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There's a simple word for it.


From Donald Trump down, thru almost the entire Republican Party. Thru Bill Barr, thru Mitch McConnell, thru Kevin McCarthy, thru Mark Meadows, thru Devin Nunes, thru every elected Republican, with the exception of a very few.

We should not be so naive to think there is no corruption in the Democratic Party. I'm sure there is isolated corruption. But it cannot compare to the corruption of the Republicans. They are rotten to the core.

The evidence we have seen proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. They will do anything to hold on to power. They are not for the people. They are for a clique of elected Republicans in Washington and anyone that can help them maintain power. That is it.

There can be no justice until they are all in jail or all have been voted out of office.

I cannot believe there has ever been corruption in our country to the degree we see today.

The Star Witness in the Mueller Investigation?

He spent more hours talking to the Mueller team than any other individual. He gave them damning information about how there was obstruction of justice.

But, Donald Trump did not trust him. He thought he might be leaking information to Schiff and Swawell on the Intelligence Committee?

But surprisingly, when he was called to testify, behind closed doors, to that Committee, he clammed up? Why?

Was he threatened in some manner? Was there witness intimidation?

After all, he was the White House Counsel. He was the only conduit between the White House and the DOJ.

"Somebody" in the DOJ, no doubt at the request of Donald Trump, issued subpoenas to Apple or Microsoft for metadata information about this person, along with Reps Schiff and Swawell, along with family members and other individuals, not yet made public. "Somebody" in the DOJ then put 2 or 3 more gag orders on Apple and Microsoft, to not inform these individuals that they were being investigated.

From the actions of the White House Counsel, he seemed to already know? He seemed to do a complete 180 from his cooperation with the Mueller investigation.

Donald Trump was very paranoid about the Russia investigation. He wanted it shut down. And he was willing to ask people to break the law to do so. He demanded the DOJ protect him. Barr and Rosenstein were too weak to resist. It is highly likely that they got the Assistant Attorney General of National Security matter, John Demers, to do the dirty work for them? Demers has announced that he will resign at the end of the week.

Republicans are entering a new phase of denial.

They're not delusional. You are!

The insurrection was not a big deal. Senator RoJo says they stayed within the ropes. Their supporters were not criminals. They were patriots.

There was a lot of suspicious stuff that happened in the last election. They need to pass all these reforms so people will believe there is "election integrity".

They now believe that Donald Trump is their ticket to winning the House and taking back the Senate. The last election was stolen from him.

The radical, far-left Democrats are turning this country into a socialist utopia. They are the only ones that can keep this from happening.

They will obstruct and block everything the Democrats try to do. That is their duty.

There is no threat to democracy.

Dear Prudence

The timeframe for Whitaker's time as AG doesn't match up with the gag orders or the subpoenas...

From Wikipedia:

(Matthew George Whitaker (born October 29, 1969) is an American lawyer, lobbyist and politician who served as the acting United States Attorney General from November 7, 2018, to February 14, 2019)

The first subpoenas were requested in 2017 and the last gag order expired in May of 2021.

Somebody is lying.

Do you believe the pandemic is over?

Do you still wear your mask?

It seems most people believe that it is over?

However, I read that the number of cases last week exceeded those of the week before?

There is a great desire in the country for things to return to normal.

The trauma of the last few years, not just the last year, has taken its toll on everybody.

Are all of the hopes premature?

How serious was the "attempted coup" against our government?

In hindsight, with further knowledge, it appears to have been very, very serious.

All that was needed was one small military unit, such as the National Guard, to take over the Capitol and prohibit the Congress from returning to count the Electoral votes. (The planning was in place at the Pentagon to prohibit any interference from anyone) They were told to not interfere with the rights of the protestors (seditionists).

In hindsight, VP Pence was somewhat of a hero. If the insurrectionists had captured him, it is possible they would have held him hostage, or even worse, they could have hanged him, as they threatened. We do not know what they might have done with Nancy Pelosi or AOC? Their lives were threatened, also.

Once the military unit had secured the Capitol, Trump could have told the rest of the military to stand down. He was the Commander-in-Chief and there is no reason to believe they would have betrayed his orders?

The successful coup was closer than we think. If the Congress, with VP Pence, had not gathered to finish the count that evening, January 6th, we do not know what might have happened?

It was a well-planned conspiracy. It almost worked. It is very easy to see how they could have succeeded.

Since then, we have learned of how several individuals were put in place in different Departments of the government to block any intervening efforts to stop the coup. They were embedded in the highest branches of government.

It was not an amateurish effort. It was a sophisticated and well-planned conspiracy to halt the count and to stop Joe Biden from being named as the next President.

It almost succeeded.

They still have not surrendered the effort. The threat still exists.

500 Miles

I do not care so much about what Trump did in New York before he entered the White House

As much as I care about what he did while in the White House.

It seems to me that any crimes committed while in the White House would take precedence over anything done in the past? As a private citizen, he was representing no one except himself and his brand. As president, he was supposed to be representing all the people of this country.

Therefore, it seems that if any crimes were committed while President, those would be a priority? It is important that they not be put on a back burner while the state legal processes run their course. People will argue that is not being done. However, our eyes and ears tell us otherwise.

What can be done? Could the Justice Department do anything about it if they wanted to? Is there nothing to charge? Do we need even more investigations, after two impeachments?

Is it just a waste of time to mention this? (After all, "Mueller knows more than you do". )

Republicans seem to be awfully quiet today...?

Are they huddled together in a dark room somewhere? Perhaps so they can synchronize their lies?

It must be disheartening for them to see all these breaking stories about how their leaders conspired against our government? They must feel like "tourists"?

Perhaps they are being quiet, in hopes that their names do not appear in any of the scandalous stories?

Just an observation.
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