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Solly Mack

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Busy observing the group dynamics of dust bunnies.

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Yes, that is what she means. If a president does it, regardless of what it is, then

it is presidential by definition, since the word presidential can simply mean, relating to a president.

So if a president does it, it's presidential.

Now, you and I, and everyone else hears - acting in a manner befitting the office of president.

But that's not the meaning she is going with.

So, when Trump breaks law after law after law, and lies and steals, and whatever, Conway will continue to use the simple definition. Because a president does it, it's presidential. She's taking the Nixonian stance and expandng it out to include everything - not just breaking the law. Recall how Trump has already said as much - "‘the president can’t have a conflict of interest’".

People read that statement and think of course a president can have a conflict of interest - anyone can. But Trump means it the way Nixon did it. As president, he is above such considerations. Why? - because he's president and anything a president does is, by definition, presidential.

And around and around we go!

Oh, and yeah - she is full of shit but that won't stop anything.

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