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Trump vs Mueller

This battle is not over.

We may be seeing only the beginning?

Mueller was not ready to roll over and die. He refused to let the Trump/Barr version of his report go unchallenged.

Obstruction is back on the table, even if impeachment is not.

We will probably see Mueller before Congress sometime in the near future. If he is contradicted, he will have little choice but to respond.

Trump will continue to try and destroy his reputation. The facts are on the side of Mr Mueller.

One argument for patience

Democrats are impatient. They want to remove the criminal from the White House as soon as possible. Many are ready to impeach right now.

However, others - including Speaker Pelosi - are saying this is not the time.

There will come a time, perhaps sooner than we think. If the House is successful in getting any witnesses before them, they will likely receive new information that will shed new light on the criminal activities of Donald Trump and his criminal organization.

If the House continues to interview witnesses, it is just a matter of time until someone drops a bombshell. When that happens, the floodgates will be open. A majority of Democrats will vote for impeachment.

Like a Fox on the Run

William Barr should resign.

He is now accusing people of "treason", but not in a legal sense? He sounded like Dick Cheney, with the gravelly voice, as he sat in front of his fireplace and answered questions for a CBS interview. I suppose he wanted to defend Donald Trump and himself as soon as possible, after the shocking and contradictory statement by Robert Mueller?

He came into the job with bad intentions. He lobbied for the job. He seemed to have no concerns about whether Russia attacked our election systems? His job was to protect Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

He was willing to lie to Congress and to distort the truth about the Mueller Report to the American people. He has done great damage to the Justice Department in a very short time. He saw no collusion. He saw no obstruction. He saw no attacks upon our institutions. He saw no abuse of power. He saw nothing.

He is unfit for the job he now holds. Pressure should be applied every day to remove him from his position as Attorney General. Rather than go thru an impeachment process, he should resign.

It's a "dirty, filthy, disgusting" word?

Trump is now attempting to brand the word "impeachment".

He wants to brand the people that use that word, especially when referring to him.

It is they that are "dirty, filthy, and disgusting".

We had never heard him describe impeachment in such terms before? He had always said that he couldn't be impeached because he was doing such a great job. But now, that seems to have changed?

He is attempting to discredit and preempt any moves toward impeachment.

It's just a matter of time. He cannot cover up his crimes forever.

Who Trump sounded like this morning?

Lest we forget, the Mueller investigation was a Republican creation.

The Republicans became very involved when their leadership was informed of General Flynn's communications with the Russians. They were as shocked as the Democrats. It was their leadership that decided to appoint a Special Counsel after the firing of James Comey. It was left to Rod Rosenstein to make the decision.

This is a big part of the "origins" that they now question in public. The Mueller Russia probe was a Republican creatiom.

If the House decides not to impeach at this time...

...it must still remain in an aggressive and offensive investigative mode against this lawless Administration. It requires 24/7 vigilance.

The truth must be ascertained. Witnesses must still be called before the Committees. Documents must continue to be subpoenaed. Oversight is a necessity.

Impeachment must remain on the table. Someone has to protect our country. The Republicans are obviously incapable.

If more evidence is uncovered, there should be no hesitation about impeaching Donald J Trump.

There is still plenty of evidence to uncover.

David Frum has written that Democrats would be wise to try and win back the Senate and be prepared for an impeachment proceeding if there is a 2nd Trump term? They should look at the impeachment issue in a more long-term manner?

The one message that must be sent to this White House: The "watchdogs" are watching and the White House will follow the law or else.

Barr was in Alaska as Mueller was giving his statement yesterday morning.

What does it mean?

Did Mueller give his short statement without the approval of Barr or Trump?

It makes one wonder?

Mueller may have been waiting for the opportune time since the day that Barr asked him to turn in his report and then misrepresented it in public, with Trump crowing the next day that he had been "totally exonerated". That was not the intent of Mr Mueller, in my opinion.

He let it be known early in his investigation that he did not believe a sitting President could be indicted. He intended to clear Mr Trump, if at all possible. The obstruction was so blatant that neither he nor his team could excuse it. It was illegal.

Trump and Barr tried to "play" Mueller. They would define his report for him. He would follow orders, if push came to shove.

Then it was reported early on the cable networks yesterday that Mr Mueller was going to be giving a short statement at 11:00 am and that he would take no questions.

This may have been a surprise counter attack on Trump and Barr?


"Russia did not get me elected! You know who got me elected?!...

"I got me elected!"

Trump said this this morning at his press gaggle on his way to his helicopter.

At first, I thought he would give his voters credit for getting him elected. But, he gave himself credit!

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

I wonder how his supporters felt about that one??
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