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Why we should not idolize "bad people"?

Charles Manson was considered a "bad person". His followers ended up in prison for life. They knew he was "evil" but they followed him anyway. What were they looking for?

Ted Bundy was an evil person but people trusted him enough to get in a car alone with him and ended up dead.

John Wayne Gacy was a clown. People ended up buried under his floor.

Donald John Trump is a bad person. It is no secret that he has done some evil deeds. Yet, he has his followers. If they think there is not a price for such decisions, they are sadly mistaken.

History tells us that supporters of evil people end up either complicit in their crimes or dead. There is no escape.

They know Donald Trump is a bad person. Yet, they are able to rationalize that political power or greed are acceptable reasons for supporting evil. They will live with their decision for the rest of their lives.

Donald Trump should be censured immediately.

I am sure the House has the authority to do such a thing. A "censure" would be mild punishment for his reckless behavior. I would like to see Pelosi plant that in his ear.

The reason being, that before they were to vote to certify, a couple of Republican election officials got a phone call from Donald Trump. Very questionable and very illegal. That behavior can no longer be tolerated. She should call him on the carpet. He needs to stop crapping on our country.


A suggestion for the House and Senate:

Just sit back for the next 60 days and do nothing. Say nothing. Just watch what happens.

Don't even mention a "censure" for attempting to subvert an election.

Don't criticize the "loser". It might make him angry.

Don't have any boundaries for him, because he is the president.

Don't put any pressure on him. He might tweet a nasty message about you.

Don't do anything. Just ignore everything for the next two months and see if our democracy can survive.

Like Mitch said, "There will be an orderly transition". Yeah, sure!

Rudy said there was a witness that saw 100,000 ballots, all of them for Joe Biden.

A simple question: How did they know they were all for Joe Biden?

Did this person count each individual ballot?

People that still believe the outlandish conspiracy theories of Rudy Guiliani deserve nothing but ridicule.

Somebody told somebody that Hugo Chavez and Madero were helping to steal the election and the ballots were sent to Germany to be counted, as Rudy described it.

Could someone bring a straitjacket for these people. Their expiration date has expired.

It is not over yet.

As much as everyone would like to get on with their lives, it is not yet possible with Donald Trump and the seditious Republicans continuing to hold the election and the government hostage. Perhaps their strategy is to suppress the vote in the upcoming recall election in Georgia? To call their actions "un-American" is an understatement.

These people are no friends of "democracy". It sounds too much like "Democrats".

They have failed miserably in the courts and have now switched their strategy to county and state officials responsible for certifying the elections. What's next? Martial law?

As the coronavirus surges across the country, Trump and the Republicans choose to withhold everything from the new Biden Administration. They keep on believing that if they continue digging in the horse shit, they will surely find a pony in there somewhere?

It's Groundhog Day again.

In the Land of the Navajo

On to Wisconsin! Looking for that one crooked politician or judge that will throw a lifeline...

...and lie and cheat for him. He is in the process of burning down the house, just because he can no longer live there.

He is sending his flunkies, like Lindsey Graham, out to try and bribe county and state officials to take away votes from Joe Biden. Once again, he has brought out the pale grey Guiliani, with his fangs and spider webs, to defend his position in court. Does anyone need any more evidence that the man is lacking in faculties? It is desperation time when Rudy shows up.

It is election fraud in plain sight but it doesn't matter. Because Donald is expected to break the law and do anything he can to win, by hook or crook.

He tried Pennsylvania and failed. He tried to hoodwink the Secretary of State in Georgia to illegally change the election results. He sent Lindsey Graham on an errand to try and persuade him to do it for the Party. Illegal as all hell.

He tried Nevada and Arizona, to no avail. Now he's headed to Wisconsin, still looking for that one crooked judge that will pull his bacon out of the fire. The criminality is blatant. They should be told to cease and desist their fraudulent activities, immediately. There is no reason for these scofflaws to continue tearing down our democracy. They lost. They need to get over it.

McConnell says we will have an "orderly" transition...

He needs to crawl from under his shell and open his eyes. The transition is supposed to be happening right now.

It is not "orderly". It is non-existent. McConnell is unconscious.

When alternate universes collide:


Will Republicans get a reprieve from Georgia voters?

And get one more chance to try and run the Senate?

Or will they be kicked out of the majority as a warning to them? (Either they get their stuff together or they will be put into the minority in 2022?)

The voters of Georgia will decide what they wish to do with the Republican Party. They have the power in their votes to change our entire government.
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