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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
November 27, 2019

The "Cover-Up" is in the Timeline

They say the "cover-up is worse than the crime. That may or may not be true?

The cover-up in the Ukraine scandal is defined in the timeline. Trump withheld aid from Ukraine beginning on July 25th, the day he had his conversation with President Zelenskiy.

In August, the White House found out that there was a "whistleblower". The OMB discussed the illegality of withholding the aid, per Congressional authority. A couple officials within the OMB resigned over the matter.

The "whistleblower" matter was forwarded to AG Barr and the DOJ, where they attempted to bury it. It was supposed to go to the Congress, by rule of law. They covered it up.

After Trump discovered that there was a whistleblower, he attempted in his phone call with Ambassador Sondland to create an alternative timeline with an alibi for himself. That was the call where he said, "I want nothing! I want nothing! There is no quid pro quo!"

By September 7th to the 9th, the Congress made it known that they were going to investigate the matter. Trump then released the aid on September 11th, but only after the Congress got involved. He thought they could bury the whistleblower report but withholding mandated Congressional aid was another matter altogether.

The NYTimes broke the story about the timeline yesterday. We now see where the cover-up started and how they worked to create an alternative narrative thru the OMB, with the assistance of Mick Mulvaney and others.

They got caught and we now see how they attempted to cover it up.

November 26, 2019

The Lonesome River

November 26, 2019

It should be scary to every American what Trump is doing with our military.

Just fired his Secretary of Navy as easy as a Sunday stroll.

Just imposed himself into the Uniform Code of Military Justice just because he could.

Just disrupted the military order and cohesiveness by promoting the cause of a certain Navy Seal.

After all, he is the Commander in Chief. He has the authority.

There is no limit to his willingness and desire to abuse his power.

It is very dangerous when someone seeks to divide in such a way.

The state motto of Kentucky could never be more true: United We Stand - Divided We Fall

November 26, 2019

The "division" argument

If Donald Trump is impeached, it will divide the country even further?

He hasn't been impeached yet, and the country is very divided already.

Every day that Donald Trump is in power, the country is divided more and more.

If he is not impeached, we will be divided. If he is impeached, we will be divided. The amount of "division" is by degree.

If impeachment is taken off the table, will we no longer be divided?

So long as this cancer is in the White House, we will never be able to unify behind anything or attempt to heal this country.

November 26, 2019

How important is it to get Republicans on the record?

This is an historical time. It is no time to stand on the sideline.

We need to know who is willing to stand up for our country and our Constitution ?

And who is willing to stand up for a law-breaking president ?

In my opinion, it is critical that Democrats stand up for the rule of law and to hold this president accountable. But, it is equally important for history that Republicans are also held accountable.

He should be impeached and removed. That is where we will find out where the Republicans stand?

November 26, 2019

Is God trying to trick us?

There is no difference between right and wrong? It is not possible to judge good from evil?

Blessed are the rich for they shall rule the earth.

Is there no difference between a lie and a truth?

Everything is relative to your own desires.

Do you believe God is trying to confuse you?

What type of God do you worship?

November 25, 2019

Why the pro-impeachment polls went down?

The latest polls show that the number supporting impeachment had gone down by several points?

This was after two weeks of devastating testimony from experts and professionals and fact witnesses. How could that happen?

It happened because many people did not watch the hearings and many others were susceptible to the propaganda and lies that have been ladled out by this White House. It is not that surprising.

Democrats see the power of the Tweeter pulpit. They cannot compete with the propaganda from this White House. Even with the facts and truth on their side, they are having difficulty getting thru to those voters that have been sucked into the cult-think.

But, polls cannot be the guiding force for Democrats. They need to follow the facts and their consciences to come to a decision. They cannot bind themselves to the polls or to the fact that Republicans refuse to believe their own eyes.

Polls tend to change with the circumstances. There is no reason to believe they won't change again.

November 25, 2019

It's bigger than the "dirt on Joe Biden".

Although that may have been a side benefit for Donald Trump's re-election, it was not the main goal in Ukraine, in my opinion.

The main goal is one that benefits Vladimir Putin. Just as it has been since Donald Trump's first day in office.

Why did Trump withhold the money from the Ukrainians? Who does that benefit? What did it have to do with Joe Biden? Was he attempting to get the leader of Ukraine to go on CNN and say that they were investigating Hunter Biden, and by insinuation, Joe Biden?

At the same time, Trump was negotiating with Kelenskiy for a trip to the White House. It would be very important if the US showed its support for Ukraine in such a way. So far, he still has not been invited to the White House?

Was Trump requested by Putin not to deploy the Javelin anti-tank missiles anywhere near the Donbass region? Is that why the Trump Administration agreed to keep the anti-tank missiles hundreds of miles from the tanks?

It does appear that Putin knows Trump's every move? Why is that?

November 24, 2019

Trump released the weapons to Ukraine because a CIA whistleblower had already reported it.

They got caught! Just like Adam Schiff said.

Then they found out that the Congress was going to investigate.

Then the whistleblower went to the Intelligence Community Inspector General and they took it thru the channels. Until it reached Bill Barr and the Justice Dept, where it was laid to rest.

Now the Washington Post is reporting there are documents about blocking the Ukraine aid by Mulvaney and OMB. The White House is reportedly doing a review. It is very questionable.

November 24, 2019

A prediction: There will be a bombshell before Congress returns to Washington.

There are simply too many irons in the fire for someone not to get burned.

This story is not going to disappear.

It is not going to go silent.

The truth cannot be hidden for long.

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