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If small rocks of "white stuff" was flying out of Joe Biden's nose, would the press ignore it?

Not only have they ignored it with Donald Trump, but they feel inclined to report that Donald Trump has "heard" that Joe Biden has a drug problem.

How could they report such nonsense?

Why do you think General Flynn lied to the FBI??

After all, he had been the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He knew how the system worked. Yet, he still chose to lie?

He was the National Security Adviser. No one in government had more access to America's secrets than he, except the President of the United States.

According to Peter Strzok, the head of Counter-Intelligence at the FBI, they gave him every opportunity to tell the truth and he still refused.

Then, Strzok and the FBI, went to the Gang of Eight and advised them of what had happened. In his book, he said that no one objected.

But, the Gang of Eight was slightly different then. Devin Nunes was the Chair of the House Intelligence and he decided to keep the White House informed about everything that was happening. Who can forget his midnight run to the White House? That was the moment the intelligence apparatus fell apart.

When Comey and McCabe were fired, and later Strzok himself, there was chaos at the FBI. Nobody was in charge. Chris Christie recommended one of his boys, Christopher Wray, to take charge of the Department. When was the last time you heard from him?

General Flynn has since pleaded guilty twice to lying to the FBI and the present DOJ is trying to get him free from the charges. We still do not know the answers. There are more questions and suspicions than ever before.

To re-visit Michael Cohen's interview with Rachel...

In the interview, he said that Trump believed that all the oligarchs were paid by Putin. When one of them bought the mansion from him in Florida, he was certain that Vladimir Putin was the buyer.

Also, Cohen explained that by given the entire top suite of the Trump Moscow Tower to Putin, it would assure that all the suites under his would be worth much more money.

One got the feeling that Cohen knew a lot more than he was saying, but did not wish to incriminate himself in a criminal way.

He was sure that Trump wanted to be like Putin or Kim Jong Un or MBS.

He is a very dangerous person.

Bob Woodward will be on Sixty Minutes this Sunday.

Will he give out more tidbits that are on the tapes that have not yet been made public?

So far, we have heard about how Donald Trump "saved the ass" of the Crown Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia.

And how he was entertained with photos of a beheaded dead uncle of Kim Jong Un.

And, of course, how he "downplayed" the Coronavirus and thought it was very "deadly", much worse than the most strenuous flus.

The media took his leaks of the downplaying of the seriousness of the virus and made it the page one story. Did Woodward know they would use that story? Was he aware of the magnitude of the story he was holding for his book?

What other bombshells are we likely to hear this Sunday?

In interview with Rachel Maddow the other night, Peter Strzok said the Gang of Eight was advised...

..of the counter-intelligence investigation of Donald Trump and no one objected.

They all knew then what was going on.

But, since then, they seem to have forgotten why General Flynn pleaded guilty?

There was sufficient reason to investigate the Russian influence in our election and whether or not Donald Trump had been compromised.

It was a great failure of politics and the Republican Party that it did not happen.

Donald Trump has been compromised from Day 1.

Hands On The Wheel

How long has it been?

He was not trying to "calm" the people or keep them from "panicking"...

He was lying to the people. He was deceiving them for political gain. He wanted to keep the economy going, along with the stock market, and he wanted to keep his "rallies" going. It was all about his own selfish interests, as Americans died.

Trump's strategy?

He is going to do everything conceivable to win the election in November, by hook or crook. He will steal votes where he can. He will suppress votes where possible. He will attack like a madman.

But, after all the votes are counted, if he still loses the race for the White House, he will turn the job over to Mike Pence. Mike Pence can be the President of the United States for two months, with one condition. That he give a full and complete pardon to Donald J Trump.

Would Mike Pence agree to such a deal?

Is that unrealistic?

Nuremberg Rally (Sound)

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