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Just had a telephone town hall with Joe Heck R NV

My question was about the economy.........jobs........investing in America.....nothing getting done in congress due to fillibustering...........compromising..........voting along party lines.....

He denied congress voting on party lines.

Then, when I tried to ask him a follow-up, I had already been cut off.

He went on and on about all of the jobs bills passed in the house.
Of course the keystone pipiline will put all back to work.
Not able to ask any follow-ups.

What a waste of time.

a poll to mess with Republicans


need detailed info on Senate bill 3364. Bring jobs back to America

I am having an on-going debate (on-line) with a friend of mine. The 2 question I keep asking are, Why are Republicans against giving tax breaks to companies who bring jobs back home? Why are Republicans wanting to continue giving tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas? ( New jobs in America will make Obama look good and help in re-election)

Rather than answer the questions, she keeps coming back to my use of semantics and Senate procedures. What is cloture? Why was it used in this case? What procedures am I missing in the whole process of this bill? Is it a bill? I need to sound more intelligent in my response. I still keep asking her the same two questions, which she refuses to answer.

Help me sound more intelligent in Senate procedures.


When was the last time Mitt created a job in the US?

I have two questions for the forum:

1. When was the last time Mitt created a job in the US?

2. While at a boys boarding school, did he actually live away from home or was he only a day student? How many years?
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