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No TOONs post today

Feel free to copy the new avatar.

On this date, Nov. 18, 1985, a wild kid and his pet tiger entered our lives.

It's a walkway under a road to provide beach access, not an "underground tunnel"

Yes, it would provide Giuliani a "secret route" simply by using the beach access rather than one of the main gates the media might be watching, but the tunnel itself is nothing mysterious or unusual.

Red circle is entrance/outlet on MAL side, yellow line is approximate path under the road.

MAL is on a barrier island. The water table there is much too high to maintain actual underground tunnels.

From October 2021: CIA admits to losing dozens of informants around the world


by Monique Beals - 10/05/21 2:24 PM ET

Leading counterintelligence officials issued a memo to all of the CIA’s global stations saying that a concerning number of U.S. informants were being captured and executed.

The CIA’s counterintelligence mission center investigated dozens of incidents in the last few years that involved killings, arrests or compromises of foreign informants. In an unusual move, the message sent via a top secret cable included the specific number of agents killed by other intelligence agencies, according to The New York Times.


The uptick in compromised informants highlights the more sophisticated ways in which foreign intelligence agencies are tracking the CIA’s actions. These mechanisms include artificial intelligence, facial recognition tools and other hacking methods, per the Times.


“No one at the end of the day is being held responsible when things go south with an agent,” Douglas London, a former CIA operative who was unaware of the cable, said to the Times. “Sometimes there are things beyond our control but there are also occasions of sloppiness and neglect and people in senior positions are never held responsible.”

Who was in charge for "the last few years" from last year? Who's always been very chummy with our adversaries, and stuffed a truck's worth of secret documents in an unsecured residence? Hmmm?

A history teacher of 40 years explains the difference between conservatives and liberals


Fifty Shades of Whey
A history teacher of 40 years explains the difference between conservatives and liberals in the simplest way he knows how


1:37 / 2:54
3:30 PM · Aug 19, 2022

Sorry, non-Twitter users, I don't know how to post the video so it will show here separately.

In Post $6 below, crickets give a quick rundown of what the retired teacher is saying.

Uvalde school district police chief sworn in as city council member a week after mass shooting

Source: CNN

(CNN)Pete Arredondo, the Uvalde school district police chief who was the incident commander during the Robb Elementary school shooting, was sworn in as a city council member on Tuesday.

"Out of respect for the families who buried their children today, and who are planning to bury their children in the next few days, no ceremony was held," Mayor Don McLaughlin said in a statement.

Nineteen children and two teachers were killed in the attack last Tuesday. The chief was identified last week by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as the person who decided not to breach the school classroom where the shooter had holed up and instead stand back and wait for reinforcements.

Though DPS Director Steven McCraw did not identify Arredondo by name, he said the chief made the "wrong decision" not to engage with the gunman sooner

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/31/us/uvalde-shooting-police-chief-pete-arredondo-sworn-in-city-council/index.html

No Toons post for the next week or so

Due to a loss in the family I'm going to be away from my desktop and won't have my usual routine, so those posts are on hiatus until I get back to the usual day-to-day.

DUer in the NYT? DUer in the NYT!

(Needs subscription or free account registration, of course. This is the NYT)
(on edit: h/t to Celerity in reply #7 for the non-paywalled link: https://archive.ph/Sotjd)

The story is from last month, so maybe I missed it back then, but it popped up in my twitter feed and I recognized a name (and the subject matter made a "same name, different guy" situation highly unlikely), our own NewHendoLib.


Are Your Tomatoes ‘Epic’? If Not, Here’s What You Should Be Doing
Tomato experts Craig LeHoullier and Joe Lamp’l have some advice for you.

By Margaret Roach
Feb. 16, 2022

“We are the luckiest tomato growers in all of history,” proclaimed Craig LeHoullier as he thumbed with dramatic effect through the Seed Savers Exchange yearbook, a hefty index of nearly 12,000 heirloom varieties of the beloved Solanum lycopersicum.

Choosing among such a staggering selection of tomatoes, plus hundreds of modern hybrids not included in that print version of the yearbook, is the first step toward your best-ever harvest — or what Dr. LeHoullier, a retired chemist who has grown perhaps 3,000 varieties, calls “epic tomatoes.”

“Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time” is Dr. LeHoullier’s 2014 book, now in its seventh printing, with about 80,000 copies in print. And Growing Epic Tomatoes is the name of an online course that he teaches with his friend Joe Lamp’l, the host for 12 years of the Emmy Award-winning public television program “Growing a Greener World.”

What makes Mr. Lamp’l — and Dr. LeHoullier, as well — smile even more: summer’s first ripe tomato.

2021 Ukrainian 24 Hour Field Ration Review Pork Tushonka & Kasha MRE Meal Ready to Eat Tasting Test

Uploaded to YouTube Feb 24, 2022

I'm just going to suggest: Oath Breakers

There's a lot of nicknames for that group which riff on the similarity between "Oath" and "Oaf", but I'd like to promote using a phrase that says exactly what they are (and which highlights how their reality is the precise opposite of what they claim to be):

Oath Breakers.

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