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The Truth Shall Set you Free

In some way, it feels like the truth has escaped from confinement today.

In ways that cannot be denied, the truth has hit us right between the eyes.

The President of the United States has been exposed as a liar. He put his own self-interests over the lives of the American people. He played Russian Roulette with the Covid-19. And he lost.

And the American people lost. As of the latest count, there are over 192,000 souls lost to the virus and we are not over it. Those countries that united to fight the Coronavirus are doing much better than the US. Because we were divided by Trump lies.

Now, the truth is out there. No one can credibly deny it.

"I watched Lou Dobbs, and Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham..."

Trump made that side comment in his disastrous appearance before the cameras today.

Why did he mention them by name?

Because he wants to know that they are still on his side. He needs them to cover for him at this time. He wants them to know that he needs them.

He's watching them...

The sad irony is that Trump's lies have harmed his own supporters a great deal.

It is they that swarmed to his rallies. It is they that threw their masks in the trash. It is they that huddled together and screamed their delight at the words of their Leader.

But, unfortunately, it is they that carried the virus home to their parents, their families, and their children. It is they that have kept the virus going. It is they that went to Sturgis with their Trump flags. It is they that have spread the virus near and far.

Because it is they that believed the lies. They trusted Donald Trump when he called it a "Democrat hoax". They trusted him when he said it was up to the individual whether or not to wear a mask? He said he personally chose not to wear one. (The only time he put on a mask was when he went to a hospital to visit the troops and it was required) Yet, he knew it was a deadly virus that could be spread thru the air.

But, he never told his supporters. He played with their lives and their families lives.

And he didn't do it to "downplay" it and prevent a panic. He did it to satisfy his own ego. He wanted to continue to have his rallies and if he had been honest with his followers, it could have harmed his re-election chances and affect the "great" economy and stock market. So he chose to keep the truth from them.

Trump's 3:00 PM press conference?

What will he say to distract from this disastrous Woodward story?

Of course, he will first blame Woodward.

But, as he always seems to do, he is able to create another distraction to get people talking about something else.

Will it be about the secretive new nuclear weapons system?

Will he announce that he is firing someone in his Cabinet?

Your guess is as good as anyone's.

"Stop me before I kill again."

What Trump was really saying to Bob Woodward.

And then, he went out and told his people that it was all a "Democrat hoax".

He held several large rallies. He told his people they did not have to wear masks. One of his supporters, Herman Cain, went to one of his rallies and died from the COVID-19.

Donald Trump ridiculed people that wore masks, including his opponent, Joe Biden. He intimidated reporters that chose to wear masks.

He did all that knowing that the corona was a deadly virus and could be spread thru the air.

How many people did he really kill?

How long would it take to put 20 Justices on the Supreme Court?

Considering that many nominees may be quite young and spend 40 years on the Court, and there can only be nine Justices on the Court at one time, how silly is it to present 20 names as possible nominees to the Supreme Court? Do these people expect to live to be 150 years old?

Joe Biden could give a list of fifty names and it would be just as silly as Trump giving his cult 20 names. Are people really that stupid? No need to answer that.

Big Bad John

America cannot be made right until FOXNews is made right.

All one needed to do was to turn over to FOXNews to see that there are only two sides to each story - the "Fake News" side and the FoxNews side. People that watch FOXNews do not bother with the "fake news" channels.

Everyone we know was talking about the new Bob Woodward book about Donald Trump. They had the audio straight from the horse's mouth. It left little doubt about what Donald Trump had done to help our country through this "deadly virus". He didn't just "downplay" it, he ridiculed and minimized it and called it a Democratic "hoax".

Yet, if you turned over to FOXNews, you would have seen Bret Baer, one of the so-called "moderates" on FOXNews, mock and ridicule Joe Biden. He led off with Peter Doocy and Doocy pointed out a mistake Joe Biden had made today about the number of military deaths that he mentioned in his speech. It was all about Biden and nothing about Trump or the COVID-19.

Those that were watching FOXNews saw a different reality than the rest of us. They do not waste their time with "fake news" channels. They have been programmed to trust only one source, and that is the one that echoes Donald Trump.

Until FOXNews feels the need to tell people what is happening to their country, rather than what is happening to their cult Leader, then even with today's news, there will be little progress going forward.
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