (British variety), so everything she says should be taken with a mine's worth of salt. But I don't get the kamikaze attacks either. So....sew buttons.

But mostly I damn everybody paying so much attention to her that I felt the need to spell her name right in this post.

Say, does anybody remember when RWers lost their shit over Obama's coffee salute?

Y'know, when he tried to return salutes to Marines attending to duties when he had a coffee cup in his hand?

That it was disrespectful to people personally sacrificing to serve our country?

My Facebook feed is strangely absent about comments on this:

...but not enough to have noticed Bush's vacations and golfing...

Obama took about a quarter of what Bush did, and about half of what Reagan did.

So why was he bitching about that? Why is he bitching now?

Hopefully his independent thought will progress to "jeez, I just swallowed every horseshit claim that came down the pike, didn't I?". But I'm not making any bets on it.

Going to bed. What wacky highjinks will the Kremlin Don Show get into before I arise?

Evidently he bribed flunky #147 (a.k.a. Billy, no, the other Billy) into getting his phone back, so anything could happen.

Although the old childhood prayer of "If I should die before I wake..." has a note of immediacy that was always lacking in the past.
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