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The OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) assisted Barr and Rosenstein in his conclusions of Mueller Report


On January 31, 2017, the White House announced that President Donald Trump intended to nominate Engel to serve as the Assistant Attorney General heading the Office of Legal Counsel.[4][2] Engel's nomination was opposed by U.S. Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war who was tortured while in captivity. McCain cited Engel's involvement in commenting on and reviewing one of the so-called "Torture memos" that signed off on six different "enhanced interrogation techniques".[9] Various human rights groups expressed concerns about Engel's nomination, also citing his involvement with the July 20, 2007, memo authored by Steven G. Bradbury, then-head of the OLC.[10] Engel was confirmed by a 51–47 vote, largely along party lines with one Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia), voting in favor of confirmation.[


AG Barr says that he received assistance from the OLC and Rosenstein in drawing up his conclusion report for Congress.

Just a name to be familiar with.

It's time for the Democrats to play hardball with AG Barr...

They should give him an ultimatum. Either have the full report in our hands by a given date or face a subpoena. If they wish to take it to Court, then we are ready for that, also.

This does not need to drag on. We need immediate resolution. If Mr Trump is as exonerated as he claims, then he should speed up this process. People have heard enough of his bullshit.

Papadopolous says he had "street cred" in prison when they found out he supported Trump...

Three or four weeks ago, a news report said Mueller was ready to end investigation?

The Office of Special Counsel was forced to come out and say that the investigation would not be ending the next week. Was Mueller being pressured to close his investigation at that time? Was Barr following Trump's orders to end it, but Mueller balked?

There is no doubt that Trump wanted it to end. And Barr wanted to please his boss.

Mueller did not seem ready to end his investigation. Was he pressured at that specific time to end it? Perhaps?

Felix Sater was ready to tell of money-laundering scheme...

...with the Trump Tower in Moscow.

That would seem like info that Bob Mueller would have been interested in? But, not to be. Mueller has closed his investigation.

The Committee postponed the scheduled hearing with Sater. How important could this have been?

Donald Trump was conspiring with the Russians to build this Tower, even as he was in the middle of his campaign. No big deal?

There seems to be a lot of questions that still need to be answered?

Did Trump and Barr just pull one of the greatest scams of all time on our press and media?

First of all, there was a rush to get Barr's "conclusions" about Mueller's Report.

The cable news networks blared the story that "There was no collusion!" Newspapers, like the NYTimes had full-page banners across the top of their pages, "NO COLLUSION!". The Trump people and their supporters demanded "apologies" from Democrats that had charged collusion.

A couple of days later, it does look like they may have been a little premature with their glorification of Herr Leader? The contradictions within Barr's letter and evidence given did not match up with the facts.

We do not expect them to make a correction, but maybe they should?

William Barr was not appointed to offer oversight of the Executive Branch.

He is part of the Executive Branch.

As is Robert Mueller.

The Congress should not accept the word of either of them as clearing Donald Trump. They should look at all the evidence and make a decision for themselves.

We would like to think that people like Barr and Mueller could not be manipulated but, from our experiences of the last couple of years, that may be a far stretch?

The Congress should have the last word. We should not yet accept that there was no collusion or obstruction.

Yes or No, Do you still believe that Trump conspired with Russia?

Regardless of what the Barr Report says?

I do.

I think they are conspiring with Russia, as we speak.

He attempted to end the sanctions for Russia. What was he going to get in return?

He attempted to break up the NATO Union, much to the delight of Putin. His overtures to North Korea were blessed by Putin and Russia.

Never did he have one unkind word for the Russian dictator. In fact, he took Putin's side over our own Intelligence.

He schemed to meet with Putin in secret, like in Helsinki.

There was so much collusion that was done in broad daylight, I am not ready to accept that there was no collusion between Trump associates and Russia.

I can understand why they would like the American people to believe that. If indeed there was collusion, it would be like a Russian coup. They would have control of our government.

As for conspiring at this moment, in my opinion, they are attempting to use Russian money to build the nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, unknown to most of our Legislature.

Message to Democrats: Consider it a victory we were able to get beyond midterm elections.

If we can recall, it was a very weird time just before Trump came into office. He acted as if he was already the President. General Flynn was talking to the Russians and lying about it. It was unbelievable! Sally Yates made a special trip to the White House to warn them of the situation. They ignored her. Then they fired her.

For anyone looking at the situation seriously, it looked like Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians but we did not know what for? More and more evidence popped up to confirm the suspicions as time passed. He was passing top secret information to the Russians in the White House, without any American media around. Only Russian media. Then he had his traitorous meeting with Putin in Helsinki, in secret, and proceeded to take the dictator's word over the word of our own Intelligence!

And on and on, the evidence stacked up.

It was a desperate time for Democrats, and all of America, actually. Democrats were hoping to take back the House in the midterms so there would at least be a cop on the beat. It was vitally important that someone have oversight of the renegade and, seemingly, traitorous White House.

The gods were smiling. The Democrats won the House by a landslide. Voters wanted someone to watch over the madman and possible Russian asset.

We won that very important victory and we are here today because of that.

Americans should be very thankful that someone is minding the store.

The challenge of how best to report on a "demagogue"?

A dictionary definition from Google:

noun: demagogue; plural noun: demagogues

a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.
synonyms: rabble-rouser, agitator, political agitator, soapbox orator, firebrand, fomenter, provocateur
"he was drawn into a circle of campus demagogues"
(in ancient Greece and Rome) a leader or orator who espoused the cause of the common people."


The media, including newspapers, have a difficult time - just like most citizens - in trying not to react to everything the demagogue is capable of doing. It is a challenge.

Someone has to be the arbiter of truth. Would you prefer the demagogue or would you prefer the newspapers? That is a simple question.

In psychology, there is a graph that shows an arc on a chart, and behavior that is within the arc is considered "normal". Behavior outside the arc is considered "not normal". The media, and most of America, are accustomed to a "reality" within the "normal" arc. A demagogue is not within the "normal" arc.

That is the first lesson a reporter should understand. This is not "normal" behavior coming from our leaders. That is the premise to begin with.

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