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Republicans at Garland hearing are casting aspersions and tossing innuendo..

...toward the AG and the job he is doing.

"What about that memo you wrote about the school boards? "

"What about Hunter Biden's artwork.... Are you going to appoint a Special Counsel?"

Other than that, no bombshells from the Committee.

The AG left the impression he would stand for the rule of law.

Republicans do their usual hit job. Make accusations about nothing and act as if some huge crime has been committed by the DOJ, thru neglect or corruption, but never addressing the real crimes.

With each passing day, Mitch McConnell shows himself to be a more disgraced public figure...

...and human being.

He let all of this crap happen. He could have stopped it before the first impeachment but he didn't. He could have stopped it after the 1st impeachment if he had chosen. Just as he was heavily critical of Trump after the attack upon our Capitol and the 2nd impeachment, he never did anything about it. He could have. But he didn't.

He is looking like the most disgraced politician in Washington, with the possible exception of Donald Trump.

Mitch McConnell bears a ton of responsibility.

What happens if the Republicans win the House in 2022?

Biden would become a "caretaker" President? He would only be holding the office until 2024 when someone else would take over?

But, he would still be the President until 2024 and he would still have the Justice Department, even if the Republicans were to shut down the Select Committee. There can be a lot of evidence gathered in one year. The DOJ will not stop doing their job just because the House switches Parties.

If he wanted, the AG could appoint a Special Counsel, along the lines of a John Durham, that would stretch even beyond the 2024 election.

But, it would be a good omen for the country if the people threw the Republicans out of office in a large number.

There must be something very incriminating in the documents Trump wants withheld from Congress?

Overnight, he had his lawyers file an injunction against the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) to request they be prevented from turning over the White House records of 1/6 to the Select Committee.

What are they trying to cover up?

Trump is pulling out all his legal tricks and maneuvers to keep the truth hidden.

What was the raid on Deripaska's home all about?

Why, at this time?

He was supposed to be prohibited from coming to the US, per previous sanctions. But. like they did in the Olympics when they simply changed their name, they simply changed the status of Deripaska to diplomat, so he would have immunity.

Today, the FBI raided his home.

Is it connected to anything else except the sanctions and sticking it to Putin? Is it connected in any way to Trump and Bannon and the ongoing investigation?

We have heard that nothing happens by coincidence in Washington.

Once a criminal referral is received from the Congress, can the DOJ appoint a Special Counsel?

Would that be politically advantageous for the Democrats.

After all, per John Durham example, the Special Counsel investigation would continue even if the Republicans were to win the House in 2022.

Why wouldn't the AG appoint a Special Counsel in this case?

Is the Trump case about "executive privilege" going to the Supreme Court?

Or will it be thrown out and rejected before it gets there?

If it goes to the Court, does anyone know how Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Coney Barrett, or John Roberts might vote?

If it made it all the way to the Supreme Court, it would be very unpredictable.

It seems so clear cut. Why would the Court even get involved with it?

But, as others have noted, the lawsuit by Trump is not about merit, it is about delaying and obstructing the justice system.

Lone Star Rag - Bob Wills

If we had a workable justice system, the judge(s) would throw out Trump's case immediately.

He has no "executive privilege".

Why play games?

He appeals to the Appeals Court, they should dismiss it immediately, also.

He has no case and they know it.

If they prolong it, it is on them.

Why did Trump respond to a deposition ?

Why didn't he just ignore it? As some people think he would do if he was subpoenaed for the Select Committee of Congress? What is the difference?

And he will be under oath.

He must be under a lot of pressure nowadays?
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