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Solly Mack

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Current location: Back of Beyond
Member since: 2001
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Busy observing the group dynamics of dust bunnies.

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Distancing language.

Liars use it all the time.

Practiced liars can use it well enough to place them at the center of an event but still, somehow, miss the crucial moment of an event.

The dancing lie - one that weaves in, out and around the truth. Always leaving wiggle room for clarification and plausible deniability.


Exactly why when I hear a white person complain about "Identity politics", I roll my eyes.

White Identity politics created systemic/structural racism in America.

White Identity politics created the reservations.

White Identity politics ripped children from their homes and sent them off to schools to "Kill the Indian and save the man".

White Identity politics created those all-white towns, all-white schools, all-white churches, and all-white neighborhoods.

White Identity politics created the laws that made Black and Native peoples slaves in America.

White Identity politics created Black Codes and Jim Crow.

White Identity politics created redlining, segregation, the "one drop rule", "Colored" water fountains, Separate but equal, Sundown towns, laws against marriage between Black and White people. And the list goes on and on and on.

White Identity politics gave us job discrimination based on race.

White Identity politics prevented Black people from voting.

White Identity politics made it all about race.

Yet you hear Conservatives say stupid shit like, "Why do they make it all about race?" or "Why do they make it all about Identity politics?".


"They" didn't make it about race - white people did.

And standing up and being proud of who you are in the face of so much damage caused by White Identity politics isn't making it all about "Identity politics" - It's about demanding justice and equality and freedom FROM White Identity politics.

There is also Straight Identity politics that has caused systemic discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Laws made to discriminate and oppression to deny rights.

There is also Religious Identity politics that caused discrimination against Catholics for not being the "right" religion, as well bigotry against Jewish people and Muslim people. And this dates back to colonial America when laws were enacted against certain religions and followers of certain religions not considered the "right" religion (attacks on Quakers). Yes, it's gotten better but the bigotry still exist. Yes, I'm aware of the alliance of right leaning Catholics with Evangelicals - doesn't change the fact that bigots still call Catholics "papists". Doesn't stop them from being one of the three groups the Klan targeted (along with Black people and Jews).

There is also Male Identity politics (patriarchy) with its sexism/misogyny - the discrimination against women. Laws were made to oppress women. So-called (sexist) standards and (sexist) norms and (sexist) laws that denied women their rights and full opportunities.

The oppressors made it ALL about their identity as straight, white, male and the right kind of Protestant and made that the normative way and called it traditional values.

But let people stand up to racism and bigotry and, suddenly, it's the victims of oppression that are said to be the ones who don't want to be just plain Americans.

Always leaving out the parts where the dominant culture created laws based on their identity politics to prevent everyone else from being a true citizen of America, with full opportunities and rights.


The whole "history won't be kind to them" meaningless/bullshit foreboding admonishment gets a raised eyebrow from me too. Like they give a fuck about what history has to say about them. Once a deed is done, all history can do is write about it. How it is written about can be manipulated. Facts can either be left out or so grossly distorted as to make them meaningless. They can be completely changed. Myths and lies can pass as history. Sure, the truth is out there. But so is a lot of garbage.

A society reaches an agreed upon narrative, however that agreement came about, and the truth doesn't matter one whit as long as enough people are willing to support/overlook or comply with the lie.

Just look at how the line between fact and opinion has been erased in certain quarters. Look at the media will say, "These are the facts" and in their next breath say "Now here is so-and-so to give their opposing opinion of the facts".

A fact is a fact regardless of anyone's opinion. An opinion is not the equal to a fact. The truth remains the truth no matter who walks around in angry disbelief.

Unless the lies win. Unless the lies are allowed to stand. Society can be shaped by lies. Entire nations can be built around a lie. By agreed upon (false) narratives.

Relying on history to correct any of that is ludicrous. Thinking history will sort all that out is madness.

Every right-wing Dinesh, Sean, and Karl writes what some claim to be history.

The Texas Board of Education changes history with a vote - and if falsehoods are taught as history then it will be the falsehoods that become the history - and their (Texas Board of Education) reach extends far outside of Texas when it comes to history textbooks - millions of children nationwide get the conservative agreed upon narrative of history and not the actual facts.

History won't treat them well? If they're writing it, it will.

Thank you, Tom Tomorrow.

A governing body legislating against the teaching of systemic racism and sexism

is an example of systemic racism and sexism.

Denial of systemic bigotry as an opinion is one thing - regardless of how uninformed, egregious, and just plain wrong said opinion is.

For legislative bodies to create laws to decree systemic bigotry a non-issue or untrue IS part and parcel to systemic bigotry.

It is the same systems that imposed - through laws - a structure of racism, sexism, homophobia, and laws favoring one religion over another (as in colonial times - and it did happen, look it up - and still exists with every single insistence that America is a Christian nation) that is now creating laws imposing denial of that same systemic bigotry as a legal standard.

This point is driven home by this current Arkansas law -

legislation to become law...to prohibit state agencies from teaching employees, contractors or others to believe “divisive concepts.”

Removing from state governmental agencies (in this case) the ability to train against racism and sexism because they can't talk about the systemic nature of both - within the system of government - a government - either federal, state, or local - that imposed those systemic restrictions to begin with.

Too soon?

Stepien-nuts roasting on an open fire

Spite's cost nipping at your nose

Fool-time carols being sung by some hire

With your folks messed up by Covid woes

Everybody knows a Big Mac and some Adderall

Help to make your speech a blight

Tiny hands with fists in a ball

Will find it hard to tweet tonight

You know that Biden's on his way

He's got Harris with him to save the day

And even Mother's Mike is going to cry

To see that women can really fly.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase

To kids from 1 to 92

Although it's been said many times, many ways

Happy Biden-Harris days to you.

Although it's been said many times, many ways


You'd think after all the racism, extraordinary rendition, torture, Katrina response, idiots

losing their minds because a black man became President, and idiots who can't afford or don't have healthcare fighting against "Obamacare", and other idiots claiming that the government needs to stay out of their Social Security and Medicare - and then Trump - that no one would be baffled or shocked.

It's almost as if those outside the US buy into the "USA! USA!" hype more so than a lot of Americans.

Yeah, yeah. I know the U.S. has a certain reputation for being the democracy people, but we didn't wake up one morning to things suddenly changed. Those changes took time - having been chipped away a little bit at a time over time. Some of those things have never changed - the full impact of racism, for one.

Right-wing religious wackadoodles demanding their beliefs are equal to science and that their religious beliefs be taught in school. Worse, getting their way in that. Spare me. Some areas of the US teach that their ignorant beliefs - Yes, ignorant - are just as valid as evolution. Look it up. Some biology teachers in public schools won't teach evolution to avoid confrontation with students and teachers who erroneously believe that their creation story is the equal to science.

Baffled? Shocked?


With apologies to Winston Churchill and Others

(Trump grunts out his words of comfort and calm. Trump as Churchill, per Trump, himself, and Mike Pence)

"‘Poor people, poor people,’ he said. ‘They trust me and I can give them nothing but magical thinking and lies to ensure continuing disaster for quite a long time.’ ”

“Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to me, myself, and I. I, alone."

I, alone, saved you. I, alone, love you. I, alone, can fix it. Fear is the means to the end.”

Keep calm and carry on. The sirens simply mean we're on top of things. Continue shopping. Go about your daily lives. The only people who run for cover are those who hate Great Britain. Bomb shelters are for those who do not believe in God. Be calm.

Remember: A bombed out building is an opportunity. We'll employ more carpenters and brick masons than ever before! The jobs we'll create! Numbers! The numbers! So high! This is a good thing.

Gas masks are for those who don't love me. You love me, right? So crowd the streets, leave your mask at home, and when you hear a siren - shake your fist in the air. Defy the bombs! Show them who is boss! Be patriots! Stand your ground! If you die, you die. But what a way to go!

I tell ya, wow. Talk about a show of strength. The crowd standing, all packed in together. That'll show the NAZIS. Let me tell you.

Still, you know, the NAZIS, some fine people on both sides.

I was talking to Stalin the other day. He's my friend. Lot of people think that's a bad thing. Say he can't be trusted. Lot of people don't know what Stalin has planned. Big plans. Yuge.

Stalin will make parts of Europe great again. Better than ever. With more freedoms than ever before.

That Roosevelt. He's a socialist, commie, Marxist elitist. I'm playing him for all he's worth. Seen him in his wheelchair? Some leader.

I'm your cheerleader in a time of need. I'll have your back. Just because I'm secured away in a bunker, coming to you live from a time-delayed radio broadcast, doesn't mean I don't stand with you. I'm there, right beside you, when the bombs hit. You know, most of them are duds. No, really. Fake bombs. No damage. Just POOF. A little smoke, a loud noise, and nothing.

Besides, the Lutewaffles have such bad aim. Most of the real bombs fall in the channel. The people are safe. The people are secure.

I'm not even sure there's a war going on at all. Maybe it's just fake news from the fake media. I think it could be. Lots of opinions on it. Who knows?

Experts (chortle) will tell you there's a war going on. That London is experiencing a Blitz attack. What does that even mean? Blitz? Sounds like ice cream. I like ice cream. Two scoops with chocolate cream pie.

The so-called experts would have you dive for shelter when the sirens go off. They would have you panic and seek cover. What do they know? That's not strength.

So, keep calm. Don't listen to fake news. Don't believe your eyes or your ears. Ignore the experts. Listen to me.

I, alone, can save you.

Thank you and God bless.

My Kind of "Sucker and Loser".

In June of 2005 I wrote a piece about the invasion of Iraq. The article was titled "The Line of Denial". In it I shared some of the questions I asked my husband, now a retired Vet, about his experiences in Iraq, as well as the war crimes, sanctioned by the President, and the troops who committed them.

Below is an excerpt.

"And what is your lasting memory of Iraq?"

The little girl.

The little girl had leprosy. He met her early on. Her disease was so advanced she was dying from non-treatment. In her entire short life, she got next to no treatment. My husband carried her dying body, along with her mother and father, through three cities seeking help for her. He couldn't find it. Iraqi doctors too scared or wanting money (to survive with) and American medics not concerned.

He finally reached into his wallet, took out all his cash, then gave it to an Iraqi doctor. The doctor helped the child die comfortably because that's all they could do for her by then.

That's what my husband brought home. That's what he remembers most about Iraq.

If that's a "Loser", then it's my kind of loser.

Fuck Trump. Fuck all Republicans. Fuck their voters.

Traitor. Moron. Ignorance-induced cruelty. Idiot. Mass

murdering blowhard.

His delusions of grandeur are destroying the people, the environment, the country.

His capabilities don't reach the level of mediocrity much less competence.

He's a tool of hostile foreign governments and the tool of equally rabid right-wing ideologues.

His ego-driven, unstable personality has damaged American jurisprudence for decades to come.

His grasping need to be worshipped has fed the flagrant anti-intellectualism that infects America.

His depraved indifference to life, all life, outside his own, has resulted in decisions that have poisoned the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the ground we all walk on.

He is a fool and a charlatan.

He is a corrosive force with an insatiable appetite for tearing apart everything he touches.

His mockery of all things decent and good brings nothing but shame to the country.

He is arrogant without reason to be and he has been elevated beyond ability.

He is rot.

He is decay.

He is but a symptom of the pernicious ideology of white supremacy - made all the more fatal because of the office he holds.

His narcissistic messiah complex destroys the very freedoms he claims to cherish.

He is a liar, a buffoon, and a coward.

Unfit, unbearable, and unrepentantly indifferent to the world around him and the suffering he has caused.

It couldn't end any other way. It was always going to be a

waste - for the country. Though I mean it in the lay waste kind of way.

Trump is destruction. His very nature. His character. His very being.

Trump has no guiding principles. He has no strong beliefs.

Other than Trump. Other than himself. He is his own and only reason for everything he does. What he can get out of it. How it benefits him.

Trump, his conservative support from high profile names, as well as his sycophantic followers are parts of a symbiotic whole. Through mutualism, each part benefits in some way, though the followers are more like the effluvium by-product of the other two.

Trump courts them but he would never allow them inside his home.

The conservative power brokers/rightwing religious money movers/thought shapers need their votes but they don't want them coming into their homes either.

Both Trump and the conservative power base feed the clamoring crowd their much craved sugar water of absolution. Absolving both the conservative collective and the individual of responsibility for economic and social deprivations by placing the blame on the other.

With appeals to prejudice and fear that keep people ignorant, that keeps them cheering their own oppression,
Trump and the Republican power structure perform a neverending sleight of hand - constant deceptions.

Convincing them that three and four jobs is patriotic and that America has the best health care in the world, even if they don't have access to it. The important thing is getting to chant "We're number 1" until that good feeling takes hold.

Deception after deception, chewing their supporters up until nothing is left of them but pavlovian responses.

This is what we are up against. Fellow citizens who have been conditioned to accept any brutality, any atrocity, to believe any absurdity as long as they get to feel good about themselves.

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