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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
July 31, 2021

How many Republicans met with Trump before the January 6th failed coup?

According to most recent reports, there were about a dozen or so, including Jim Jordan of OH and Scott Perry of PA.

I have not seen a list of the names but it would probably include Mo Brooks of Alabama and Andy Biggs of Arizona.

The names will probably be known in the next few days.

Those that conspired with Trump are complicit in the crime of sedition, in my opinion.

Many other Republicans were probably sympathetic with the group but did not participate directly with the plot?

Other possible suspects who probably conspired with Trump to overthrow an election are:

Kevin McCarthy of CA
Steve Scalise of LA
Jim Banks of Indiana
Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin
Debbie Lesko of AZ
Elise Stefanik of NY
Troy Nehls of TX
Chip Roy of TX

(Do not be surprised to see these names and others on the list)

July 31, 2021

Expedited Subpoenas?

Should the Committee begin to call witnesses immediately? If they refuse, then send out the subpoenas.

If they refuse the subpoenas, take them immediately to Court.

Get the process started and over with as quick as possible.

Request for the Courts to expedite their decisions, due to the constitutional necessity of Congressional power.

Get the rascals under oath.

Hold them accountable.

July 30, 2021

America Dishonored

"Just say that the election was 'corrupt' and leave the rest to me and the 'R' Congressmen."

Just tell a little lie and let me build it up into a Big Lie. Is that asking too much?

It is one of the most dishonorable and disgraceful comments ever uttered by a President of the United States.

If it was only the President that was disgracing our nation, we could handle that. But we have several, perhaps many, perhaps the majority, of the Republican Party that agreed to go along with him.

They have dishonored our country. They have dishonored themselves. And they have dishonored our Constitution. What they have done is so disgraceful that it defies description.

July 30, 2021

I fear the last 4 years have corrupted the House and Senate and politics in general.

Politicians have seen that there are no consequences to lying and stealing. Why should they not get in the game?

I believe this may affect Democrats and Republicans alike. Our entire political system may have been corrupted?

They will all begin to look for the quick buck. They will challenge the laws, knowing that they can deny and lie and probably escape any punishment.

I was reading about 3 GOP members yesterday that had failed to report on some sort of stock transactions. It did not seem like a big deal to them evidently?

I fear these types of deals with our elected officials may become commonplace. Not that we haven't had corruption in the past, but there now seems to be a license to steal and to break the laws without hesitancy.

July 30, 2021

The only reason they desecrated our Capitol?

It was not that they were persecuted or that any of their rights were violated.

It was not that they were over-taxed or somehow abused by the system.

The only reason they desecrated our Capitol and threatened the lives of our elected officials was because their guy lost the election.

When their guy got angry, they got angry. They were as loyal to him as any cult follower could possibly be.

The bottom line:

They were sore losers.

July 29, 2021

When August Comes and Goes...

And Joe Biden is still the President of the United States.

Does anyone change their mind?

Are those that believe Donald Trump is going to be sitting behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office going to be disappointed?

What will be the excuse?

Will they lash out in anger because their fantasy is unfulfilled?

Will they direct their hatred toward those that lied to them or will they strike out on those who have blocked their reality?

August the 13th, the day their King is to regain his throne, is only two weeks from tomorrow. What will they do to make sure their prophesy is fulfilled?

July 29, 2021

The strongest earthquake since 1964 hit off the Alaska coast last night.

It was an 8.2 earthquake!


(CNN)The 8.2 magnitude earthquake that struck off Alaska's coast Wednesday night was the strongest one since 1964, an official told CNN.
The very strong quake was located about 56 miles (91 kilometers) east southeast of Perryville, Alaska, and happened around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said.
At 29 miles deep (46.7 km), the earthquake is considered shallow.

"This event was felt throughout the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak," according to the Alaska Earthquake Center.

There have been at least two strong aftershocks, including a preliminary magnitude 6.2 and magnitude 5.6, the USGS reported.

July 29, 2021

Should Ivanka be called to testify?

After all, it is reported that she was the one that was called several times to talk to her father to try to get him to come to his senses and call off the dogs.

She would know more about the details and what was really going on in the White House than anybody else, including Mark Meadows.

But, it would probably make TFG very angry to see his daughter dragged before the Committee to answer questions.

Of course, she could refuse to answer. She could take the 5th. She could argue that she was not able to testify against her father.

But, answers or no answers, a lot could be gleaned from such an appearance.

Most of all, it would show the Trump family they are not exempt from the laws of this country.

July 29, 2021

Was there a conspiracy to overthrow the last election?

Or did the failed coup just happen sort of spontaneously?

Were there well-laid plans to invade the Capitol from four different entrances?

Why were David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski embedded in the Pentagon?

Were the bombs at the DNC and RNC HQs meant to be a diversion?

Were the National Guard withheld by plan or by incompetence?

Were there plans to kidnap or do physical harm to VP Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Was there a plot to stop the Electoral Vote?

Were there guns stored outside of the Capitol that could be easily and quickly attained?

How many people were aware of the plot?

Was it just a spontaneous plot hatched over the Social Media or was it a planned conspiracy against the United States of America?

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